James Howlett – 25 Most Interesting Facts About The Wolverine

25 Most Interesting Facts About The Wolverine
These claws are sharper than any joke I know so far

One of the most popular, recognisable and badass mutants in the world, James Howlett is an intriguing character with a multitude of secrets to tease us. With this in mind, let’s take a look at 25 of the most interesting facts about the Wolverine.

This is not his angry face, this is his normal face

1. James Howlett is Canadian, eh.

2. The Wolverine is only 5’3” tall.

3. He was born in 1880.

4. Wolverine is a polyglot.

5. There is an amalgamated universe where DC and Marvel characters are meshed together. Wolverine is meshed with Batman to make Dark Claw, his nemesis was Hyena, a hybrid of Sabretooth and the Joker.

Looks like Marvels "What if" series

6. At one point, writers thought about giving Wolverine a backstory of being a mutated wolverine rather than a mutant man.

7. Extending his claws always hurts.

8. Because of his healing ability, it’s impossible for Wolverine to get drunk.

9. He had a son called Daken who tried and failed to kill him.

10. In a bizarre crossover, the X-Men appeared in the Star Trek universe. There, Wolverine was defeated by Spock’s Vulcan neck pinch.

Even the Wolverine can't withstand Spock’s neck pinch

11. The adamantium on his bones is actually toxic and it’s his mutant healing that keeps him alive.

12. The design of Wolverine takes a lot of inspiration from Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry.

13. Wolverine can die from drowning.

14. In an alternate reality, Wolverine is bisexual.

15. Wolverine has survived being run over by a steamroller, an atomic blast and being torn in half by the Hulk.

He had to crawl back to his other half few kilometers and re-attach himself again

16. He was defeated by Squirrel Girl.

17. The Wolverine first appeared in The Incredible Hulk comic before joining the X-Men.

18. Mark Hamill has played the voice of Wolverine.

19. Wolverine has fought for the X-Men, Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

20. Hugh Jackman has portrayed Wolverine on the big screen for 17 years.

More iconic than the classic wolverine suit - is the classic wolverine actor Hugh Jackman

21. Early versions of Wolverine had him with claws that were attached to gloves he work.

22. Jean Grey once swapped Wolverine’s and Spiderman’s minds for a day.

23. In an alternate reality, Wolverine accidentally kills all the X-Men following a mind trick by Mysterio.

24. When writer Len Wein was developing the character, he couldn’t decide which animal: Wolverine or badger. Luckily, he went with the former.

25. Dougray Scott, Russell Crowe and Bob Hoskins were all considered for the role of Wolverine before Bryan Singer settled for Hugh Jackman. Phew.

Ew... No.

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