[Top 5] SWBF2 Best Grievous Cards That Are Great

General Grievous. He's shorter than one might expect.

General Grievous is the leader of the Separatist forces in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. He is known for his menacing appearance, distinct robotic voice (and cough), and his collection of lightsabers that he takes from the Jedi he has slain. In Battlefront 2, Grievous is a formidable opponent, but his strengths lie in his ability to hop swiftly into and out of action - ideal for ambushes. In this article, we will be exploring the five best star cards for him. 5. Ceaseless Assault Ceaseless Assault grants General Grievous increased damage resistance when using the Unrelenting Advance ability. Unrelenting Advance sees Grievous spin all four of his sabers and damage any units in his way. However, his movement is impaired while he does this as he advances and turns slowly. Having increased damage resistance makes it safer to use the ability.  Tier 1 of this card grants +10% damage resistance. Tier 2 grants + 20% damage resistance. Tier 3 grants +30% damage resistance. Tier 4 grants +40% damage resistance. 4. Deadly Slashes Deadly Slashes increases the amount of damage dealt when using Unrelenting Advance, which already punishes enemies standing too close to the General. As discussed earlier, Unrelenting Advance is an excellent offensive ability, so pairing it with Deadly Slashes makes it lethal. Tier 1 of this card grants +10 damage. Tier 2 grants + 20 damage. Tier 3 grants +30 damage. Tier 4 grants +40 damage. 3. Sith Trained Sith Trained grants Grievous’ lightsaber strikes more damage but at the cost of stamina. With this card equipped, you can deal more damage with every strike, but you’ll be able to perform fewer strikes. This card can make or break your playing style, so don’t use it carelessly. Those looking to inflict maximum damage to enemies in short bursts will be drawn to this card, while those looking to deal damage over a more extended period or adopt a more defensive playing style might shy away from it. This card reduces the maximum number of swings from 12 to 10. Tier 1 grants +15 damage. Tier 2 grants + 20 damage. Tier 3 grants + 25 damage. Tier 4 grants +30 damage. 2. Beating Heart Beating Heart increases the maximum health regeneration for General Grievous and is an excellent choice for those seeking longevity and survivability. Grievous has a base of 800 health, which might seem like a lot, but his default maximum health regeneration is only 250 points. Those looking to play the long game will need to make their Heroes as formidable as possible, and any card that improves health stats is a must-have. Tier 1 of this card grants +25 health regeneration. Tier 2 grants +50 health regeneration. Tier 3 grants +75 health regeneration. Tier 4 grants +100 health regeneration. 1. Cowardly Retreat Cowardly Retreat grants General Grievous a higher damage resistance than usual when using Claw Rush. This makes it more likely that you’ll be able to flee without taking too much damage when it’s time to abandon ship. Claw Rush is an excellent ability for when things are getting too hectic on the battlefront, and it’s perfect for making a quick getaway. Claw Rush offers a base 40% damage resistance while in use. Tier 1 of this card grants +20% damage resistance. Tier 2 grants +30% damage resistance. Tier 3 grants +40% damage resistance. Tier 4 grants +50% damage resistance. Final Thoughts There are nine star cards available for General Grievous, and you can only equip three of them when playing. Depending on your playstyle and the situation, you might want to use a specific card suited for those scenarios. These five cards are great to use in any combination, but my personal recommendation is to use Cowardly Retreat, Beating Heart, and Sith Trained. Have fun out there, and may The Force be with you! You May Also Be Interested In:

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