Top 15 Best Roguelike Games To Play Today

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Tired of how some modern games give you too many second chances or make the challenges just too easy to overcome? Enter the world of roguelikes: an age- old genre of PC games that promise character development, incredibly difficult trials and challenges, and a new and unique experience each time you play. To help you decide where to start with these awesome games, here is a list of 15 genre-defining titles that you can start playing today.


15. Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain is an engaging 2D action platformer game that you can play alone or with up to 3 friends. Using the permadeath mechanism typical of roguelikes, it constantly challenges your
survival skills as enemies and bosses become ever stronger the longer you last. You must use the best tools out of 100 in all to find the teleporter home and escape the never-ending hell
storm of unpredictably spawning foes. Combining rising difficulty, randomness, and classic side- scrolling action, Risk of Rain is sure to both engage and stress you every moment of your struggle to survive.



14. Slay the Spire

Blending elements of roguelikes and strategic card games, Slay the Spire ventures you into dangerous dungeons full of bloodthirsty monsters equipped with only a deck of cards to fight them. Choose from hundreds of cards to craft a formidable deck that slays even the strongest beasts. Don’t prepare just for specific challenges, though! Each run-through has different monsters, bosses, and ancient relics to unveil that will help you craft your arsenal. Whether you’re a fan of deck-building games or just looking for a unique roguelike, Slay the Spire will keep you delving in and heading back out again to prepare for the next adventure.


13. Into the Breach

The last dying remnants of human civilization are at the mercy of gargantuan underground beasts, and only you can save them. Take command of cutting-edge mechs as you fight this menace in turn- based combat. Counter enemy moves in each battle to emerge victorious. Unlock new mech pilots and weapons to bring more firepower and excitement to each deadly alien encounter. Do not fear failure too much, though; you can always assist humans in another timeline if you fail to save
humanity in your previous one.


12. Dungeons of Dredmor

Evil Lord Dredmor is once again growing in power after being imprisoned under the earth for centuries. A new hero foretold by the prophecies must venture into the Dungeons of Dredmor to defeat his malicious minions that threaten the upper world. With the help of powerful tools and magic created by ancient forces, races, and characters, delve through each randomly-generated dungeon and push your luck until evil forces overwhelm you. Select from an extensive list of useful skills to create your own unique character who must survive through all the unpredictable forces and events that lie beneath.


11. Crawl

Crawl is a unique multiplayer roguelike that turns your own friends into foes as they control monsters to demolish you in your quest. When you die, the friend that killed you must now take the place of the adventurer and is now at the mercy of player-controlled menaces. Gather as much XP and gold as possible before you get betrayed by who you thought was your own friend. Friends aren’t needed for this one, though (luckily for me); challenging AI adds a solid single-player experience to the package.


10. Dead Cells

Smashing together roguelikes and classic Metroid-style games in beautiful harmony, Dead Cells lets you freely explore its vast interconnected world as you slash through enemies with some of over 50
unique weapons and spells. Upgrade your character after each run with permanent weapon upgrades and unlock new areas to explore with up to four special powers that expand your boundaries. You will die often and be challenged, but don’t give up; each run will improve your reflexes and eventually make battles that used to be undefeatable a walk in the park.


9. Crypt of the NecroDancer

Wishing for a Dance Dance Revolution and roguelike smashup? You’re in luck! Crawl through the dungeon whilst being serenaded with a lovely and engaging soundtrack. Even the skeletons, zombies, and other foes can’t help but dance! Matching great rhythm with classic hardcore dungeon-crawling, Crypt of the NecroDancer will have you dancing to the beat while cursing every frustrating defeat.


8. Spelunky

Take on your inner Indiana Jones with this tough-as-nails platforming roguelike offering challenging, randomized levels. Blast, shoot, and delve your way through a completely destructible underground
cavern. Make tough decisions to kill the shopkeeper or agree to his prices; to take on the deadly beast or run away from it and stay alive. However you play, Spelunky offers a unique, choice-based,
classic platforming experience and a rewarding 2d Indiana-Jones-like adventure but with a fear of so much more than just snakes.


7. Nuclear Throne

Do whatever it takes to survive in the apocalyptic world of a devastating nuclear catastrophe. With bullet-hell shooting action, stand your ground against vile, mutated monsters to last another day.
Humanity is extinct, so you must do whatever you can to preserve conscious life. Unlike other post- apocalyptic games, in this one the radiation will help you to unlock new abilities and appendages that
will aid you in lasting through the hellscape.


6. Downwell

Your pet has fallen down the well, and he needs you to save him! Venture down into the dank, dark well with only your projectile-firing shoes to help you. Find different guns, upgrades, and precious
gems that allow you to buy special items from shops carved into the side of the well. Each upgrade affects your character, so try to choose ones that fit well together. You never know what you’ll find
down the well, so you gotta be quick, cautious, and adaptable to survive the journey downwards.


5. FTL: Faster Than Light

Your pet has fallen down the well, and he needs you to save him! Venture down into the dank, dark well with only your projectile-firing shoes to help you. Find different guns, upgrades, and precious
gems that allow you to buy special items from shops carved into the side of the well. Each upgrade affects your character, so try to choose ones that fit well together. You never know what you’ll find
down the well, so you gotta be quick, cautious, and adaptable to survive the journey downwards.


4. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

An exciting remake of a beloved classic, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth brings back the same wonderful mix of RPG, 2D action shooter, and brutal roguelike that keeps fans coming back for more.
When your faithful mother starts hearing the voice of God demanding a sacrifice, you must escape to the basement and fight for your life. Face many of over 100 different enemies with the many useful
and unique items you find along the way. Change yourself too; unlock a total of 10 different characters with unique skills and attributes. With an absurd amount of content and unique runs each
time, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will keep you saying ‘just one more run’ and push your faith to the limit with each unforgiving run-through.


3. Rogue Legacy

Sharing its name with the game that created the genre, Rogue Legacy switches it up and calls itself a rogue-lite: each death ensures that your next character is even stronger. Your next play will be as
your child with his/her own unique helpful and harmful traits. However, you must overcome your personal shortcomings to confront over 60 unique enemies in randomly-generated castles. Avenge
your father with the help of powerful weapons, armor, and abilities with a massive skill tree and over 8 classes to forge your character just the way you want. Your forefathers depend on you! Will you falter,
or bring glory to their name?


2. Enter the Gungeon

Do you like the intense unpredictably of dungeon crawlers but feel that they need more fast-paced bullet hell action? Well, you’re in luck! Venture to the depths of the gungeon equipped at first with only
your weak starter weapon to shoot, dodge, and loot your way through hordes of gun-inspired enemies in each handmade room. Gain formidable, unique, and outrageous weapons and items to survive the
incessant hellfire surrounding you as every moving thing aims for your death. Don’t forget to explore; powerful secrets await in each floor that gift you special characters and shortcuts that’ll help you with
future delves.


1. Darkest Dungeon

The epitome of rogue-like brutality sprinkled with nightmarish Lovecraftian creatures, Darkest Dungeon literally drives you insane with almost insurmountable turn-based combat that will stress you
and your party the hell out, if you’re lucky. Gather a team of up to four characters (of 16 different classes) each with physical and mental weaknesses. Face incredible challenges both real and
psychological as you desperately struggle through each other-worldly, grotesque region each with different creatures and obstacles awaiting every turn. Refresh and prepare for each uncertain journey
with weapon and ability character upgrades as well as places for them to heal and destress. Testing your mental, emotional, and strategic abilities, Darkest Dungeon will push your heart and mind to the
very edge. You’ve been forewarned!


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