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It’s amazing how these games are now part of our daily life when they were unthinkable 20 years ago. Yes, VR games! There are so many possibilities nowadays, that we can literally feel like we’re in Star Wars worlds, abandoned houses, or fighting for our country with 10 other soldiers. That’s why today I present you the 10 best military-and war-themed virtual reality games. Don’t miss your chance to try them out.


10. Pavlov VR (PC)

Pavlov VR Gameplay

Pavlov VR is actually one of the best first-person shooters of its kind. Why? Because of its realistic animations and features, which make it a well-developed game and what’s most important: a really fun one.

This game is simply exciting and hilarious when played with friends. Just imagine being so immersed in a war game and shooting your friends. Trust me, it’s extremely funny. 


9. Robo Recall (Oculus Quest, PC)

Robo Recall Gameplay

Epic Games did it again! They launched this first-person shooter for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest and wow did they do an incredible job. You’re up against robots and you’re not only able to use guns, but also your bare hands and even robot parts themselves! This game’s just nuts and super fun.


8. Firewall Zero Hour (PS4)

Firewall Zero Hour Gameplay

Now, this is a Playstation exclusive. Even if you don’t like PSVR, you can’t outrun the fact that this cute little game right here is like playing Rainbow Six Siege in virtual reality. Introducing tactical first-person shooter features, you have to plan your approach to the objective and enemies, creating a super tense and exciting atmosphere. Beware of stress though…


7. Sniper Elite VR (PS4, PC)

Sniper Elite VR Gameplay

Incredibly sneaky sniping, required accuracy, stealthy and smooth gameplay. Yup, that’s what’s waiting for you in Sniper Elite VR. One of the best first-person shooters in VR regardless of how different opinions can be. 

Not many VR games can keep you entertained like this one thanks to its “different” type of gameplay and the campaign lasts around ten hours.


6. Contractors VR (PC)

Contractors VR Gameplay

What’s great about this game is that it suits your playstyle. What do I mean? Well, you can choose between horde-, competitive mode or the campaign missions. Contractors is a cool first-person shooter game and forces you to stay aware of your surroundings, weapons, teammates, and ammo. 

And let’s get real now, a lot of VR games don’t have HQ graphics, but this one…I gotta say I was surprised when I first saw it. 


5. Farpoint VR (PS4)

Farpoint VR Gameplay

Farpoint isn’t exactly a military-themed game, but who doesn’t enjoy shooting a few robotic spider-shaped aliens? Besides, this game’s atmosphere, gameplay, and features are simply excellent. It’s said to be super smooth and friendly for every player. Let’s say CoD and Destiny had a child, which happens to be the great VR game called Farpoint.


4. Onward VR (Oculus Quest, PC)

Onward VR Gameplay

You’re not invincible, it’s no piece of cake and you have to stay aware of your surroundings. Onward is an FPS that incorporates modern weapons and characteristics to make this game as immersive as possible. You’ll have to cover yourself when being shot at, position yourself tactically and of course, pay attention to your enemies’ location.

Let’s say this game is one of the closest experiences to real-life war…not scary at all.


3. Blood & Truth (PS4)

Blood & Truth Gameplay

This campaign…damn! Like we’re used to with PS experiences, this game offers very good story development and a fun/exciting path. You have to make your way through London while fighting gang members. This game has set a promising path for future military games and shooters because it does show a lot of effort and dedication.

I’m dying to try this game out. For real, if you’re a fan of campaign-focused games, this one’s for you.


2. Population: ONE (Oculus Quest, PC)

Population: ONE Gameplay

Ever wondered what Fortnite would look like in VR? Population One is actually one of the closest versions to that concept…except it doesn’t have walls and massive constructions all over the map. This battle royale lets you team up with 2 players so you can fight for your lives and emerge as the winning trio. I think every gamer knows how battle royales work nowadays, but in case you didn’t: you gotta scavenge buildings and find some decent loot to make your way to victory. Undoubtedly one of the best VR battle royale games.


1. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (PS4, Oculus Quest, PC)

The Walking Dead: Saint & Sinners

Incorporating horror and fps features, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, was well received by gamers and players all over the world. Some of its best attributes are its surroundings and where the story develops itself, gameplay, zombies (of course), and tense situations. 

I know, I know… “tHIs ISn’t a MILitAry gaMe!” But it’s surprisingly good! You won’t be part of the army, but you will be surviving and fighting for your life; you won’t be fighting living people, but dead ones. C’mon, it sounds pretty cool!

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