[Top 15] Best Comics With Gore

[Top 15] Best Comics With Gore
Sometimes violence is the answer.

These comics aren't just bloody, they're also bloody good.

If you're looking for something to grab your attention and good 'ol fashioned horror isn't doing it for you, then perhaps it's time to turn your attention to the world of pure gore. The atrocious amount of violence in these reads are no laughing matter, but it can't be denied that they're eye-catching. If you're looking for a read where blood, guts, and all that take center stage, give these comics a look!

15. Nailbiter

Nailbiter imageIt takes one to know one, which is why Finch is teaming up with a serial killer as he enters serial killer motherland.

Nicholas Finch is a NSA agent and friend of FBI agent Charles Carroll who has gone missing after the recent capture of the serial killer Edward Charles Warren, aka Nailbiter. In order to find his friend, Finch finds himself teaming up with Warren and heading to Buckaroo, Oregon, the home of 16 of the U.S.’s worst serial killers, Warren being one of them. Though the art is debatable, the compelling story and the question of why so many serial killers come from the same place will keep you hooked.

You’ll like Nailbter if…

  • You like horror stories
  • You like comics about serial killers
  • You like mysteries surrounding small towns

14. Bedlam

Bedlam imagePress' sanity is something worth questioning throughout this comic.

Fillmore Press, when he worked under the name Madder Red, was an unspeakably cruel serial killer. After a surgery that supposedly rid him of his evil tendencies, he partners up with the police to do good for a change. However, Press’ past can only stay a secret for so long, and there’s no guarantee that he’s actually been completely cured. If you’re good with gore and disturbing content, this comic is definitely one worth checking out.

You’ll like Bedlam if…

  • You like thrillers
  • You like main characters with dark pasts
  • You like violent stories

13. Black Summer

Black Summer imageWhen a hero of justice does their job, the world is thrown into chaos.

The Seven Guns is a team of superheros who work against corrupt political institutions, and that results in the assassination of the American president by the groups strongest member, John Horus. This throws the country into turmoil, as expected, and The Seven Guns begin to be hunted down by the government and an “eighth” member of the group who was thought to be dead. For an exciting read with a unique premise and plot twists, this is a comic series worth reading.

You’ll like Black Summer if…

  • You like action-packed comics
  • You like anti-hero stories
  • You like detailed and lively art

12. Ferals

Ferals imageThe werewolves of this town don't like outsiders, something that Dale just so happens to be.

Dale Chesnutt is a police officer in the small town of Cypress where recently bloody murders have been happening, including the murder of his best friend. It’s soon revealed that werewolves, aka ferals, exist and they’re willing to kill in order to keep their secrets safe. If you’re looking for an undeniably graphic comic featuring blood, banging, and beasts, you’ve got to give this comic a look.

You’ll like Ferals if…

  • You like werewolf comics
  • You like supernatural crime stories
  • You like stories set in small towns

11. Locke & Key

Locke & Key imageEach member of the Locke family struggles to come to terms with the death in their own way.

After their father was violently murdered, the Lockes decide to move in with their father’s brother in their childhood home, the Keyhouse. However, when the youngest discovers a certain key the family soon learns that there are secrets in the Keyhouse that weren’t meant to be unlocked. This is a horror comic that is sure to spook you whether it's with its twisted plot or spectacular artwork.

You’ll like Locke and Key if…

  • You like realistic characters
  • You like supernatural horror comics
  • You like stories that deal with grief

10. Nemesis

Nemesis imageIf you've ever wanted to see an evil Batman in action, have fun with this comic.

Nemesis is a filthy rich supervillain who  has no problem with using that to his advantage. His number one job is making the lives of cops a nightmare, and he especially has it out for Police Chief Blake Morrow. This comic series puts a bloody twist on common comic troupes, like instead of a billionaire superhero we have a billionaire supervillain, and is a fun read for everyone who can handle the art.

You’ll like Nemesis if…

  • You like comics featuring intelligent, psychopathic supervillains
  • You like stories with the police as the protagonist
  • You like over-the-top and dark comics

9. Kick-Ass Trilogy

Kick-Ass imageEven though he gets beat up, that doesn't stop Dave from trying to do good.

The story starts when Dave Lizewski, a New York Highschooler, decides to try out becoming a superhero despite being an ordinary kid. He gets involved in a number of dangerous escapades and meets a few other costumed vigilantes who reveal Dave’s actions have inspired others to start donning their own superhero costumes. If you’ve ever wondered why we don’t have superheroes flying from roof to roof in real life, read this comic for a pretty good reason why this might be.

You’ll like Kick-Ass if…

  • You like dumb but preserving main characters
  • You like cool female characters
  • You like fun, violent reads

8. Punisher MAX

Punisher MAX imageThere is no rest for the wicked, which is something Frank's enemies are unfortunately familiar with.

Punisher MAX is a darker take on The Punisher series in a world where there’s no superheroes. Like in the original version Frank Castle decided to dedicate his life to killing mobsters and gangsters after his family was killed by criminals. This series is notable for its R-rated language and illustrations.

You’ll like Punisher MAX if…

  • You like anti-hero main characters
  • You like morally gray main characters
  • You like comics with dark humor

7. Luther Strode Trilogy

Luther Strode Trilogy imageWhen Luther is ready to get aggressive, that's when the show gets started.

Luther Strode was a geek just like any other until an exercise manual for “the Hercules Method'' comes in. His training following the guide gives him superhuman abilities, and once he’s unlocked them he tries to use them for good but soon learns that not killing when others are trying to kill him won’t work. From then on it’s one bloody spectacle after another, making this series a great one for gore-lovers who also like new takes on classic comic troupes.

You’ll like the Luther Strode Trilogy if…

  • You like occasionally emotional reads
  • You like fresh takes on old ideas
  • You like captivating stories with exciting plot twists

6. Preacher

Preacher imageFrom the start Jesse wasn't a normal preacher, and the entity that posses him doesn't do much to change that.

Jesse Custer was a small town Texas preacher until one day an entity that is the product of an angel and demon coupling, Genesis, possesses him and kills his entire congregation. Custer decides to go on a literal hunt for God and with him are his gun-toting girlfriend Tulip and the hard-drinking Irish vampire Cassidy as he faces all sorts of evils determined to stop him from reaching his goal.

You’ll like Preacher if…

  • You’re not sensitive about religious topics
  • You like rated R content
  • You like stories that reflect real world issues

5. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead imageGet attatched to a character in this story at your own peril.

A comic series that has made its way onto the screen, The Walking Dead is a name that many are probably already familiar with. The story follows sheriff deputy Rick Grimes who learns the world has been overtaken by the undead after waking from a coma and the community that is struggling to survive the zombie apocalypse. If you enjoyed the TV series, you’ll almost certainly enjoy the comic.

You’ll like The Walking Dead if…

  • You like post-apocalyptic stories
  • You like zombie stories
  • You like survival stories

4. Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan imageHawkeye and Wolverine team up in this world where villainy and violence runs rampant.

Set in an alternate reality where villains have teamed up to take control of America and defeated most superheros, this story tells the tale of a man who was once Wolverine but is now a farmer going by the name Logan. His priority is his family and taking care of them, but when he has fallen on hard times, an old friend comes knocking for help with an opportunity, he has no choice but to agree. This series deepns the character of Wolverine, so fans of his and his story should definitely check it out.

You’ll like Old Man Logan if…

  • You like series with heavy action
  • You like Wolverine stories
  • You like stories with anti-heroes

3. Invincible

Invincible imageThough they're heros, the Grayson family has plenty of normal people problems to deal with as well.

Invincible follows Mark Grayson, the son of Nolan Grayson--the most powerful superhero Omni-Man. Because of his ancestry, Mark finds himself with powers that he decides to put to good use while doing superhero work under the guidance of his father. This comic series holds a spot in many’s list of favorites and for good reason.

You’ll like Invincible if…

  • You like comics that subvert common troupes
  • You like characters being presented with heavy dilemmas
  • You like comics with intense battles

2. The Boys

The Boys imageThis series a mature, satirical take on superheros that's earned its claim to fame.

Another popular comic series that got a TV adaptation, The Boys is set in a world where superheroes exist, but they aren’t necessarily heroes. The group The Boys is responsible for overseeing these superheroes and keeping them in check, with their primary foes being The Seven, the most prestigious and most corrupted superheroes. This series is heavy on social commentary as well as action, violence, and many other scenes that make it not suitable for kids.

You’ll like The Boys if…

  • You like dark takes on the superhero genre
  • You like dark humor
  • You like thought provoking reads

1. Crossed

Crossed imageThink of the goriest comic you've ever read, double the amount of gore, and that's Crossed.

This might just be the goriest read out of all the comics on this list, and many have even said it’s the goriest comic they’ve ever read. Crossed follows the survivors of a pandemic that leaves the infected with a cross shaped mark on their face and causes them to carry out their evilest desires. This is a must read series for horror aficionados with a strong stomach, and it should be noted that a strong stomach is a must have if you plan to read this series.

You’ll like Crossed if…

  • You like extremely detailed, gory artwork
  • You like post-apocalyptic scenarios
  • You like twists on the zombie genre

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