The Surge 2 Gameplay- Top 10 Awesome Features

Surge 2, The Surge 2, Action, RPG, Upcoming Game
Teamwork makes the dream work.

The Surge 2 Boasts Impressive Improvements

The Surge was a huge success, and The Surge 2 looks like it is only going to build upon that.

The second addition to The Surge series includes all of the great features from The Surge, but also has some major improvements. Below are my top 10 new features that you should get excited for.

10. Start as a customized character.

Surge 2, The Surge 2, Action, RPG, Upcoming Game

Good customization is important to helping a player feel invested in the story.

The Surge 2 holds true to the traditional RPG genre by giving you the option to pick a character that you customize. In the previous installment of the series, there was a set protagonist. This can really effect a storytelling experience, allowing for the player to better insert themselves into the game.

9. Expanded drone customization options and upgrades.

Surge 2, The Surge 2, Action, RPG, Upcoming Game

The original drone menu, which is getting revamped in The Surge 2.

Drones in The Surge 2 will be getting a significant overhaul. Now when you defeat enemies, you are able to attach their weapons to your drone. With tough enemies that attach in teams, having a strong drone buddy will be a life saver.

8. Greener and more lush environments.

Surge 2, The Surge 2, Action, RPG, Upcoming Game

The beautiful Jericho City... With some new additions.

The original game had a very dull, industrial environment. The Surge 2 takes place in Jericho City, which is a beautiful urban sprawl. According to the game developers, the plants are actually artificial, however that doesn't make them any less visually stunning.

7. Environments that are more interactive.

Surge 2, The Surge 2, Action, RPG, Upcoming Game

It is so nice when the enemies take care of themselves.

With a new, more organic environment comes much more organic gameplay. During battles you will be able to use subtle environmental factors to your advantage, for example seeing tall grass move to detect an enemy location.

6. More weapon classes.

Surge 2, The Surge 2, Action, RPG, Upcoming Game

Some of these weapons look so cool.

The Surge had five unique categories of weapons: one-handed weapons, staves, heavy-duty weapons, single-rigged weapons, and twin-rigged weapons. The second game is going to have an additional 5 new weapon classes, as well as all of the originals. The game will also have added armor, gear, drones and items. More stuff, more ways to have fun.

5. A world that feels more exploratory and open.

Surge 2, The Surge 2, Action, RPG, Upcoming Game

The combination of urban and nature elements really makes it a beautiful world to traverse.

In the upcoming title, there is a lot more non-linear traveling like the ability to backtrack and the opportunity to go back to old areas to meet new characters. There is also more vertical gameplay in the world such as jumping on buildings and parkour. While it isn't pure open world gameplay, it is a huge improvement from the original.

4. More control over combat.

Surge 2, The Surge 2, Action, RPG, Upcoming Game

Get ready to dodge, parry, block, and probably die a few times.

The Surge 2 gives players a lot more control within combat scenarios. Blocking and parrying has become direction specific, so if you get attacked from the left your character blocks to the left. The combat itself also moves much quicker, and feels a lot less clunky in comparison to the first game.

3. Enemies are tougher and more intelligent.

Surge 2, The Surge 2, Action, RPG, Upcoming Game

I'm not sure if I'm more intimidated by the laser or the hot knife hand.

This already difficult game is getting more difficult (yay..?). Really though, smarter AI makes for much more interesting gameplay. Enemies will even start implementing advanced team strategies to try and defeat you which is both cool and terrifying.

2. A more dynamic limb targeting system.

Surge 2, The Surge 2, Action, RPG, Upcoming Game

The enemies have no shortage of terrifying limbs to target.

The limb targeting system in The Surge was a feature that everyone loved. The mechanic allowed you to specifically target a limb with your attack, then if you retrieve it you could attach it to your exoskeleton as an upgrade. In the second game, each limb now potentially has different characteristics, adding a lot of variety to the already interesting system.

1. Improves on the original, which was already terrific.

Surge 2, The Surge 2, Action, RPG, Upcoming Game

If you haven't already added this one to your wishlist, I would highly recommend it.

One of the most promising features of the upcoming game is that the developers are sticking to the elements that made the original game great, and they have listened to fan feedback on what to add. Luckily this game is to be released still in 2019, so eager fans won't have to wait long to pick up this much-anticipated sequel.

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