[Top 10] Smash Ultimate Ness Combos

Smash Ultimate Ness Combos, Smash Ultimate best Ness Combos
The Psychic Wonder is Here Again!

The PSI Child Is Here

The psychic boy from Onett made his debut in the original Smash 64, and ever since then, he’s only gotten better (even with PK Fire). Whether you like him or not, you have to admit he’s a force to be reckoned with. If you want to learn how to stop spamming Side-B, read on for my favorite Ness combos!

The Best Combos

10. Bair > U-Tiltx2 > U-Air

Combos are his thing (Starts at 0:00)

I think the best thing about Ness is his ability to combo, and this string of attacks is a testament to that. U-Air is especially hard to escape since it’s a multi-hit and can combo into itself if you’re fast enough. Even ending this with Nair would give fantastic results.

9. Side-B > D-Throw > Fairx2

PK FIRE! (Starts at 0:10)

A common theme among newer Ness players is the infamous PK Fire spam, but this can be easy to DI out of. Instead, if you follow PK Fire with a down throw, it opens up the ability to chase down an opponent more easily.

8. Down-B > Bair

His defense is also an attack (Starts at 0:44)

Ness’s Down-B does minor damage when it comes in contact with an opponent. The temporary hit stun gives just enough time to follow up with a quick attack, like Bair. You can this either grounded or in the air.

7. U-Airx3

This one's super versatility (Starts at 1:09)

The fact that U-Air combos into itself at low to mid percent means you can do this as many times as you want. What’s even better, U-Air has decent KO potential. Be aware that stale moves still exist, and don’t rely on this combo alone.

6. Side-B > Charging D-Smash

Charging Smash damage is rare but useful (Starts at 0:14)

Ness is one of few characters with a smash attack that does damage while charging. Since using PK Fire will trap your opponent, you can use the opportunity to get in a Smash attack, especially at high percent for a possible KO!

5. Dair > U-Tilt > U-Air

Dair to dream (Starts at 0:21)

Dair is a great move for a spike, but it can also be a great combo starter. Grounded Dair puts opponents in hit stun, leaving them wide open to be tossed skyward. Follow with U-Air for a possible KO.

4. Side-B > Dair > U-Tilt > Fair

Just a small bit different than the last (Starts at 0:30)

Similar to the previous combo, this one adds PK Fire to put on a bit of damage. It also helps ensure Dair doesn’t miss at lower percent.

3. Dairx2

Impossible! (Starts at 0:30)

This one is nearly impossible in a real match, but I thought it’d be worth mentioning since it’s an incredible way to take a stock. Timing and DI have to be on your side for this to work.

2. Dair > U-Air

A bit more attainable (Starts at 0:33)

Another one like #3, but a bit more attainable since you’re already airborne. This kills nicely at high percent, even with heavies.

1. Dair > D-Tilt

Just a bit of luck on your side (Starts at 1:04)

With a little luck, your opponent could trip, and then you punish with D-Tilt. Like Zelda’s in Melee, it traps opponents and has relatively no end lag. Perfect damage builder.

Before I Go

All in all, Ness is a pretty combo abled character. No need to spam Fire when you can pull off some even more amazing tech. Give him a try sometime!


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