[Top 5] Legends of Runeterra Best Aggro Decks that are Powerful

Legends of Runeterra Best Aggro Decks
Top 5 Aggro Decks to Win in Minutes

Do you want to dominate the world of Runeterra and climb ladder but only have 15 minutes before you meet your buddies?

Well, we have good news. Your buddies canceled. Just kidding, we have the 5 best Aggro Legends of Runterra decks so that you can win big, win fast, and still be on time. Maybe early even.

From the sandy deserts of Shurima to the terrifying grounds of Shadow Isles, we have decks from all kinds of regions to help you find the best one for you and climb ladder effortlessly!

5. Azirelia

Do you want to attack? Do you want to do it again?

Deck Code:


Deck Overview: Azir/Irelia, better known as “Azirelia” was the first deck to implement the complex and masterful strategy of “attack a bijillion times.” 

Demacia is the usual culprit in this kind of circumstances, but Azirelia was able to do it first and potentially do it better, thanks to the Blade Dance mechanic which summons multiple attacking 1/1 Blades.

These big accomplishments are what earned Azirelia her plentiful hits with the nerf hammer by the balance team. And yet, the deck is still here, terrorizing unsuspecting players on ranked ladder.

Deck Analysis: Azirelia is far from a hard deck to play. It’s relatively straightforward.

Sparring Student and Greenglade Duo are your early game bread and butter. You pretty much always keep them in your opening hand and play them early on to push chip damage (or even a ton of damage sometimes) with their growing stats.

Then, you want to put down an Emperor’s Dais so that you can progress and turbo level up both Azir and Irelia since there will be an extra Sand Soldier attacking whenever you attack or Blade Dance.

During the mid-game, you do more of the same. Attack. And when you cannot attack, you Blade Dance. Now that you are summoning numerous extra units per attack (Sand Soldiers, Blades, or often both), your Sparring Student and Greenglade Duo grow massively in stats every turn and you can often see them attacking for 7+ damage each.

This will make your opponent have to answer these units or lose the game. This means they will quickly lose the board and let the next wave of Blades and Sand Soldiers chip down their nexus.

You keep applying massive pressure like this throughout the entire game and eventually, your opponent will have no other choice but to give you their LP and rethink their decisions.

Azirelia Strong Points:

Attacking Consistently

If Azirelia is good at one thing, that is attacking. It is not too rare to have a game where you attack twice every. Single. Turn! Including your opponent’s turns!

Valuable Early-Drops

Two of your most important units, Greenglade Duo and Sparring Student, cost 2-and-1 mana respectively. They are very cheap and yet they can do a ton of damage and/or trade with units that cost 4+ mana, earning you massive Tempo throughout the game

King of Smork

This deck is constantly attacking with a full board, 6-wide. You generate so many Sand Soldiers and Blades that your attacks always have half a dozen of threats. At least one of them will inevitably remain unblocked. 

That’s when Irelia comes into play with her level-up, which allows her to swap positions with another unit, going into the empty space and pushing massive damage.


4. Annie/Jhin

Burn: The Deck

Deck Code:


Deck Overview:

When Jhin and the rest of the Runterran champions were released, it opened up an opportunity for new approaches to deck-building. And with that, our newest addition to the list of the loved/hated Aggro decks. Annie/Jhin. That and the plethora of Michael Jackson memes (Annie, are you okay? Annie/Jhin is not my lover, etc)

Annie/Jhin is not the most revolutionary approach you’ve ever seen, but it flips the balance around between chip damage and Burn damage. This deck utilizes the huge amount of skills its units have to cause TONS of burn. Quite fitting for an Annie deck, don’t you think? 

The chip damage pushed by the units is just the cherry on top

Deck Analysis:

Just like every other Noxus Aggro deck, you want to start as strong as possible, and there are not many better ways to do that than slamming down a Legion Rearguard or an Annie on turn 1.

You push as much chip damage as you can early on, but mostly, you want to use units with skills like Crackshot Corsair and Boomcrew Rookie that help you push the majority of your damage over the opponent’s blockers. Blocking can’t stop you when you have pure burn baby!

During the mid-game, you want to keep doing more of the same while trying not to die. Jhin should also be close to leveled if not leveled already. 

Once he does level-up, he will push an extra 4 damage to the nexus with his ability whenever he attacks. And while he is down, leveled or not, he will stun an enemy unit for every 3 spells or skills you play, allowing you to push more board damage.

That’s all you have to do. Push a bit of unit damage and mostly burn your opponents down. They get burned in game but you will probably burn in hell for playing Aggro.

Annie/Jhin Strong Points:

Crazy Amounts of Burn

Not only by skills but also by using spells like Decimate and Fervor of Battle

Can Ignore Big Enemy Boards

It doesn’t matter if your opponent has a board full of 5/5s. They can’t stop your burn

Strong Finisher

Lots of Aggro decks have trouble finishing games. They just can’t push that final bit of chip damage. Jhin changes that by helping you push 4 extra damage straight to the dome every time he attacks after his levelup

3. Fearsomes

The spookiest deck is here

Deck Code:


Deck Overview:

This is the spookiest deck on the whole list! This deck is full of gruesome spiders, hallowed hosts, and beasts lurking in the night’s shadows.

It’s an almost mono-SI deck (SI = Shadow Isles) and is maybe the deck that can win the fastest. Of course, this is counterbalanced by its inability to defend, so, if it doesn’t win fast, it will lose fast.

But with the new Harrowing tech choice, you get another shot at winning during the late game. You should not just rely on it, though.

Deck Analysis:

Your one and only goal is to push damage. Specifically, enough damage to destroy the enemy nexus. And to be able to do that, you will need a strong early game.

Turn 1, you ideally want to already have a Boisterous Host so that you can either push chip damage or at the very least sacrifice it to gain a permanent Hallowed stack. You are getting TONS of value anyway.

On the next few turns, you want to attack with as many Fearsomes and Nightfall units as possible, so you can progress Nocturne’s level-up, which relies on attacks by exactly these kinds of units. The scarier your attack, the better!

Even better if you are doing so by playing Mistwraiths. Every time you summon one of them, every other Mistwraith Everywhere gains +1/+0 permanently, so, you could easily end up having 3 5/2 Mistwraiths on the board, ready to tear your opponent up. 

Each of them is a big threat that often demands a big answer, thus making you either push damage or make them waste double the mana just to go even.

During the mid-game, you should have pushed a ton of damage, often more than half of the opponent’s HP, but you are probably starting to slow down since the opponent will start building a board and you don’t really have much over-the-top damage.

That’s when Nocturne and Frenzied Skitterer come into play. Frenzied Skitterer gives all enemies -1/-0 for the round and Nocturne, after leveling up, also gives all enemies -1/-0 for every unit you play that round while giving the Fearsome keyword to your allies

This way, you have a bunch of Fearsomes on your side and the enemy is stuck with scaredy cats that are left with 2 attack or less and are unable to block your Fearsome attackers, who can now go HAM without being blocked.

If all else fails and you are still unable to push that last 2-3 points of damage, you can use a Harrowing on turns 7+ to refill your board with Fearsomes and this time finish your opponent for good.

Fearsomes Strong Points:

One of the Best Early Games

It is quite common for Fearsome decks to end the game on turns 4 or 5 with their explosive starts

Can Get Lethals Out of Nowhere

With Nocturne leveled up and plenty of cheap units in hand, you can suddenly push lethal even against the biggest boards as their attack stats will be reduced to the point they can’t block Fearsomes

Not Over ‘till It’s Over

While most Aggro decks just lose when they run out of gas, Fearsomes still have a chance to turn the game around with a big Harrowing topdeck.


2. Elusives

You won't even see the elusives hitting your nexus

Deck Code:


Deck Overview:

This mysterious, elusive deck has one goal in mind. Hit. Face! No matter how big the enemy board is, they cannot block you if you go under them!

That is the whole objective of Elusives. You smork with a board full of Elusives (duh), and buff them up with Equipment, Spells, and/or Chimes so that they can hit even harder than they usually do.

It’s simple as that. Go wide. Go fast. Go Strong.

Deck Analysis:  

There is but one way to victory and that is by going under your opponent.

From your very first turn, you want to start slamming down Elusives and pushing damage. Ideally, you want a turn 1 Zoe, who is going to give you more value with her generated Super Cool Starcharts.

Esmus is also a unit you always keep in your opener as this is another card that gives you tons of value by buffing unit after unit after unit, plus giving you a Chime on summon.

During the mid-game, you want to keep pushing Elusive damage and, if your opponent is starting to build a board themselves, you want to put down a Bandle Commando so that you can create Hungry Owlcats in your hand.

Hungry Owlcats are great because they are cheap, expendable units that you can use to block and stall your opponent down. Their Spellshield and cheap cost makes it not worth spending any spells on them, making getting through them really awkward.

Since your opponent has a hard time interacting with your units and your Hungry Owlcats are so cheap, you can use your extra mana for combat tricks and Equipment to make sure your units stay healthy and push even more damage than before.

Finally, you keep on keeping on until your opponent dies. It’s one of the easiest decks to play really

Elusives Strong Points:

Hard to Block

Elusives are called ‘elusive’ for a reason. They are hard to reach. You can’t block them if you don’t have a spell like Sharpsight or an Elusive unit yourself

Tons of Attack Buffs

With so many different ways to buff your units, like Equipment and Chimes, your tiny, puny units suddenly hit like a truck!

Go Both Under and Around

A lot of decks run Elusive units. But they are usually 1 or 2 at most. This blocks most Elusive WinCons, but not yours. They will be able to block one of our Elusives, but the other 5 will freely hit your opponent’s nexus and steal their LP


1. Discard Aggro 

Discard your way to win with discard aggro

Deck Code:


Deck Overview: Only a champion as crazy as Jinx would create a deck around this crazy idea of discarding your own hand to win.

At first glance, Discard Aggro seems like your usual smork deck, but it’s not. What makes it unique is that, unlike other aggro decks, this one can suddenly present massive stats, be it by using Lulu’s buffs, Sneezy Biggledust or Mecha Yordles.

And even if none of this works, Jinx is still here to throw a Super Mega Death Rocket to the face and save the day. Or ruin it, depending on which side you are on.

Deck Analysis:

Discard Aggro, being the unique deck that it is, starts a bit more complex than most other Aggro decks. But it’s still pretty simple.

Turn 1, you want to put down units that can push as much damage as possible. At the same time, you don’t want to discard cards that could be useful later. Which means that you usually won’t play Zaunite Urchin unless you have Discard Fodder in hand.

And if you do have Discard Fodder, you don’t want to vomit your hand on the board too quickly and run out of steam. So, Poro Cannon into Poro by discarding a Flame Chompers is not as good as it may initially seem.

The whole early game goes like this. You want to push as much damage as possible while maintaining Discard Fodder that you might need earlier. For example, it’s better to Discard a Flame Chompers to get a Mecha Yordle than it is to get an Elusive Poro.

During the mid-game, you should have a relatively wide board and at least one high-value card. That is Jinx, Lulu, or a good Mecha Yordle.

If you have a Lulu, you want to use her to either push extra damage with her buffs, or to clear the enemy board by buffing a Flame Chompers and pulling priority targets.

If you have a Jinx, you now actually want to vomit your hand on the board because that’s how Jinx levels up and that’s how you get a Super Mega Death Rocket to push an extra 4 damage on the enemy nexus and 1 damage to every enemy unit. 

Plus you get another rocket every turn if you empty your hand, which is why you play so many cheap cards

If you have a Mecha Yordle, you can usually use it to turn the game around or push your lead even further if you are already winning. How you do that depends on the actual Mecha Yordle you manifested.

Once the game goes into the late game, you know things are getting tough. You should have ended the game earlier but for some reason, you weren’t able to.

That’s okay, you still have one chance. A Sneezy Biggledust topdeck can still save you from defeat and turn the whole game on its head in just one turn. The buff it provides is so big that if you have a remotely wide board, you should be able to upset your opponent and laugh all the way to the LP bank.

Discard Aggro Strong Points:

Super Mega Death Game Finisher

If you find yourself in the awkward situation of missing a bit of extra damage, a leveled Jinx can help you push through. 

Actually, she can do it even if you are missing A LOT of extra damage

Mecha Yordle WinCon

Mecha Yordles are lowkey busted. That’s why you can’t normally add them to your deck and that’s why you have to discard a card to Manifest one of them.

But in this deck, discarding is good and you can get great value from these units that can help you end games

OTK Potential

If you grow a wide-enough board, you can end things out of nowhere with Sneezy Biggledust in just one turn!

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