Top 5 Best Skyrim Followers and How to Get Them

Anybody Needs Some Help On Their Journey

5. Farkas

Now this brute right here is Farkas, a nord werewolf living in Jorrvaskr located in the Wind
District of Whiterun. He is one the most intimidating and experienced warriors in the
Companions. To recruit Farkas as a follower, first you must complete the Companions’ main
plotline. Farkas has many hidden abilities and that's why he is a great companion.
What’s awesome about this follower:
• He's a master level trainer in Heavy Armor.
• His primary skills are Smithing and Speech.
• His secondary skills are Pickpocketing and One-Handed Combat.
• He’s also great at Sneaking.
How to get follower:
4. Mjoll the Lioness

This woman may look intimidating but she is a very kind person. Mjoll is a nord vigilante often
found wandering around Riften or inside the Bee and Barb Inn. Claiming to be an experienced
traveler, would you want her by your side?
What’s awesome about this follower:
• Mjoll uses a hunting bow and leveled Battleaxe during combat.
• After retrieving her sword, Grimsever, she can become a potential spouse or follower.
• As a follower, she will tell you stories about her past.
How to get follower:
3. Aela the Huntress

Like Farkas, Aela is a nord werewolf residing in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. She’s also a thief and
member of the companions. She offers lycanthropy deep into the the faction’s quest. After the
companion’s main questline, she can become a candidate for marriage and a follower. Who
wouldn’t want a woman like that to accompany them?
What’s awesome about this follower:
• She’s a specialist and expert leveled in Archery.
• Her primary skills are Light Armor and Sneak.
• Her secondary skills are One-handed Combat and Speech.
• She wears Ancient Nord Armor.
How to get follower:
2. Serana

Serana is an ancient pure-blood vampire and daughter of Lord Harkon, leader of the Volkihar
Clan located in Castle Volkihar. Even though she is a vampire, she has enterprising and friendly
personality. Hidden away by her mother for thousands of years, the player discovers her inside a
crypt during the Dawnguard questline, She’s beautiful, mysterious, and one heck of a follower.
What’s awesome about this follower:
• She is an extremely powerful necromancer.
• She has a high Sneak skill
• She is able to turn you into a vampire when asked.
• As a follower, she is able to make Bloodcursed Elven Arrows.
How to get follower:

1. J’Zargo

Noted for his confidence and competitiveness, J’Zargo is a Khajiit apprentice and at the College
of Winterhold. He could be found either in the Hall of Attainment or the Hall of the Elements.
His strong desire to be the best of the College’s students has driven him to become reckless and
arrogant. In order for him to become a follower you must complete his quest “J’zargo’s
What’s awesome about this follower;
• He’s a very skilled mage
• Knows a total of 13 different spells
• As a follower, he levels with the player indefinitely, making him one of the strongest
followers in the game.
How to get follower:

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