[Top 10] Warhammer 40k Best Ork Units

Warhammer 40k Best Ork Units
Orks are a brutal, savage race. They thrive on numbers and the lack of mercy they show other races and even each other. There’s not much going on upstairs with them but don’t let that fool you

Orks are an exciting, powerful race to play in warhammer 40k. You can alter the models almost anyway you want, and their story is an interesting, if not comical, one. Which units are the most effective though?

Orks swarm the battlefield creating vast green oceans of brutality. Their only desire is to destroy and conquer. It can be difficult figuring out which units you want to start with. I want to cover the top ten of the most effective units.

10) Stormboyz

Stormboyz love nothing more than to ride a tank of fuel, exploding out the bottom, into battle to meet flesh and blood with their blade.

If you're a fan of fireworks and insane pyros I have the unit for you. Stormboyz leap into battle with a jetpack, slashing and shooting. These Ork heroes risk their lives every time they strap themselves to a rocket.

  • What’s Fearsome About the Stormboyz
  • Fast attack unit able to jump straight into battle
  • “full throttle” allows you to add 6 inches to the units moving distance 
  • You can set this unit up “in the sky” which allows them to land almost anywhere

 9) Stompa

Stompas are some of the most effective armored units in an Ork army

Stompas are a force to be reckoned with. They stomp their way across the battlefield in heaps of scrap metal. Orks use these ironclad monsters to dominate their enemies and lay waste to their foes.

  •  What’s Fearsome About Stompas
  • Heavy support essential to a balanced army
  • Chance to fire a second time in shooting round
  • Can explode when destroyed, damaging units around it
  • Can be repaired

 8) Deff Dreads

Deff dreads know no mercy and enjoy terrifying their enemy as much as the like crushing them into goo

No Ork would pass up the chance to wire themselves into a killer trashcan. They slash their way through masses of bodies with insane saws. They have enough firepower to meet any obstacles they may run into.

  •  What’s Fearsome About Deff Dreads
  • Equipped with plenty of guns to blow your enemies away
  • Chance to explode and hurt units around it when destroyed
  • Deployment traits that allow flexibility

 7) Warbikers

The rowdiest of bikers in the distant future. Warbikers like suicidal rides as much as they like those rides to get them in close to their enemies

These Orks roar into battle, speeding across the field at breakneck speeds. They hunt for blood and sport cutting down anyone they catch. Warbikers always need speed and something to shoot at.

  •  What’s Fearsome about Warbikers
  • Movement of 14 inches
  • Fierce fighting and combat skills
  • Key to a Speed Freak army

 6) Kommandos

Orks aren’t known for their finesse but Kommandos love sneaking up on their enemies and hiding in bushes for ambushes

Kommandos like to slither up to their enemy and slit their throats in the dead of night. Guardsmen tremble as Kommandos lurk in the shadows ready to strike at any moment. These assassins work behind enemy lines and provide valuable information to the bosses.

  •  What’s Fearsome About Kommandos
  • “kunnin’ infiltrators” allows you to deploy them at an advanced position
  • Additional cover saving throws
  • Additional wounds to units attacked on terrain

 5) Meganobz

These Ork snobz have the best of gear and are more than happy to get right up to the front lines

These  Ork veterans wear tailored suits of armor. Meganobz reign supreme in close combat. Mekz craft the armor that makes them invulnerable and boosts their strength.

  •  What’s Fearsome About Meganobz
  • The Ork equivalent of Terminators
  • Trait that helps with morale test
  • Wonderful array of weapons

 4) Burna Boyz

Don’t invite Burna boyz to your BBQ. They’re just as likely to torch you as what’s on the grill

Burna Boyz will find any reason to set something, or someone, on fire. Other boyz try to keep their distance from these guys during firefights. Many Orks have been killed standing too close to a tank that caught a bullet. 

  •  What’s Fearsome About Burna Boyz
  • If they destroy an enemy unit in the shooting phase they automatically pass morale test
  • Ability to repair friendly vehicles
  • Area of effect weapons

 3) Mek


Meks are the engineers of Ork society. They can craft just about anything, with just about… anything

Meks are the “Mekaniaks” of the Ork warbands. These half-brained agents hammer away on anything. They make designing and building weapons an art. 

  •  What’s Fearsome About Meks
  • Ability to repair vehicles
  • Grot oilers can assist with vehicle repairs
  • Use toughness on roll to wound against this unit

 2) Weirdboy

Orks are known for having surprisingly strong psychic abilities. Weirdboyz put themselves and their units at risk every time they unleash their powers

Weirdboyz embody the self-destructive force of the Orks. They feed off the energy of the energy and the boyz around them. The psyker boils over with psychic energy and blasts everything around them. 

  •  What’s Fearsome About Weirdboyz
  • Fun, random psychic abilities
  • Empowered by the number of boyz around him
  • powerful unit capable of destroying anything

1) Warboss

Warbosses are equally feared and respected by their troops

The biggest baddest Orks who lead their tribes ascend to Warboss. They maintain their dominance through size and sheer force. Warbosses are powerful brutes who boost their troops and demolish their way to victory.

  •  What’s Fearsome About Warboss
  • Powerful, close combat HQ
  • “Waagh” allows units to charge even if they have advanced
  • Can rally units that fail morale tests

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