7 Legendary Lords Fans Want Added to Total War Warhammer

Lords and heroes can turn the tide of any battle.
There are many powerful lords who have yet to take to the field...

There are Still Many Heroes and Villains Who Have yet to Take to the Field in Total War Warhammer

Among the many features added to the Total War franchise by Total War Warhammer, the Legendary Lords have been one of the most widely praised. Bringing to life the mythic heroes of the universe’s expansive lore, they sport a diverse range of aesthetics and abilities. There are still a number of popular characters who have yet to be implemented into the game, and the following list is just some warlords and tyrants fans of the game want to see added.

7) Valkia the Bloody, Consort of the Blood God

Valkia, the Blood God's consort

The Daemon-Princess Valkia, who flies into battle at the head of a bloodthirsty war host.

Valkia began her life as a powerful ruler amongst the Norscan marauder tribes, but she was driven by a lust for power into the Chaos Wastes to the far North. Her quest led her to where reality and nightmare becomes one, and she actually made her way to the foot of Khorne’s skull throne. Since then she has become a monstrously twisted harpy, flying across the battlefield and striking enemy heroes down with her demonic spear.

6) Konrad Von Carstein, the Mad Count

Konrad, the Mad Count

Konrad von Carstein, the mad count who was betrayed and usurped by his brother Mannfred.

The Vampire Counts already have a large number of Legendary Lords compared to other factions, but Konrad has been frequently referenced in-game. Holding the title of Count of Sylvania before Mannfred’s return, he was a paranoid and devious ruler. Should he return, he would likely be a new political rival to Mannfred, same as Vlad von Carstein.

5) Grom the Paunch, the Biggest Goblin Alive

Grom the Paunch, the greatest goblin warlord ever.

Grom the Paunch, the obese goblin warlord, charges into battle at the head of a unique wolf chariot.

Goblin that would become known as Grom the Paunch was once just an average greenskin, until he ate a plate of raw troll flesh. The flesh regenerated inside his stomach, causing his proportions to swell and causing him tremendous pain. The goblin became as large and belligerent as an orc after that, and eventually led an army of his kin in an invasion of the High Elf continent of Ulthuan, making his appearance in Warhammer II highly probable.

4) Ghorros Warhoof, Sire of a Thousand Young

Ghorros, the oldest living centigor

Ghorros Warhoof, the most infamous and bloodthirsty centigor in the Old World.

Ghorros is a powerful and infamous centigor warlord, leading entire herds of the raucous monsters across the plains of the Old World. He is seen as the father of his race, personally siring hundreds of swift beastmen. There are currently no centigor lords available for Beastmen players, so this would be an addition that would go a long way towards enhancing their diversity.

3) Moonclaw, Son of Morrslieb

Moonclaw, a creature of pure chaos.

Morrslieb is a moon comprised of pure warp stone, and Moonclaw, as its impossibly born son, is a revoltingly corrupted and evil being.

The Beastmen are born from chaos tainting the natural order, and few of them embody this more than Moonclaw. Hurled from the warp stone moon of Morrslieb, he spreads insanity and mutation to both allies and foes. When Morrslieb hangs full in the sky his powers are magnified tenfold, and it would certainly be interesting to see how Creative Assembly applies this in terms of game mechanics should they choose to include Moonclaw.

2) Ariel, Queen of Athel Loren

Ariel, Queen of Athel Loren

Ariel is the earthly embodiment of the forest spirit of Athel Loren, woe unto any foolish commander who finds themselves against her.

Orion may be the faction leader of the Wood Elves faction, but their queen and ruler is the powerful sorceress Ariel. Acting as a natural conduit for the magical forces of Athel Loren, she is forever trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth as the seasons change. At the moment the Wood Elves only have two legendary lords, making Ariel a highly likely addition to come in future updates.

1) Festus the Leechlord

Festus, dark apothecary of Nurgle

Festus the Leechlord is a grotesque devotee to Nurgle, and would likely supply his army with a number of bonuses that would poison enemies and weaken their resolve.

Festus was once a skilled physician operating in the wilds of the Imperial province of Nordland, until he encountered a plague that he could simply not find a cure to. Praying to any god who would listen for the answer, the plague god Nurgle blessed him with knowledge of every disease to ever exist. The man was driven insane, becoming follower of pestilence and travelling North to lead Nurgle aligned warbands of Chaos Warriors.

Warhammer II will likely come with a number of Free-LCs that will supplement existing faction rosters, and we may just see some of these leaders added as Legendary Lords. Regardless of what content is released in the future, the game continues to be one of the most faithful depictions of Warhammer Fantasy in any PC game to date.

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