[Top 10] Movies Like The Hunger Games That Are Fun To Watch

Katniss shooting an arrow with fire around her
Katniss being the inspiring woman she is, while on fire

The list of movies that I have coming at you are movies that are like the Hunger Games and I find them fun and suspenseful. There are 10 on this list and I believe they are all worth the watch:


10. The Experiment(2010)

Number 10 on this list belongs to a psychological role-playing experiment movie about a man named Travis who is unemployed. He enrolls in an experiment involving prison and the participants assume the identities of prisoners as well as the guards to win a cash prize of $1,000 a day. The trailer shows the main character walking into the orientation, where they are told that the participants will be deprived of all their civil rights. They find out, very quickly, that cruelty and pure evil can easily be manifested into human behavior.

They go through different tests, while surrounded by real inmates. The participants get beat and they eventually go insane. They take a lot of abuse and trauma, I would go insane too under that pressure. From watching the trailer, my opinion is that this movie is close to The Hunger Games, but there are a lot closer movies. It seems like a pretty amazing movie overall and worth watching.

9. Death Race(2008)

This insane movie is about an ex-con and a bunch of other inmates. They are forced into a deadly race, with brutal weapons and weaponized vehicles. I feel like if I was forced into this I would accidentally crash everywhere just because I’d be nervous. Watching the trailer alone is enough to make you want to watch the entire movie. All the good parts of a movie are in this one including being: Brutal, suspenseful, emotional, and even more.

The trailer shows the brutal race the people are forced to drive in. Spiky obstacles await their fragile bodies. People get thrown into giant spikes and killed by other participants in other deadly vehicles. I believe this movie is amazingly close to The Hunger Games, except it is a racing-style death game. It is definitely as worthy of watching as the Hunger Games that is for sure. It has a lot of brutal scenes and so does the Hunger Games.

8. The Tournament(2009)

A disgusting tournament watched by old rich men. Just like The Hunger Games, except every rich person watches the Hunger Games. There are also 30 people in The Tournament and only around 24 tributes in the Hunger Games. This movie’s trailer shows the beginning of the tournament, and it says that every seven years in a different town, this tournament is held. Unlike that, the Hunger Games happens every year.

Although there are differences, these movies are pretty similar. It also shows all the obstacles that the assassins, as they are called, have to go through and try to survive. One of the assassins cuts out the tracker they put in all of their arms. It shows the rich people betting on the people like they aren't humans. The shooting and cashing and all the bloodbaths that happen throughout. I believe this movie is pretty similar but has many differences from the Hunger Games. It is worth the watch and deserves the number 8 spot.

7. Divergent(2014)

Divergent is one of my favorite movies, behind the Hunger Games series. This movie is about a girl named Beatrice, who lives in a post-North American country that now has areas called “factions”. These factions are just like the districts in the Hunger Games, where the people are separated, but the people in the factions are separated by the choice they choose when they come of age. Divergent doesn't have a game that people want to watch, but there is so much action and it's so well planned out throughout the entire movie so there isn't a dull moment.

There is also some forbidden love in it as well if you are into that like I am. The trailer shows all the major parts that just make it so worth watching. It shows how the main character is about to choose which faction she will spend the rest of her life in. She talks about how her family is in the Abnegation faction, which is focused on being selfless and always helping others before themselves. She chooses Dauntless and meets four, the instructor that introduces the initiative. I could continue about this movie but… you’ll have to watch it yourself to know everything that happens.

6. The Condemned(2007)

The number 6 spot is saved for the movie called The Condemned. This movie surrounds the life of a prisoner named Jack Conrad who sits in a corrupt American prison waiting for his death sentence. Like I said earlier, the prison he was waiting in was corrupt and they sold him to a wealthy man who works as a television producer. He is brought to an isolated island where he is forced to fight other “contestants” to the death.

These other people are prisoners and cold-blooded killers. The prize for the winner? Freedom. I would be making sure I won if I were in that situation. The trailer shows Jack and the other people handcuffed in a helicopter on the way to an isolated island. They all have these explosive devices attached to their ankles. They will explode for reasons you’ll have to watch the trailer for.

5. Gamer(2009)

Another amazing movie is about an inmate who is on death row. He has to fight through a video game, and he's being controlled by a young gamer’s control device. The players think these inmates are just simulated characters, but a resistance group is trying to take the game's inventor down, because of this form of slavery. The trailer shows the young gamer controlling the inmate, luckily very good at it too. Some tried to beat the system and it didn’t work.

It shows that this is like a game show for rich people and the players are real people being controlled by young players who have control devices. I believe that the main character, who is the inmate I was talking about earlier, was able to somehow break through the game and talk to the young player controlling him. This movie is very similar to the Hunger Games, including a talk show dedicated to the disgusting event taking place.

4. The Running Man(1987)

Just like the Hunger Games, The Running Man is set in a dystopian America. In this movie, however, the main character is a falsely accused police officer who gets a chance at having freedom again. To achieve this freedom, he is forced to participate in a tv game show(that is what the Hunger Games is as well).

Convicts, which they call runners, must fight killers. It says that this is set in the year 2019 after an economical collapse. Thankfully that didn’t happen. This movie touches on a lot of similar things that the Hunger Games has. Things like having to fight to the death, it's a tv show, and rich people get entertainment out of it. It is for sure a good movie to put at #4.

3. Battle Royale(2000)

This is a Japanese film that is about 42 ninth graders that are put on a deserted island. They are given food, a map, and various weapons. They all have an explosive collar that will explode if one single rule is broken. The trailer is brutal but shows kids having an amazing time on a bus together. They all end up falling asleep on the bus. One of the kids wakes up and starts walking down the bus aisle looking at all the kids sleeping. It cuts to some lady in purple and a gas mask, who hits the kid over the head and knocks them out.

Then it shows the kids finding the collars around their necks and looking out the windows of the cabins they woke up in. It cuts to them being given instructions and then guns being shot in the air, and the kids scramble. The kids fight each other and some are just pure evil. Only one can stand and if there is more, the collars explode and kill everyone.

This is considered a masterpiece by some. In my opinion, it is worth watching. It is like the Hunger Games in many ways, with kids being forced to fight to the death, old men in power being the ones in charge of them, some of the kids being just as evil as the creators, etc.

2. Maze Runner(2014)

Maze Runner is another movie that I love watching. Just like the Hunger Games and Divergent, I have the movies and the books. There are so many differences and there are also a lot of similarities. Maze Runner is a movie about a teen boy who needs to try and survive with other teen boys and he tries to find a way out of the maze they are trapped in. The trailer begins with Thomas who wakes up in a huge elevator-like cage, speeding upwards until it completely stops and huge metal doors open and sunlight pours in.

The teen boy, Thomas, does not remember anything about himself or anything about his life. He doesn't even remember his name. He becomes a runner to try and find a way out for everyone and then a plot twist with a girl being the last teen up. My opinion on this movie is, that it is a must-see if you love the Hunger Games. They both have the main character, who fights against the high authority after being thrown into a life or death situation. They both are rebels and have others who depend on their bravery. They have so many things they both have and I recommend it!

1.The Eliminator(2002)

The number one spot goes to the only movie called The Eliminator. This movie is about an ex-Navy Seal who is forced to compete against other contestants in a life or death “game”. They are also hunted by wealthy hunters. Whoever wins, gets a $10 million prize. The trailer shows the contestants supposedly waking up on a beach not knowing where they are. They eventually figure out what is going on when they are told.

They try to survive and fight the hunters as well as each other. I think this movie deserves its number one spot because I think it is the closest movie to the Hunger Games. Stranded on random land, forced to fight others for a life of riches and ease. Unlike the Hunger Games, though, this movie has rich hunters that hunt them as well as the other contestants. Coming to this article's conclusion, I can safely say, I love these movies and I know this list will be agreed on. Many are like the Hunger Games, and any movie like those movies is really good and always worth watching again and again.


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