[Top 10] Warhammer 40k Best Chaos Factions

Best Chaos Factions Warhammer 40k

Let’s look at some of the fiercest Chaos Factions from the Forty First Millennium

Chaos Space Marines are an exciting army to play. This fierce brutal army is alluring to those who love lore, cool models, and destruction. So many demons, factions, and strategies to choose from. I would like to discuss the top ten best Chaos factions with you and cover their style.

10) Renegades

Renegade commander leads his band of pirates into battle

Space Marines who feel neglected can start to doubt their position in defending the imperium. They feel their skills are unappreciated and tend to turn to selfish ambitions. They defect from the imperium to become pirates and mercenaries. Renegades wage their own war, forever in danger of being consumed by the Chaos powers.

What's Fearsome About Renegades

  • More options and freedoms to be flexible with your army
  • Fierce warlord traits that increases his strength every time he kills a hero
  • New artefact that grants an extra attack and maximizes range on key auras

9) Fallen

A squad of Fallen deliver pain and carnage to their foes

The Fallen splintered from the Dark Angels when their leader banished them. Many become Chaos Space Marines and Renegade warlords. the Fallen turned their anger towards their former chapter. Waging war on those they used to call brother.

What's Fearsome About the Fallen

  • you can prevent your opponent from generating more command points mid-game
  • one of your units can take an ability that makes them harder to hit

8) Alpha Legion

Alpha Legions leader slicing his way through enemies

This shadow chapter lurks among the stars. The clandestine warriors operate in propaganda and sabotage. They sow discord causing upheaval and disorder. Their end goal is unknown, but their results are undeniable

What's Fearsome About Alpha Legion

  • Cultist units designed to overwhelm your opponent
  • Prayers that grant units 5+ invulnerable saves
  • Prayers that allow you to add 1 to wound rolls with melee weapons

7) Emperors Children

Chaos warriors fueled by Slaanesh over-indulge on carnage, suffering, and war

Emperors Children were once cast in the image of the Emperor. They would carry the Emperor's name and icon into battle. These brothers were supposed to carry out the will of the Emperor. they fell, instead, to the sinful and irresistible seduction of carnage and the Warp.

What’s Fearsome About Emperors Children

  • Sadistic lust
  • Fierce on the battlefield with traits that allow them to fight first
  • Units that can move and shoot without penalty

6) Night Lords

Night lord warrior casually walking into death and destruction

This legion was known for its cynicism and brutality before the civil war. They ultimately caved to the Chaos Gods. Night Lords cut communications and destroy supply lines to gain an advantage. They are masters in using terror to demoralize their enemy.

What's Fearsome About Night Lords

  • Devastating, morale reducing traits, turning failed morale tests into a weapon
  • Warp talons can reroll hit die after a charge as well as wound rolls
  • Fast and deadly

5) World Eaters

Angron is the Primarch of the World Eaters. He is also known as the “Red Angel,” and is one of the most savage and heavy-handed of the Primarchs

World Eaters fight in the name of Khârn the betrayer. Their transition to chaos was made easier by their existing brutal, cynical nature. Their entire life centers around painting the battlefield with their enemies’ blood and guts.

What's Fearsome About World Eaters

  • Masters of execution units have powerful HQ killing traits
  • “Slaughterborn” allows your warlord to get stronger with each killing blow
  • “Butchers nails” allow you to make additional attacks on successful charges
  • “Bloodblessed” allows you to add additional attacks to your warlord

4) Thousand Sons

Tzeentch is the Chaos God of change, intrigue, and sorcery. He is known as the Changer of Ways and the Architect of Fate

The Thousand Sons overflow with psychic abilities and have an abnormal amount of mutations. Any Astarte that lacked psychic abilities had their soul fused to their power armor. Magnus led the Thousand Sons down the path of corruption in a blind desire for enlightenment.

What's Fearsome About Thousand Sons

New units in a new codex

  • Stratagem that allows a unit an extra fight phase
  • Units that auto wound on a hit roll of 6+
  • A large pool of psychic abilities to boost your army

3) Black Legion

Horus the Betrayer. Turned on his own father and Emperor to control the galaxy and appease the Chaos Gods

Horus used the Black Legion to wage war on the Imperium. They followed Horus whom they believed should be worshipped instead of the emperor. They were Horus’ primary weapon against the Imperium.

What's Fearsome About Black Legion

  • A wide range of units and strategies allow you to be flexible
  • “Tip of the spear” allows you to reroll hit rolls for a unit during your shooting phase
  • “Brutal subjugation” allows a Bringer of Despair to rack up extra kills

2) World Bearers

World Beaers stalk the great halls of an Imperium temple

The Chaos powers corrupted the Word Bearers before any other chapter. Tainted by Chaos, the Word Bearers turned to the emperor to worship. The Emperor chastised them and publicly shunned them. They turned to Horus and begun their treacherous war.

What's Fearsome About World Bearers

  • Traits that allow you to re-roll failed morale saves
  • Dark Apostles have a trait that allows units to re-roll hits during the fight phase
  • strength bonuses, making units deadly in close combat

1) Iron Warriors

Iron Warrior in Terminator armour. Cutting down everything in-front of him

Iron Warriors mastered siege warfare. Destroying fortifications and slaughtering its inhabitants. They love bloody, brutal hand to hand combat.

What's Fearsome About Iron Warriors

  • Strongest in range warfare of the chaos marines
  • Legion trait “siege lord” eliminates your enemies cover saves
  • Terminators have extra wound and improved combi-weapons
  • Fleshmetal-exoskeleton on demon prince gives him a 2+ save and allows to heal a wound every round

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