Top 15 Games Like Planescape: Torment (Games Better Than Planescape: Torment In Their Own Way)

Games Like Planescape: Torment
Your face when you wake up dead with amnesia. Again.

What are the best games like Planescape: Torment? 

Finding games to compare to Planescape: Torment might be the tallest order in the planes. It isn’t just enough to be a party-based or top-down RPG. To be compared to Planescape you need to go a step further and share in some of the games, *ahem*, unique charms. Sarcastic floating skulls, talking boxes, and limitlessly strange writing follow in this list of spiritual successors to one of the greatest, and strangest, CRPGs of all time.

15. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Gameplay

In Divinity: Original Sin 2 you create a player character from countless possibilities. Then, as you are drowning you hear a voice call you “Godwoken”. You awaken to find yourself washed ashore, with little in your inventory. A puzzle of fate ahead, you head deeper inland. Throughout the game, you can add up to three companions to your party.

You can choose between 14 classes, 5 races, 6 origins and 12 skill trees to make your own way in the world. Curse your foes or charge at them with the strength of a bull and brandish your octopus tentacles. Encounter strange beasts on the shorelines or outwit enemy spellcasters in ancient ruins. From the moment you find yourself in your humble beginnings, you’ll feel the call of destiny pulling you home. Be wary of meat golems, brave adventurer!

Unique Features of Divinity:

  • High Replayability

  • 14 unique character classes (Very Customizable?)

  • Six different companions can be recruited into your party

The stunning graphics make it easy to dread the onslaught below. 

"What lies ahead" is the driving question in any RPG. "What lurks Below" also works... 


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