Top 10 Manga With Villain MC

Manga With Villain MC
You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.

Sometimes the greatest evil is humanity itself.

These manga tell the tales of the evil, but are they really evil or just misunderstood? What is wrong, what is right, and what is justice are common themes found in these stories. If you're a fan of questioning society and its values, then these might just be the manga that you've been looking for.

10. Ushijima the Loan Shark

Ushijima the Loan Shark imageMoney makes the world go round, and Ushijima isn't afraid to use that fact to his advantadge.

Ushijima is a loan shark who offers money to people who are desperate enough to do anything to pay back their debts. He offers them a cash loan with a 50% interest rate that they have ten days to pay back in full. If his unfortunate clients can’t pay the bill, Ushijima won’t hesitate to put them through unspeakable miseries to get his money back.

You'll like Ushijima the Loan Shark if…

  • You like stories about the bottom feeders about society
  • You like heartless and vile protagonists
  • You like manga with graphic images and explicit language

9. Ratman

Ratman imageShuto may be small in size, but his dreams are big.

In an age where technology has advanced to the point where it can turn people into heroes, Shuto Katsuragi, a short 15 year old, dreams of becoming one. His classmate Mirea Mizushima offers to make his dream a reality, but instead tricks him into working for an evil organization. Although he’s working with a group to overthrow the Hero Association, that won’t stop Shuto from trying to become a hero himself.

You’ll like Ratman if…

  • You like comedy
  • You like superheroes and superpowers
  • You like small bits of romance

8. Desert Punk

Desert Punk imageHe wanders the desert hated, alone, and a force to be reckoned with.

Japan has been reduced to little more than a desert wasteland, and in that desolate landscape wanders the bounty hunter Sunabouzu, also known as Desert Punk. He’s known for his despicable nature, incredible skills, and he seems to be undefeatable. As he journeys he makes many enemies and “friends” he has no qualms betraying.

You’ll like Desert Punk if…

  • You like post apocalyptic settings
  • You like mercenary characters
  • You like strong main characters

7. Shamo

Shamo imageEven the ones who seemed perfect can have a darkness hidden within them.

Ryo Narushima was a model student all the way up until his sixteenth summer when he murdered his parents. He feels no guilt for his cruel actions and continues committing horrible crimes like assault and rape. However, Ryo is not a hundred percent evil for he still takes care of his sister and is sometimes even charitable. Unfortunately, society’s condemning of young criminals such as him make it nigh impossible for Ryo to ever be redeemed.

You’ll like Shamo if…

  • You like social commentaries
  • You like multi-faceted main characters
  • You like martial arts

6. Code Geass

Code Geass imageNow armed with the power to manipulate others, Lelouch is ready for revenge.

Lelouch Lamperouge, formerly Lelouch vi Britannia, is the exiled prince of the Holy Britannian Empire, and he’s been sent to Japan along with his sister Nunnally. One day while investigating a terrorist attack, Lelouch finds a mysterious woman named C.C. who grants him the power of Geass, which can be used to control others. With this strange and destructive ability, Lelouch begins a rebellion to avenge what he has lost and in the process will change the world.

You’ll like Code Geass if…

  • You like elaborate scheming
  • You like vengeful characters
  • You like supernatural elements

5. Akumetsu

Akumetsu imageSometimes to defeat evil, one must become the greater evil.

It is a time of economic unrest in Japan, thanks to the corrupt politicians and businessmen who are running the country. In order to support her family after her father’s company goes bankrupt, Shiina Nagasawa makes the decision to enter the world of prostitution. On her first night on the job, however, a masked man she recognizes as a classmate appears and brutally murders the head of the party after giving a speech criticizing the government. More and more of these violent murderings of prominent people by masked vigilantes begin to occur, and the question arises what exactly is evil?

You’ll like Akumetsu if…

  • You like thought provoking stories
  • You like realistic characters
  • You like action-packed manga

4. Hellsing

Hellsing imageHe may not be human himself, but Alucard's job is to protect humanity no matter the means.

Alucard is the most ancient and powerful vampire of them all, and he’s sworn loyalty to the leader of the Hellsing organization. A series of events leads to the discovery that a Nazi group has plans to make a comeback, and they are dead set on destroying Alucard. It’s up to the almighty vampire to take down these villains who if left unchecked, will bring havoc to the country.

You’ll like Hellsing if…

  • You like vampires
  • You like historical settings
  • You like blood, gore, and action

3. Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer imageA knight serving his princess must decide if he's ready to become the villain she needs.

One day a talking lizard asks college student Yuuhi Amamiya to become a Beast Knight and serve Princess Asahina Samidare in her quest to stop the evil mage Animus from destroying Earth with his biscuit hammer. After being saved by the princess from a golem created by the mage, Yuuhi agrees to work for her. However, Princess Asahina actually wants to save the planet so that she can destroy it herself, and if Yuuhi continues to follow her, then he must embrace the role of a villain.

You’ll like Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer if…

  • You like stories with exciting plot twists
  • You like stories with knights
  • You like dry humor

2. Death Note

Death Note imageThe battle to save humanity is turned into a ferocious battle of wits.

Light Yagami is a prodigious high school student who just so happened to find a Death Note dropped by Ryuk, a god of death. Inside the notebook is a list of rules on how to use it and what it does, which is kill those whose names are written in it. At first, Light was skeptical, but when it’s proven to work, Light realizes that the Death Note can be used to change the world. He adopts the alias “Kira” and decides that he will levy justice by executing criminals with the Death Note. This doesn’t sit well with everyone, and so brought in is the genius detective L. The superior intelligence of Light and L as one struggles to maintain his cover and the other seeks to expose it..

You’ll like Death Note if…

  • You like mystery
  • You like complex schemes
  • You like villainous main characters

1. Monster

Monster imageBy saving a life, Dr. Tenma created a monster.

Johan Liebert would have died a young boy had he not been treated by Kenzou Tenma, a famous neurosurgeon who had to decide between saving the orphan or saving the mayor of Düsseldorf. Tenma believed he made the right choice, despite being disgraced and shunned for it, until he learns what has become of Johan. Years after his life was saved, Johan has become a monster who has committed terrible atrocities, and Tenma takes it upon himself to right the wrong he is responsible for.

You’ll like Monster if…

  • You like intense psychological thrillers
  • You like complex mysteries
  • You like dark plots

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