[Top 10] Trackmania 2020 Best Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

You'll be flying high when you customize your skin


Here’s a collection of absolutely brilliant skins for your car in Trackmania. Note that to add any skin, you need to have Club Access ($29.99/year, $59.99/3 years). Some skins you have to purchase and download, others you can find in the Club menu in Trackmania.

If you purchase and download, you will need to:

  • Go to: Create > Garage > Upload Skin.
  • Select your downloaded skin.

If you find it in a club, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Go to Clubs.
  • Search for the club in the search bar.
  • Select your skin and add it.

Let’s jump right in. Ranked from good to best.


10. Vincent van Gogh by Tatauna 

If you’re feeling classy, sophisticated, refined… then why not reflect that with the skin you choose? Tatauna has designed a handful of skins all based on famous paintings.

What’s awesome about the van Gogh skin?

  • It’s a famous painting.
  • The beautiful lines on the canvas might translate to beautiful lines on the tarmac.
  • You’re classier.

How to get it?

Search for Skins by Tatauna under Clubs.


9. Numelops by ShumiSkins

This skin was designed for the Non-Profit Organization Numelops by the talented ShumiSkins. Numelops is a leading esports team in the Trackmania scene and they were recently voted as runners-up in Team of the Year in the 2021 Trackmania Awards. ShumiSkins also made an appearance at the awards, winning the Skinner of the Year award.

What’s awesome about the Numelops skin?

  • The Numelops octopus logo not only works well but makes the skin better.
  • The black sides and white top make for a clean look.
  • Just the right amount of orange adds that little bit of flair.

How to get it?

Search for Numelops under Clubs.


8. Japan 2.0 by Maeng

Get a bit oriental with your skin. This sleek, simple, black and white skin reminds you to keep balance. If you wanna see it in action, watch Jnic, a Trackmania streamer, use it.

What’s awesome about the Japan 2.0 skin?

  • Simple, minimalist colors.
  • It will help you keep mental balance.

How to get it?

This costs $5 on the TMSkins Gumroad store.


7. EVO by SchumiSkins

The Evo team is full of fullspeed monsters. They’re known as the best in the game at this style and if you don their skin, you best be committed to the fullspeed cause.

What’s awesome about the Evo skin?

  • Show others you’re a fullspeed main.
  • The bold, think lines make a statement.

How to get it?

Get good enough to join the Evo team. That is no easy task.


6. Celerity Aurora by Demotion

Inspired by the Aurora Borealis, this sublime skin will give you an ethereal feel. This skin was one of the three winners of the Trackmania Seasonal Winter Skin Contest, hosted by Maeng.

What’s awesome about the Celerity Aurora skin?

  • It has a green glow, just like the Aurora Borealis!
  • The design works brilliantly with the car, flowing into the nose.
  • You’re powered by magic (-0.05 on PB, but don’t come to me if that doesn’t work, it only works if you believe in the heart of the cars).

How to get it?

Buy this by donating $5 or more on the TMSkins Gumroad store. All donations go towards the Trackmania Seasonals Winter Season.


5. Oldschool Skins by Maeng

Hark back to times long gone with these gorgeously designed liveries. There are 3 skins in this pack, each as sleek as the next.

What’s awesome about the Old School skins?

  • Capture a feeling of nostalgia.
  • Let your opponents know you’ve been around the block.

How to get it?

This costs $4 on the TMSkins Gumroad store.


4. Team DNF 2021 by Agoyya

This skin creator was a nominee for Skinner of the Year at the recent Trackmania Awards, and you can see why! Incredible design, balancing yellow and blue for a stunning result.

What’s awesome about the DNF skin?

  • Its wheels glow.
  • A masterful combination of blue and yellow.
  • You’ll feel like a Pro.

How to get it?

Search for DNF Esport under Clubs.


3. Maverick by Peiks

Peiks was another nominee for Skinner of the Year at the 2021 Trackmania Awards. The attention to detail is astounding and the whole design is very cohesive.

What’s awesome about the Maverick skin?

  • The wheels glow, yup, very cool.
  • It has a great mechanical look to it.
  • Excellent attention to detail.

How to get it?

This costs $8 on the TMSkins Gumroad store.


2. Red Bull Racing by SchumiSkins

A skin for the Trackmania Formula League, a competition that simulates F1. This skin will have your opponents saying “That’s not right, that’s so not right!” when you snipe them at the finish.

What’s awesome about the Red Bull Racing skin?

  • Channel Super Max’s drive.
  • It really has the feel of an F1 car with all the sponsors (although you don’t get paid for them in-game, lame right?)

How to get it?

Search for the TM Formula League under Clubs.


1. NASA by Maeng

Designed by the prolific Maeng, this skin brings the NASA aesthetic to Trackmania. Its classic Logo is there as well as other details to give it that space-tech feel.

What’s awesome about the NASA skin?

  • It’s NASA.
  • It has orange lights that light up when you brake.
  • It feels like driving a space shuttle!

How to get it?

Buy it for $5 from the TMSkins Gumroad store.

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