Top 10 The Mandalorian Best Moments Worth Watching Again

The Mandalorian Best Moments
Here's some of the best scenes yet. Mando approves.

What are some of the best, most memorable scenes from The Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian is an impressive show by anyone’s standards, and there are a lot of great scenes to watch again and again. But what are the best ones? Here’s my suggestions for what to watch again when you’re on the hunt for the most iconic The Mandalorian scenes. 

10. The Stormtroopers’ bad aim 

The Stormtroopers take turns shooting... badly. 

In Chapter 8 of The Mandalorian, after stealing Baby Yoda, two Stormtroopers talk and do some target practice. 

What’s great about this scene: 

- The obvious reference to the widely known joke of the Stormtroopers’ poor aim is great. It’s awesome to see precisely how terrible their aim is, too! 

- This scene is a nice humorous break from the high-tension atmosphere in this climatic episode, and it’s also pretty interesting to see two Stormtroopers interacting with each other as regular people, not just soldiers. 

9. The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda meet 

Introducing Baby Yoda!

At the end of The Mandalorian Chapter 1, Din Djarin comes across his target, and it turns out to be a baby. 

What’s great about this scene: 

- It’s great to witness the complete 180 that Din does when he realizes what he’s meant to capture--he goes from cold-blooded bounty hunter to soft-hearted protector in a matter of seconds. It also shows how much Din is willing to sacrifice for the Child right off the bat. He kills a fellow bounty hunter, disobeying the bounty hunter code, and all to save a strange child. 

- The final image of the two reaching out for each other is both deeply heartwarming and a nice introduction to the major connection between the two characters throughout the series. 

8. IG-11’s death  

IG-11 self-destructs. 

Near the close of Chapter 8, IG-11 willingly sacrifices himself to save Baby Yoda and the rest of the group. 

What’s great about this scene: 

- It’s the completion of a really impressive character arc. The creators took a character we all thought was dead (and evil to boot) and convincingly made him into a hero. 

- Another cool call-back from the first episode is the Self Destruct button. As sad as this scene is, it’s satisfying that we get to see a nice reference to the very beginning of this story. 

7. Din’s face reveal 

IG-11 saves Din. 

When Din gets gravely injured in an explosion, IG-11 takes off his helmet for the first time in the whole series. 

What’s great about this scene: 

- Din’s face! Finally! 

- The little “joke” IG-11 makes to Din, and Din’s expression afterward, is pretty great to watch. 

6. Mandalorians to the rescue

The Mandalorians helping Din and Baby Yoda escape. 

While Din tries to take back the Child and escape, he gets caught by Greef Karga and a number of other bounty hunters. Thankfully, Din’s Mandalorian tribe comes to the rescue and helps him get away safely. 

What’s great about this scene: 

- The Mandalorians in action! The fact that they have to remain hidden for most of the show makes it a limited appearance, but it’s awesome to witness the efficiency and power in their warrior-centric culture. 

- It also says a lot about Mandalorian culture in general, or at least the culture of that particular tribe. Canonically, they’re big fans of adoption (since race is not an issue to them), and that really shows in just how far they go to protect Din and his new kid. 

- Also, despite some of the group’s apprehension about Din’s work for the Empire, all of the Mandalorians help him out. That proves just how tight-knit and loyal these Mandalorians are. 

5. “What I’m holding is very valuable”

Din uses his Whistling Birds. 

In Chapter 2, as Din tries to steal back Baby Yoda, he encounters a group of Stormtroopers and, with the help of some new weaponry, manages to escape. 

What’s great about this scene: 

- Din uses a lot of his Whistling Birds--expensive, limited weapons that he only just received--to save himself and Baby Yoda from being captured. That choice illustrates just how important he finds this self-imposed mission to steal  back the kid. 

4. The Mandalorian gives the “toy” to Baby Yoda

Din gives Baby Yoda his toy. 

In Chapter 6 of the Mandalorian, Din (unprompted) unscrews a piece off of his ship’s dashboard and gives it to Baby Yoda. 

What’s great about this scene: 

- Din, who rarely speaks, talks to Baby Yoda even though he knows Baby Yoda can’t answer him and might not even understand him. He’s learned, in the course of their adventures together, that Baby Yoda likes to be talked to and to be given attention. Din does that, even though it’s unnatural for him. 

3. Baby Yoda uses the Force

The end of the Mudhorn fight.  

In The Mandalorian Chapter 2, we get to see Baby Yoda use the Force for the first time against the Mudhorn. 

What’s great about this scene: 

- It’s the first time Baby Yoda shows his loyalty and care for Din. He tries to protect him with all the power he has in him, even though he ends up falling unconscious. 

- The teamwork Din and Baby Yoda have in this fight (however uncoordinated) becomes a symbol of their close relationship by the end of the show, when Din receives a signet of the Mudhorn they killed.

2. Din killing droids

Din's destruction. 

In Chapter 6, during the prison heist mission Din undertakes, the gang runs into a group of security droids. Din takes them out, one by one. 

What’s great about this scene: 

- This is one of the best examples we get to see of Din’s fighting abilities. When everyone else on his team finds themselves cornered, he gets the advantage over the droids and destroys the whole group, all on his own. 

1. A clan of two

Din gets his signet. 

In the final episode of The Mandalorian, the Armorer gives Din his signet and announces his new clan. 

What’s great about this scene: 

- The adorable father-son relationship between Din and Baby Yoda has been made official! The two are truly  connected now, and that’s really exciting. 

- The signet arc has come full circle, and it shows Din’s development as a character as well. 

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