Top 15 Movies Like John Wick

 Movies Like John Wick
John Wick is at war with everyone.

What Are the Best Movies Like John Wick?

It’s hard to imagine a more successful action trilogy than the John Wick series.

The action trilogy follows the titular Mr. Wick, a retired hitman whose name comes with much respect and fear from those in the complex hitman community he once thrived in. John is brought back into the world of his violent past when a gang steals his car and ruthlessly murders his dog. His quest for vengeance opens pandora’s box as the intricate world of assassins drags him back into the fold of violence and mayhem.

With the simplistic fun of Commando and the sophisticated choreography of modern martial arts films, John Wick is a series that consistently gives audiences badass action that only intensifies with every passing series entry.

None of it would be possible without the sharp direction and series star Keanu Reeves’s dedication to intricate stunt choreography.

If you’re looking to find an experience like the one John Wick provides, then allow me to introduce you to the top 15 movies like John Wick.

15. Repo Men

Repo Men Official Trailer

This film is set in a future where people can acquire artificial organs through a credit system. However, when recipients of these organs begin to miss payments, agents known as Repo Men are sent in to track them down and repossess the organ in any way possible. One of these Repo agents finds himself in hot water when he is given an artificial heart that he ironically cannot make payments on.

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker star in the hit action thriller. 


14. Blade (1998)

With advanced technology at their disposal, an unruly group of vampires seek to acquire a special form of blood that will awaken an ancient vampiric deity. If unleashed, the ancient vampire will wipe out the mortal world in a blink of an eye. The only thing standing in the group’s way is Blade (Wesley Snipes), a human with the powers of a vampire who has dedicated his life to protecting the human world.

Wesley Snipes headlines the film inspired by the classic Marvel character. 

13. The Chronicles of Riddick

The Chronicles of Riddick Official Trailer

On the run from bounty hunters, a galactic criminal named Riddick (Vin Diesel) proves himself useful to a desperate ambassador. She tasks Riddick to go up against the Necromongers, a vicious army that has been responsible for the deaths of many innocent people. With the fate of the universe on his shoulders, Riddick is prepared to go head to head with the Necromongers and their unforgiving ruler. 

Chronicles is the middle chapter of the Riddick trilogy headlined by Diesel. 

12. Equilibrium (2002)

Equilibrium Trailer

In the future, a tyrannical government has forbidden any form of emotions and has medicated their people to be unfeeling shells. John Preston (Christian Bale) is tasked with hunting anyone breaking the law and destroying anything that would inspire emotion. His dedication to government rule is challenged when he misses his daily dose of medication and begins to experience the forbidden emotions. 

Long before his turn as Batman, Christian Bale starred in this action hit. 

11. Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher Official Trailer

Mega star Tom Cruise stars as Jack Reacher, a mysterious, no-nonsense ex-army investigator who wanders the country solving dangerous cases. After an army sniper is arrested for a crime he claims he didn't commit, Reacher is brought in to investigate his claim. As Jack delves deeper into the case, he begins to see that this case may be more multifaceted than he initially imagined. 

Based on the books by Lee Child, Jack Reacher was a hit for Cruise. 

10. Sin City

Sin City Official Trailer

In the world of Sin City, the grotesque criminal underworld is the normal world and its inhabitants are forced to maneuver their way through it. Based on the graphic novel be Frank Miller, the film follows multiple characters and their personal battles with the criminals of Sin City. Whether it’s for revenge, love, or for the plain love of violence, the fight is never clean, and the outcome can open more wounds than it closes. 

The Robert Rodriguez classic boasts an all-star cast including Bruce Willis and Clive Owen.

9. Dredd (2012)

Dredd Official Trailer

In Mega City One, the overabundance of crime is capped by Judges, a well-equipped, tactical police force. The toughest of the judges, Dredd (Karl Urban), is tasked with taking down a criminal commune controlled by the crime lord, Mama (Lena Heady). When Mama traps Dredd and a psychic rookie in the fortified commune, Dredd must mow through an army of criminals who live and die by the word of Mama. 

Based on a series of comics, Dredd has become a cult hit. 

8. Looper (2012)

Looper Official Trailer

In the future, time travel exists and is used by the mob to dispose of targets up for assassination. The hired guns in the past who are tasked to finish the dirty work are called loopers. When a looper accidentally finds that his target is his future self, he is set on a life-altering course of events that leaves him on the run from his boss. 

The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis under the direction of Last Jedi director, Rian Johnson. 

7. Taken

Taken Official Trailer

Brian Mills (Liam Neeson) longs to reconnect with his daughter after a long career as a government operative forced him away for most of her life. His attempt at reconnection is cut short when his daughter is kidnapped while on vacation in Paris with a friend. With only a short amount of time, Brian must use his skills to infiltrate a sex ring before his daughter is sold and never seen again. 

The hit film jump started Liam Neeson’s turn as an action star and produced two sequels. 

6. The Crow (1994)

The Crow Official Trailer 

A year after him and his fiancée are brutally murdered, a musician (Brandon Lee) rises from the grave. His mission is to extract his revenge on the thugs that killed him and his fiancée under the mantle of The Crow. The supernatural vigilante’s quest for vengeance brings him face to face with members of various gangs and their ruthless leader.

The Alex Proyas directed film stars Brandon Lee, who was tragically killed on the set of this film. 

5. The Bourne Identity

After being rescued from a stormy sea, a man awakens with no memory of who he is or how he got there. As he sets on the path to find out who he is, the man discovers that he possesses an excellent skill in hand to hand combat and a flurry of men who are trying to kill him. As his shady past begins to emerge, the man desperately tries to find a way out for a better future. 

Matt Damon stars in the first film of the Bourne series based on the books by Robert Ludlum. 

4. The Equalizer

The Equalizer Official Trailer 

Based on the hit 80s action show, The Equalizer stars Denzel Washington as a former black ops soldier who escaped his life of violence in favor of a serene one. He finds his retirement cut short when he decides to help a young woman on the run from a brutal Russian gang. The man’s fight only intensifies as he begins to act as a vigilante for those who can’t fight back against violent thugs.

Denzel Washington stars in this film and its hit sequel. 

3. V for Vendetta (2005)

A mysterious masked vigilante named V (Hugo Weaving) stalks the streets of London in a future where fascism leaves its citizens oppressed. He finds an ally in an anxious young woman (Natalie Portman) after he saves her from a vicious attack. The two begin to grow close as V sets his ultimate plan into motion and helps his new ally overcome her fears. 

Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving star in the film from the creators of The Matrix.

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman:The Secret Service Official Trailer

A member of a secret spy agency, the Kingsman, chooses to train a young street punk whose father was once a part of the secret organization. The rookie agent must set aside his trouble with authority to overcome the rigorous training program before him. His training is further complicated by a global terrorist’s plot against the world. 

The film is based on the hit graphic novel and stars Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson. 

1. The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix Official Trailer

Feeling lost and disconnected from his world, a hacker named Neo (Keanu Reeves) tries to track down an elusive man who may have the answer to his empty life. What he ends up finding is the Matrix, a virtual reality controlled by machines that has been created to feed off humanity. With the help of the resistance group that saves him, Neo learns how to use the Matrix to fight back against the oppressive machines. 

Keanu Reeves stars in the groundbreaking action movie that spawned 2 sequels.

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