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Welcome to the wonderful Warhammer community

Join The Warhammer Community. Here Are The Best Warhammer Forums

Put down that Chain Sword and listen to me! The world of Warhammer is a highly detailed place and half the fun of the hobby is interacting with other players. With its long and storied history and massive worldwide fanbase, Warhammer can also be confusing. The series itself stretches across fantasy and sci-fi, generating more questions than it answers. Sometimes you need to know where to begin, how to paint something, where to go in one of the PC games or perhaps, you simply want to interact with your fellow fans. Whatever your poison, these forums will lead you to victory!

10. Discussing Total War Warhammer 


Preparing for TOTAL WAR

We’re big fans of the Total War series, especially Total War: Warhammer. The Total War forums are one of the best places to go online to learn about the game and interact with other fans.Want to learn more about the game expansions? Discuss multiplayer? Receive patches and updates? This is the place to go for all that and more. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some mods to enhance your game experience and interact with other fans of the game on this wonderful forum!

9. TGA Community 


The Wonderful TGA Community

Registering for this forum will be one of the best things you can do in this hobby. As a member, you get access to creating topics and interacting with some very wise folks about the game. This forum predominately covers the fantasy wing of Warhammer—Age of Sigmar—and its RPG equivalent, the wondeful Warhammer Quest. Not only that, but you can learn new techniques for painting and modelling and discover tips and tricks for some of the PC and console-based video games in the franchise. TGA Community is a Games Workshop hobbyists dream come true along all versions of the hobby!

8. Warhammer subreddit 


The real war of the worlds!

Explore 40K on Reddit, the front page of the internet! The Warhammer subreddit is not only fun to explore, but functions as a resource for the hobby and a showcase for your work. Do you have some minis you want to show off? Care to brag about your accomplishments in Warhammer: Armageddon? Just have some basic questions about the game? This sub has you covered. The sidebar will point you in the direction of further reading and related subs like 40K Lore are a boon to new and old players alike.

7. Warhammer Empire 


Enter the War Room of the Warhammer Empire

Nothing says “protect the Empire of Man” quite like a group of dedicated 40K fans. Some forums are dedicated to individual armies—the Orks, the Tau, The Dark Eldar, various Space Marines chapters—but Warhammer Empire focuses more on the armies of the empire rather than a single army or unit. Exploring the forum provides some excellent community chatter, info about Age of Sigmar and TONS of advice for painting and playing with your soldiers. There’s a workshop, resources, a reader gallery, real time chat and more. Check it out today—you won’t be disappointed!

6. Mini Wargaming.com 


The Green Die of Doom

Ah, Mini Wargaming forum, we meet again! I spent a great deal of time on this forum when I began digging deeper into the hobby and I highly recommend it as a place to visit often. They have tutorials, reviews, great conversation and more for your mini war gaming needs. The folks over there really know their stuff and have a veritable cornucopia of info for all things Warhammer, inclusive of each iteration of the tabletop game. Sharpen your weapons and clear coat your minis, because this community will prepare you for any skirmish, whether it’s in a video game or on the tabletop.

5. Matrix Games 


This is one matrix that won’t teach you Kung Fu, but it’ll help you with Armageddon

You love fighting the Orks, right? You’re a fan of tactical, turn-based strategy games, too? If so, chances are high you’ve played Warhammer: Armageddon. The Matrix Games forums provide everything an army of Space Marines needs to combat those pesky green orks! It’s also a repository of information about mods, technical problems, patches and new release info. The best part is everything is kept up-to-date and extremely current. If you love this game, then you’ll love this forum.

4. Heresy Online 


Explore the heresy online

Sure, you love Warhammer 40,000, but what about Warhammer 30,000? Dubbed The Horus Heresy, this version of the game sets up much of the lore and fluff of the 40K game we all know and love today. This forum is also full of information about general wargaming, 40K, tutorials, army lists and—as the name suggests—plenty of The Horus Heresy content. It’s a great online hangout and provides hours of entertainment between games.

3. 40K Forums 


What it lacks in flash, this forum makes up for in substance.

Perhaps one of the most comprehensive Warhammer communities on the net, the 40K forums cover everything. There’s lore, history, painting info, video game stuff and contributions from fans. They have a showcase of user-painted minis and present articles about the hobby as a regular part of the forum. Better yet, if you want to buy, sell, or trade some miniatures, there’s a buyer/seller forum here that can’t be beat.

2. The Dakka Dakka Forums 


Time for the shooting phase of the battle

Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered what type of sound an Ork's gun makes when it fires? Dakka Dakka, of course! Another forum that is ideal for fans of both the tabletop and PC games, The Dakka Dakka forums are a personal favorite haunt of mine. Billed as a massive 40K resource, the site does not disappoint. As one of the largest wargaming forums around, you can get more than enough information about the tabletop games, the fluff and tons of video game stuff. Combined with the beautiful layout, ease of navigation and excellent people, Dakka Dakka is a great place to begin your descent into the Warhammer/wargaming hobby and continue engaging with the community for years to come!

1. The official Warhammer Community forums 

Games workshop – a familiar logo

This is the number one place to visit for everything Warhammer. The official Games Workshop community provides vast, official resources for the hobby, podcasts, a newsletter, videos and more. It's much more than a mere forum and functions as the official website for the Games Workshop hobby in all its forms. The news feed keeps you up-to-date on all the crazy, new stuff happening in the hobby today and you can always ask Games Workshop your burning Warhammer painting and general hobby questions. This place is the official portal for Forge World and the Black Library as well.

We hope you've enjoyed this look at some of our favorite Warhammer communities and we would love to know which ones you visit, so feel free to comment and share! And don't forget to keep playing!

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