Vermintide 2 Best Builds For Every Career

Vermintide 2 Best Builds For Every Career
No need to look on in envy of other's loot anymore, make earning your own easier.

What Are The Best Vermintide 2 Builds?

If your looking to win on the hardest difficulty or want to unlock the legend outfit for every career in the game, then I’ve got a guide that will make things easier, here you’ll find a build for every career, presented in alphabetical order so sorry Zealot fans.

15. Battle Wizard

Some regard the Battle Wizard as the weakest career in the game in terms of effectiveness, so what better choice for the first guide.

Like all of Sienna’s careers, the Battle Wizard specializes in ranged combat, using powerful staffs to scorch her enemies from a distance and her career skill allows her to stun a dangerous foe or teleport to a better position.


Level 5: Cauterise Wounds (Increases healing received by 30%)

This talent allows you to make the most of healing items, ideal for fights that you barely walked away from or to recover after taking a nasty hit.

Level 10: World Aflame (Every nearby enemy increase power by 5%, with a stack limit of 5)

It may not seem like much, but not only does it increase your damage, it also increases your chances of stunning an enemy when you hit them.

Level 15: Burning Vigour (When Tranquility is active, the stamina cost of blocking attacks is reduced by 40%)

Tranquility is cancelled whenever you take damage or cast a spell and it takes 8 seconds before it is active again, so it’s best if you don’t rely on it too much, this talent lets you cherish it while it’s still enabled. The ability to block against an onslaught of strikes for as long as possible serves two purposes; first, it makes Tranquility last longer; second, when you’re overwhelmed by the enemy, it gives your team more time to come to your aid.

Here is where it gets cool, or for a fire wizard hot, weapons and trinkets can also have block-cost reduction traits on them (up to 30% each item) so if you get two items with the trait at max value and with this talent active, thats 100% reduction to stamina cost to block which means that even a chaos warrior's most powerful attack can be repelled like its nothing!

Level 20: Soul Snare (Kills grant 2 temporary health)

Something that you do a lot in this game is kill things, might as well make the most of it.

Level 25: Burnout (Fire Walk removes all overcharge)

Removing overcharge is akin to a reload for other class’ ranged weapons and a second salvo from the bright wizard is all the more devastating. Also, Fire Walk is not a very powerful career skill, but at least it recharges quickly, so you might as well have more reasons to use it.


Melee: Mace/Sword. If armored enemies are giving you a hard time, bring a mace. If the team is struggling with hordes and the bad guys aren’t giving a chance to clear them out with your staff, then use a sword. These principles apply to all the wizard careers.

Ranged: Fireball Staff. Probably the most versatile staff, the standard attack is okay for hitting distant foes and the alternate attack is great for hordes.

14. Bounty Hunter

On the opposite side of the power spectrum, the Bounty Hunter is considered by many to be the strongest career in the game. Nevertheless, here are some tips to better equip yourself.

The Bounty Hunter can deal an incredible amount of damage, especially to a single target, his career skill is a prime example as it grants him the ability to take out chaos warriors instantly! And from a safe distance. Indeed, the Bounty Hunter is excellent at ranged combat and with the right loadout, he’ll always be prepared to fight on his terms.


Level 5: Swift Reload (Reload weapons 20% faster)

You’ll be firing your ranged weapon often, so it’s a good idea to reduce the time it takes to reload.

Level 10: Crippling Strike (Critical hit power boost by 25%)

The Blessed Shots passive ability guarantees a critical hit every 10 seconds or after a melee kill, so why not boost the damage they deal?

Level 15: Prize Bounty (Shots affected by Blessed Shots consume no ammunition)

You can trigger Blessed Shots quite often and with this talent, it’s easy to keep a your ammo count high.

Level 20: Righteous Zeal (Kills grant 2 temporary health)

It may seem strange to pick the kill oriented one over the crit option, but keep in mind that each attack or projectile can only trigger this effect once, so you’ll get more benefit from the kill talent.

Level 25: Double-shotted (Modifies Victor’s sidearm to fire two projectiles in a straight line)

This talent makes it easy to take out chaos warriors, with the Blessed Shots ability ready, you can kill them instantly.


Melee: Falchion. The only thing that the Bounty Hunter might struggle with is hordes, not with a falchion though.

Ranged: Volley Crossbow. Blessed Shots affects all three bolts from the alternate fire, Prize Bounty makes all three bolts consume no ammo and the Scrounger trait works with Blessed Shots so you can fire into a horde and gain ammo!

Weapon trait: Scrounger

13. Foot Knight

The Foot Knight’s durability allows him to serve his team as a frontline combatant. The best part is his career skill which allows him to push enemies back. Few things compare to the joy of watching Kruber give the boss a taste of its own medicine, pushing it all over the place or better yet, off a cliff.


Level 5: Bastion of the Reik (Increases maximum health by 25%)

This bonus health is increased even further when you consider the fact that the Foot Knight’s passive abilities reduce damage taken.

Level 10: Regroup (Reviving party members grant them 50% damage reduction for 10 seconds)

The Foot Knight is often the last one standing due to the extra durability and this talent helps revived teammates survive long enough to get a grasp on the situation.

Level 15: Defensive Formation (Increases damage reduction from Protective Presence by 5%)

Going from 15% to 20% may not be much, but it could be just enough to survive another attack.

Level 20: Soldier’s Spirit (Kills grant 2 temporary health)

Level 25: Glory Hound (Valiant Charge also grants 25% power for 10 seconds)

In truth, all the level 25 talents are good, I personally recommend Glory Hound because the Foot Knight’s only flaw is damage output and this talent helps to remedy that, it also allows you to kill blightstormers leeches and globadiers with one shot from a handgun.


Melee: Halberd/Warhammer. These two weapons are probably the best that Kruber wields.

Ranged: Handgun. The handgun is a solid choice for dealing with the special enemies that pose a threat to your team.

Weapon trait: Conservative Shooter

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