[Top 5] SWBF2 Best Support Builds

SWBF2 Best Support Builds
Staying Alive Keeps Your Team Alive

    In games like this, it’s always best to work as a team. Finding the right card stack can help you dominate on the battlefield and keep your teammates alive. With the right card stack and careful teamwork, you can even take down heroes together. Here are some of the best support builds for any class.

5) Specialist Build

The Sniper

Not all heroes are the ones you can see!

    The Specialist class is pretty much always a support class, and yet the most looked over. As snipers, their job is to stay back and pick off enemy troopers. The build best for this class consists of, Stealth, Marksman, and Personal Shield. They’ll be able to be more efficient on the battlefield with this card stack.

    Why this build is good:

  • Personal Shield can help protect you for a time when being overwhelmed from every direction.
  • Personal Shield also doesn’t let you fire your weapon but you can still use melee attacks.
  • Stealth will help you not appear on the radar when you fire and increase melee damage.
  • Marksman gets rid of cooldown when landing a headshot.

Full build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmmC35JYUhk

4) Assault Build

The Striker

Keeping to the shadows just isn't our thing.

    Assault class is typically a fighter class. However, you can still use it to support your teammates. You’ll be able to push the enemy team and still keep yours alive. When you stay in the fight, so does your team. This build has a card stack of Toughen Up, Improved Thermal Detonator, and Assault Training.

    Why this build is good:

  • Assault Training gives you small amounts of health on each kill.
  • Improved Thermal Detonator will help to lower the numbers of enemy troopers when being outnumbered.
  • Toughen Up will keep you alive, especially in a pinch.
  • You’ll be alive longer to defend your teammates.

Full build details:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITvjSqvuxUA

3) Heavy Build

The Tank

If nothing else,  just blow it up!

    The heavy class is good for defensive players. People who want to be absolute tanks and deal heavy amounts of damage typically would choose this class. Here, you can be able to defend command posts or critical positions against the enemy team. This build consists of Mobile Sentry, Improved Impact Grenade, and Improved Combat Shields.

    Why this build is good:

  • Impact grenade is an instant explosive, good for dwindling enemy numbers quickly.
  • Improved Impact Grenade has a bigger blast radius as well.
  • Mobile Sentry can help you to not be a sitting duck, and maneuver through enemy fire.
  • Improved Combat Shield will last longer.
  • Your Sentry can pave the way for your teammates to their next objective.

Full build details:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNlVtXw6RLo

2) Officer Build

The Leader

If we work together, we can succeed.

    The officer class is very close to being the best support class in the game. Most of their abilities are to boost up their allies. While they are strong individually, they work best as a team. This build consists of Improved Battle Command, Expert Weapons Handling, and Survivalist.

    Why this build is good:

  •     Survivalists will help keep you alive a little longer.
  •     Expert Weapons Handling will help you to use your gun more frequently.
  •     Improved Battle Command will shield more of your allies with its bigger blast radius.

Full build details:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnlOvDeeehA

1) Reinforcements Build

The Saviors

Nothing gets past us!

    The Reinforcement classes are pretty much built for support as well as domination. Whether you use the Sith Trooper, Commando Droid, or the Clone Commando. They destroy their opponents. The build for the Clone Commando, you’re gonna use Survivalist, Expert Weapons Handling, and Battle Hardened.

    Why this build is good:

  • Their Repulsor Blast knocks heroes and troopers on their feet, making them easier to kill.
  • Battle Focus will give you and your teammate’s damage reduction.
  • Anti Armor Attachment will melt shields and help take down heroes.
  • Battle Hardened will increase your maximum amount of health.

Full build details:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xlGSpnUf_0

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