Warhammer Fantasy RPG Best Careers - Which To Choose

Time to choose your career. Choose wisely traveler.
Time to choose your career. Choose wisely traveler.

Surviving in the grim and dark world of Warhammer requires some preparations. It would be pretty good not to starve to death. The answer to that is starting a suitable career. Let's take a look at the best careers and career paths in Warhammer.

10. Rat Catcher

Hard but fair life

Rats are everywhere and the world needs a hero – just like you – to catch them all. Dive into the sewers of wonderful Imperial cities and catch those pesky rats, but beware of the monstrosities you may find below. Fortunately for you, you won't be alone – a small yet vicious dog will accompany you on your adventures.

What is Fun about Rat Catcher:

  • you get to slowly climb the social ladder of the Warhammer world,
  • one of a few classes that give you an animal companion,
  • getting to know the underbelly of a city and all its dirty secrets,
  • starting with pretty good statistics and skills for almost everything.


Choose Rat Catcher if:

  • you aren't afraid of rats, small and big,
  • you have always wanted to have a loyal friend who will follow you anywhere,
  • you want to have an ordinary start to your special story,
  • you don't mind roleplaying the lowest class of society.

9. Fieldwarden

Beware of the flying stones!

Have you ever heard about a Province governed by halflings? Neither have I, but some say it does, in fact, exist and is called Mootland. You may ask what stops everything evil from destroying this small land of halflings? The answer is simple: legendary slingers the Fieldwardens.


What is Fun about Fieldwarden:

  • you get to play a halfling hero instead of a rogue or a trader,
  • halfling base stats and equipment make it a pretty strong profession at the start of the game,
  • gives you access to cool careers such as a vampire hunter etc.,
  • you get to play halfling and still be kinda useful in the party.

Choose Fieldwarden if:

  •  you love halflings,
  •  you want to become a small but very professional vampire hunter,
  •  you like to throw stones at the enemies,
  •  you have always wanted to become a legendary halfling

8. Apprentice Wizard

Become master of magic

In every fantasy world, there is some sort of magic – in this case, a force coming straight from Chaos. Apprentice wizards are those who have just taken their first steps to control it and use it for their interests.  You need to watch out though, for with great power comes great responsibility.

What is Fun about  Apprentice Wizard:

  •  you get to use cool and powerful spells,
  •  ability to choose from 8 Collages of Magic,
  •  one of the best scaling career paths,
  •  you can be "the smart guy" and still be useful in fights.

Choose  Apprentice Wizard if:

  •  you have always wanted to use magic powers,
  •  you would like to play a versatile character,
  •  you are not afraid of Witch Hunters and Chaos Daemons,
  •  you still want to cast fireballs.

7. Noble

Join aristocrats!

Even in the dark, grim world of Warhammer someone has to belong to the upper class. If you have to live in the Empire, being a noble is the best option. Unless you are scared of assassins, thieves and other nobles.

What is Fun about Noble:

  •  good financial situation,
  •  the ability to become a knight, a rogue or a politician,
  •  possibility to remind everyone in your party that you are better than them,
  •  connections to the higher class.

Choose Noble if:

  •  you love to roleplay,
  •  you want to remind others every 5 minutes that you won't starve to death,
  •  you want to have options to progress into various careers,
  •  you have always wanted to go shopping during the first session.

6. Slayer

Slayer seeking his death

Dwarfs take their honour very seriously – you must have heard something about their legendary book of grudges. But sometimes even dwarfs can lose their honour. They dye their heads red and take an oath to find death in an honorable battle. When you see one of them you'd better start to remember if you were nice to dwarfs.

What is Fun about Slayer:

  •  possibility to become a death seeking, legendary warrior,
  •  one of the strongest fighting class,
  •  the ability to play as one of the most iconic characters from Warhammer,
  •  can be easily roleplayed by a newbie and a veteran.

Choose Slayer if:

  •  you want to find glorious death in the battle,
  •  you want to become the best damage dealer that your party will need,
  •  you love playing as an honourable dwarf,
  •  you can accept that your character is destined to die.

5. Champion

Better run

In every hundred or so soldiers there is always the one that is special. He will never surrender, will always fight like a beast and push forward to accomplish his goal. With a face full of scars and sharp eyes he is part of the elite of the Empire, he is the real Champion.

What is Fun about Champion:

  •  the best fighting class from the core rulebook,
  •  the ability to play as a fighter, archer or a scout, 
  •  gets nearly every useful trait and skill in the game,
  •  is so endgame that you will probably never finish this career.

Choose Champion if:

  •  you have always wanted to become the best fighter,
  •  you love versatile gameplay that allows you to use different approaches to combat,
  •  you never want to spend exp on other careers because you will still be busy upgrading your Champion,
  •  you want to know what the system has to offer when you've maxed out your level.

4. Ice witch

They are so cool!

In the far distant land of ice named Kislev, you can find strange women marching through deserts of ice. They are called Ice Witches and are protectors of the land. With the power of ice, they keep peace and fight Chaos, so you can say they are pretty cool.

What is Fun about Ice Witch:

  • new ice type of magic, not available to typical mages,
  • gets stronger in colder weather making it an interesting factor to consider when playing.
  • scales much better than a regular mage getting a similar power level a whole career before him.
  • comes from a different country than the Empire.

Choose Ice Witch if:

  •  you love winter and watch Frozen on repeat,
  •  you want to play as a powerful kislevian woman,
  •  you like Slavic culture,
  •  you want to control the heat of the battle.

3. Grail Knight


You probably heard legends about famous Bretonnia men searching for Grail. When blessed by the Lady of the Lake they possess divine powers that help them destroy spawns of Chaos and fight injustice. They are the flower of chivalry always ready to battle and perfect their virtues – ideal knights.

What is Fun about Grail Knight:

  •  you can play a knight taken from Arthurian legends,
  •  ability to choose your virtues that can help you in battle,
  •  playing the good guy, unscathed by evil,
  •  extreme power in melee combat.

Choose Grail Knight if:

  •  you want to play as a brave bretonian man,
  •  you have always wanted to become a true knight,
  •  you want to become the god of battle,
  •  you love chivalry.

2. Runelord

Experience the power of Dwarfs

The most respected amongst all dwarfs are runelords. They bear mystical arcane knowledge of runes, winds of magic imprisoned in magical sigils. Every dwarf dreams of owning a runic axe, but most can only dream. You can live this dream.

What is Fun about Runelors:

  •  climb to the top of dwarven society,
  •  option to create runes, each with unique effects,
  •  most versatile advance scheme among dwarven careers,
  •  a mix between fighter and craftsman.

Choose Runelord if:

  •  you want to help your party by upgrading them,
  •  you like to play a role of a mentor to dwarfs,
  •  you love to fight but also feel like you want to be good at social skills,
  •  you want to play a dwarf with almost magical powers.

1. Vampire Count

Beautiful and dangerous

There are legends whispered in the safety of light about mysterious pale superhumans who are creatures of the night. They control the highest offices and are one of the most feared warriors on the battlefield. They are counts of the vampire world. They hold a dark secret. To keep this power they need to drink the blood of humans. You can become one too if you dare...

What is Fun about Vampire Count:

  •  unspeakable power, that can't be compared to any other career,
  •  blood gifts, new special abilities only for vampires,
  •  extreme versatility, from combat skills to academic knowledge,
  •  the ability to influence the fate of the country.

Choose Vampire Count if:

  •  you have always wanted to play a bloodsucking superhuman,
  •  you are ready to accept vampire weaknesses such as sun etc.,
  •  you find a vampire that is willing to turn you into one,
  •  you get permission from your GM because this career is so powerful.


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