[Top 15] Warhammer 40k Best Characters Who Are Fearsome

Warhammer 40k Best Characters
Mephiston has immense psychic abilities and has overcome death twice

The Fort-First Millennium is chalk full of legends and heroes from all walks of life. You really have to cheat death just to get any attention. Luckily the greatest of the greats have been written into the history books and their stories are awesome

To exist and survive in the 41st millennium you need to be tough as nails. These bad dudes are known for eating stars, slaying trillions, and destroying whole empires. This is my list of the top 15 Warhammer 40k best characters who are fearsome.

15) Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

Ghazghkull is one of the fiercest Warbosses to roam the stars. He managed to bring may Ork tribes together which few Warbosses have accomplished

An Ork true to name. Ghazghkull Thraka has left a trail of destruction behind him. Ghazghkull is the most influential war boss in the 41st millennium. Ghazghkull commands great respect from Orks as a prophet of Gork and Mork

What’s Fearsome About Ghazghkull Thraka:

  • united Ork clans that were at odds 
  • laid waste to everything he touched
  • insatiable appetite for destruction and domination
  • prophet of the Ork gods

14) Lucius the Eternal


Lucius the Eternal is the last samurai of Chaos. He is a master of hand to hand combat, and focused as daemonly possible

Lucius the Eternal is a champion of the chaos god Slaanesh. Known for slaying kings and champions in the name of Slaanesh. He was finally cut down by Lord Commander Cyrius,  then was reborn in Cyrius’ body.

What’s Fearsome About Lucius the Eternal:

  • commander who got his start during Horus’ betrayal
  • Samurai-like skills and focus
  • un-dying

3) Belial

Belial stood out as a warrior and tactician since he was a child. He has practiced the art of the sword since he could hold one               

Belial competes with the best warriors despite not having any augmentations. He commands the Dark Angel's Deathwing chapter with the utmost respect. Belial established himself as an elite through determination and focus.

What’s Fearsome About Belial:

  • Belial is a perfectionist who helped improve the Deathwing chapter 
  • unmatched in combat
  • ignored his fathers wishes to fight in a tournament to join the Dark Angels when he was eleven

 12) Kroak


This ancient hero has been fighting Chaos since before the Emperor built the Imperium              

Defender of Itza and one of the first mage priests. He taught the first generation of elves magic. Kroak defended the ancient city of Itza when chaos first descended on the realm of man. Legend tells he will persist until the death of the universe

What’s fearsome About Kroak:

  • an original human psyker
  • Can control the threads of time
  • even though his body was ripped apart by chaos his spirit lives on             

 12) Bjorn Stormwolf

Bjorn is the oldest living Space Marine             

Bjorn tears through foes, loudly and fiercely. He leads from the front and wildly jumps into the fray. Bjorn fights in a dreadnought despite being the oldest living Space Marine.

 What’s Fearsome About Bjorn Stormwolf:

  • oldest living Space Marine who fought alongside the emperor
  • his symbol is carried into battles by other units, and his counsel is widely sought
  • despite his extreme age he still fights

 11) Yarrick


Yarrick is an expert who has been pulled out of retirement on multiple occasions to fend off Ork onslaughts

Yarrick commands his troops with an iron-heart. He wrote the book on Ork language and psychology for the imperium. Yarrick secured defenses at the battle of Armageddon against the Ork onslaught.

 What’s Fearsome About Yarrick:

  • a regular non-augmented human that stands in the ranks with the best of them
  • defended terra against Ghazghkull
  • Brought out of retirement to defend against an Ork invasion
  • Replaced the eye he lost in battle with a laser bionic eye that the Orks call the “evil-eye”

 10) Asterion Moloc


Asterion is a noble warrior who is sought after for his expertise and experience           

 Asterion leads the Minotaurs. He slays the enemies of the emperor with an unflinching nerve. Asterion is a tactician at heart and a warrior of flesh. 

 What’s Fearsome About Asterion Moloc:

  • hunts down and destroys space marines who stray from the light
  • unwavering faith of the emperor
  • indefatigable

 9) Kharn the betrayer

Kharn is Khorne incarnate. Khorne is the Blood God and Lord of Skulls. Kharn really doesn’t care who he hurts in pursuit of the destruction of his enemies               

Kharn emulates Khorne, the chaos god of blood, war, and murder. Karn earned his name on the battlefield after slaying his own to get through to the enemy. He is the avatar of Khorne and his body count is unparalleled.

 What’s Fearsome About Karn the Betrayer:

  • blood lust unmatched
  •  kills anything in his path… and not in his path
  • wields the might of Khorne

 8) Cato Sicarius

Cato is an exemplary Space Marine               

Cato quickly rose through the ranks. He proved himself in several battles from the beginning and mastered martial arts. His devotion and faith guide him to the destruction of his enemies.

What’s Fearsome About Cato Sicarius:

  • rose through the ranks at an early age
  • decided the fate of whole planets
  • heavily augmented by cybernetics

 7) Arjack Rockfist

Arjack is a giant of a man who needs no augmentations to fight with the Space Marines               

The human blacksmith turned space wolf. Arjack gained infamy when he singlehandedly held off an attack by a thousand giant sea monsters on his planet of Fenris. Arjack throws out his giant hammer and shield, crushing foes, then recalls them with a teleportation device.

What’s Fearsome About Arjack:

  • Legendary among the space wolves
  • Un-augmented human to be elevated to elite levels
  • Captain America-like shield and thunder hammer-like Thors

6) Swarmlord

Only the Warp could conjure up something as terrifying as a Swarmlord             

Swarmlord devastates his enemies with weapons not from in this realm. he destroys civilizations and thrives on extinguishing life. The Swarmlord has been around since the Tyranids came into existence.

What’s Fearsome About Swarmlord:

  • indestructible
  • weapons not from this existence
  • biggest threat to the galaxy

 5) Dante

Dante is an old school Space Marine who fought along-side the Emperor               

Dante was there when Horus began his civil war. Dante saw the destruction Horus created. He has been sweeping through his enemies for more than 1500 years and has no desire to stop. The imperium counts on Dante to help defend humanity

 Whats’s Fearsome About Dante:

  • an originalist who saw the birth and decline of the imperium
  • One of the oldest space marines
  • Only human to defeat Swarmlord

 4) The Beast

Of Ork characters and heroes, The Beast stands out the most. The Beast was a profit and one of the largest Orks to take to the battlefield

One of the most powerful Ork bosses to ever live. Little is known about the beast. He managed to unite many Ork tribes to lead one of the most devastating “Waaaghs” across the universe. He destroyed many worlds and many lives

 What’s Fearsome About The Beast:

  • makes Ghaghkull look puny
  • almost got to terra in his crusade
  • Biggest, most powerful, most mysterious among Ork war bosses

 3) Mephiston

All Librarians are powerful psykers but few have achieved the greatness of Mephiston.              

Mephiston melts the brains of his foes. He has laid down his life for the imperium twice. this powerful librarian paid a heavy price to come back but did it for the imperium.

 What’s Fearsome About Mephiston:

  • one of the fiercest psykers for the imperium
  • mastered “the black rage,” known for driving blood angels mad, twice 
  • remains a mystery, even to his own brothers

2) Eldrad Ulthran

Eldar are an ancient race who are very wise. Eldrad sets himself apart from other Eldar because of his abilities and work ethic               

Eldrad is hailed as the most gifted pysker of the Eldar. Eldrad has attempted to summon the gods of the Eldar on his own. Eldrad uses disinformation and cunning to manipulate his foes.

 What’s Fearsome About Eldrad:

  • powerful psyker
  • ancient and knowledgeable
  • powers only an ancient one could conceive of

 1) the Emperor                   


The Emperor of man built the empire humankind call home and is regarded as a God  

Since suffering a mortal wound from Horus, the emperor sacrificed his immortal body. his followers encased him in the Golden Throne of Terra. There his body is kept intact by cybernetics. It is here the emperor still fights off the horrors of the warp with his immense psychic abilities. 

 What’s so Fearsome About the Emperor:

  • The god of man
  • Single handedly holds off the power of the warp
  • Is the only one who can stand up to all Chaos gods

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