[Top 5] Orcs Must Die Unchained Best Heroes

Orcs Must Die Unchained Best Heroes
Did your favorite Hero make the cut?

It is a commonly asked question across forums, and in chat rooms;  “what character should I buy?”. It's a difficult question to answer-,we all have our favorite,so I've compiled a list of the top five OMDU heroes.

5. MAX

Max seen here with his crossbow

Max seen here in all of his orc slaying glory.

One of the starting heroes is still one of the top heros in the game. His ease of play, and lower trap cost, makes Max one of the top heros in the game. Max is fun to play whether you're a new player or a veteran.

Max's passive ability gives the player reduced trap costs, which has the added benefit of being able to make the perfect killbox for less, thereby making it quicker to lead the waves to your killbox.

Max also has a stun ability that would make him a great addition to any hero that is able to deal more damage to stunned enemies.


DeadEye with her duel-wielding crossbows of destruction.

The communities’ resident bounty hunter; Deadeye. Deadeye is a ranged hero equipped with dual wielding crossbows that fire two rapid shot arrows as a primary attack, and a bouncing barrel bomb as a secondary.

Distance, and constant shooting, does not have any effect on Deadeye's accuracy making her one of the best ranged heroes in the game. This coupled with her “ready, steady, fire” ability can make mowing down waves of enemies an enjoyable experience.


Stinkeye is a ranged arcane hero.

My personal favorite,although not much to look at,is Stinkeye. He has an incredible AOE healing and damage factor,which comes in handy when you find your position overrun with enemies.

Stinkeye is a ranged arcane hero, achieving this by throwing an arcane projectile from his staff.  nlike the hero Gabriella, he can multiply both damage, and the number of arcane projectiles by placing totems throughout the map, allowing the player to stay away from the fight and conserve valuable HP.

Stinkeye has two types of totems,one for damage, and one for increased speed and healing to allies, while slowing down enemies. When this totem is shot, it momentarily stuns surrounding enemies.

When coupled together Stinkeyes multiple totem combination can elevate even the most beginners game play to that of a pro, especially in game modes where teamwork is key.


Midnight is one of the more ideal heros to take down bosses.

Midnight’s stun ability really puts her above many of the playable heroes, having trouble with a particular boss? Switch to Midnight, and use her stun to give you extra time to deal a knockout blow to any boss.

Midnight's abilities stack on each other very well. Her passive ability allows for 50% more damage to stunned enemies, and seeing how her fourth ability allows her to sneak up and stun an enemy… this makes her one of the more ideal heros to take down bosses.

 Ideally Midnight's attacks should be on stunned enemies, so you want to do everything possible to multiply the number of stunned enemies, this is why pairing Midnight with someone that has a high rate of stun chance makes her one of the best in a team endless.


Dobbin with one of his many nuggets of gold.

Arguably the best hero in the game, this little guy is perfect for building the perfect killbox. The sheer amount of gold that Dobbin is able to get will cause you to long for him when laying traps with other heros.

Dobbin’s main is a melee attack with his shovel and when paired with his secondary, dust devil ability,he  creates a cloud of dust thatslows enemies and reduces physical armor. It is an excellent way to get passed waves of enemies,especially with the additional traps that you can purchase due to Dobbin’s increased gold income.

Dobbin also has a power AOE damage ability, he can throw a stick of dynamite damaging eusich mobs, and when spamming Dobbins dust ability reducing enemy armor… I say it one of the best combinations in the game.

Dobbin is also a great addition to a game mode that emphasis a team dynamic. Dobbin has the ability to place a tunnel from one side of the map to another, which is also accessible to allies, which makes it quicker to get reinforcements for a particular wave on the other side of the map.

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