[Top 10] MHW Best High Rank Armors

MHW Best High Rank Armors

Dive back in and reminisce the pre-Iceborne High Rank Armor with the game you loved before hot pants wearing Iceborne stole your heart, or maybe I should say cold pants.

10. Xeno’jiva Headgear Gamma

Depending on your view of long grueling hunts and controller throwing rage, unfortunately or maybe for you it is fortunate, grinding for the best gear in Monster Hunter: World takes looking at your biggest nightmare of a monster right in their lizard eyes, all eight of them, and telling them no you will not eat me in front of all my friends but yet you will suffer the wrath of my keen gaming skills and give me your hide so that I may craft the best gear suitable enough for my next venture. Anyone else think like that? Just me? Sweet.

Why is Xeno’jiva Headgear gamma Great:

  • Xeno’jiva Divinity 3pc (Razor Sharp/Spare Shot  Skill )
  • Blight Resistance Lv2 and Power Prolonger Skills
  • One Lv2 and Two Lv1 Gem Slots
  • Moderate Water, Thunder and Ice Elemental Resistance
  • High Raw Defense (72)

Xeno’jiva Headgear Gamma Details:


9. Xenojiva Spine gamma

Keeping your weapon sharp without sharpening as well as firing your bowgun instead of constantly reloading are both valuable techniques to learn in Monster Hunter: World. And the three 3piece armor set bonus Xeno’jiva Divinity which unlocks the Razor Sharp/Spare Shot skill depending on which weapon you're using will help you to do just that. Also it’s great gem slots,  high raw defense and moderate water, thunder and ice resistance definitely keeps this piece in your equipped gear rotation.

  • Why is Xeno’jiva Spine gamma great:
  • Xeno’jiva Divinity 3pc (Razor Sharp/Spare Shot)
  • Critical Boost Skill
  • One Lv3 and One Lv1 Gem Slots
  • Moderate Water, Thunder and Ice Elemental Resistance
  • High Raw Defense (72)

Xenojiva Spine Gamma Details:


8. Kulve Taroth’s Wrath gamma

Grinding Kulve Taroth monster will keep you pretty busy in pre-iceborne Monster Hunter: World and from its giant slithering snail trailing hide are many weapons as well as armor to behold. Agitator level two and Heatguard skills as well as one level three and one level one gem slot is what really makes these hot pants stand out.

Why is Kulve Taroth’s Wrath gamma Great:

  • Agitator Lv2 and Heatguard Skills
  • One Lv3 and One Lv1 Gem Slots
  • High Fire and Thunder Resistance
  • High Raw Defense (72) 

Kulve Taroth’s Wrath Gamma Details:


7. Kulve Taroth’s Malice gamma

With one level three gem slot and both critical boost and weakness exploit skills, this high rank waist piece is sure to boost up your defense as well as perk some of your attack stats. This piece also has a high fire and thunder element resistance.

Why Kulve Taroths Malice gamma is Great:

  • Critical Boost and Weakness Exploit Skills
  • One Lv3 Gem Slot
  • High Fire and Thunder Resistance
  • High Raw Defense (72)

Kulve Taroth Malice gamma Details:


6. Kaiser Greaves gamma

Don't forget to put your pants on. And the Kaiser Greaves are some great high rank leg pieces to sashay around while exploring Monster Hunter: World. Critical Eye level 2, potential Teostra Technique with three pieces of Kaiser armor type equipped and a high raw defense of 72 without upgrades and 92 fully upgraded; all this equals an armor of mass salvation.

Why Kaiser Greaves gamma is great:

  • Potential Teostra’s Technique Armor Set Bonus 3pc (Master’s Touch)
  • One Lv3 and One Lv1 Gem Slots
  • Critical Eye Lv2
  • High Fire Resistance
  • High Raw Defense (72)

Kaiser Greaves gamma Details:


5. Kaiser Crown gamma 

From the Teostra monster there is the Kaiser Crown headpiece armor which is part of the teostra gamma armor set. The head piece graciously gives two levels of Critical Eye, two level 2v2 gem slots, high raw defense of 72 and a high fire resistance. A great addition to any pre-iceborne high rank armor collection.

Why Kaiser Crown gamma is Great:

  • Potential Teostra Technique Armor Set Bonus 3pc (Master’s Touch)
  • Critical Eye Lv2 Skill
  • Two Lv2 Gem Slots
  • High Raw Defense (72)
  • High Fire Resistance

Kaiser Crown gamma Details:


4. Empress Mail beta

From the hide, bones, jaws, wings, maybe a little toenail and buttcheek of the Elder Dragon Lunastra you can craft some of Monster Hunter: World’s best high rank gear, the Empress Mail beta being one of them. It has a high raw defense of 70, great gem slottage and potential armor set bonus Lunastra Favor (Stamina Cap Up and 4pc Mind’s Eye/Ballistics Skills).

Why Empress Mail beta is Great:

  • Lunastra Favor 2pc (Stamina Cap Up and 4pc Mind’s Eye/Ballistics Skills)
  • Peak Performance Skill
  • Three Lv1 Gem Slots
  • High Raw Defense (70)
  • High Fire Resistance

Empress Mail beta Details:


3. Damascus Mail beta

The ever needed high fire resistance and built in Focus skill as well as great gem slottage is what sets this chest piece apart from the rest. Focus increases certain weapon’s gauge fill rates and charge attack’s charge rate so you can deliver even more punishing charged damage.

Why Damascus Mail beta is Great:

  • Three Lv1 Gem Slots
  • High Fire Resistance
  • Good Raw Defense (60)
  • Focus Skill

Damascus Mail beta Details:


2. Drachen Vambraces alpha


With two level two gem slots and high dragon, thunder and raw defense stats the Drachen Vambraces are perhaps the best pre-iceborne arms in-game. And add the potential Soul of the Dragoon armor set bonus which grants Elemental Airborne (2pc) and Master’s Touch (4pc) and this legendary armor becomes even more powerful.

Why Drachen Vambraces alpha is Great:

  • Soul of the Dragoon (Elemental Airborne (2pc) and Master’s Touch (4pc)
  • High Dragon and Thunder Defense
  • High Raw Defense (72)
  • Two Lv2 Slots

Drachen Vambraces alpha Details:


1. Drachen Armet alpha

Anyone who fought the cancer that is Behemoth and won enough times to craft his armor knows that it is worth it and is some of pre-Iceborne’s best gear. Just make sure you have chemotherapy appointments set before you go up against pre-IB endgame monster Behemoth. 

The Drachen Armet or head piece, has a great thunder and dragon defense and raw defense and also is a part of the Drachen Alpha Armor Set. (Soul of the Dragon armor bonus skills; 2pc Elemental Airborne and 4pc Master’s Touch.)

Why Drachen Armet alpha is Great:

  • Soul of the Dragon  (Soul of the Dragon armor bonus skills; 2pc Elemental Airborne and 4pc Master’s Touch.)
  • Critical Boost and Airborne Skills
  • High Dragon and Thunder Defense
  • High Raw Defense (72)
  • One Lv3 and One Lv1 Slots

Drachen Armet alpha Details:



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