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Into hell you go.

Spacehulk Deathwing Release Date

The original release date was 2015, but then they ran into some problems and thus have delayed it until further notice.  They could possibly get it finished and ready by the end of 2016.

The work has been going on since late September of 2013. The updates are rather off and on with the posting to the main website, which has drawn some frustration form those following development.

Spacehulk Deathwing Trailers

Most of what has come out lately has been gameplay and introductory videos which can all be found on YouTube. The group making it is Focus Interactive.

Spacehulk Deathwing Gameplay

The promise of relics is there, alongside loads of foes.

You will be put in a first-person perspective as you and a squad of Space Marines explore the bowels of ship graveyards. The screenshots seem to hint that many of these ships will be different, at least when it comes to the interior. You will be facing down loads of monsters, such as Chaos, Genestealers and even some of the most ferocious of the Tyranids. You will have access to a variety of weapons Warhammer 40K players will already be familiar with. This can range from firearms to sword and shield to even flamethrowers. You will also be able to plot your way through the ships using a map interface the can show the full interior. 

Some people have likened the gameplay to Left 4 Dead, probably because of the first-person situation alongside a squad of companions, but the character and level designs seem to bear a likeness to Doom. Beyond this meaning a team of four will be squaring off against a horde of hate-mongering, bloodthirsty foes, this may also allude to the variety of foes you will be facing off against in the game. In the gameplay trailers, it’s clear to see a large, skull-faced foe with a Gatling gun for an arm. Since the lore of the gene stealers seem to discuss their need to absorb the tactics and skills of their victims, it’s very possible that your squad will be having to face off a lot of foes that are created strictly to specifically kill you and your men. The first-person gameplay differs from other Space Hulk games, where you are confined to a turn-based structure of exploring the ships and killing your foes. The trade-off is that you will have to think much quicker on your feet when foes appear; You will know have the luxury of debating all your possible moves that come with a turn-based scenario.  You will be traveling in the Warp, a dimension within Chaos. You will have to search through a number of ships, all with access to maps outlining all available pathways, fighting through the likes of Chaos and Tyranids. You will be playing as the leader of a Deathwing Dark Angels squad, a very secretive Space Marine company, and you will be able to customize everyone on the team with armor and weapons to suit your playing style as best as you can. You will have four different skill trees to choose from that can be accessed with Fervor points, which are earned in glorious battle. Your own character is a librarian, who is known to possess psychic abilities. Use whichever combinations of weapons and skills fit you best.

The space hulks you are exploring are rumored to have ancient relics and other artifacts that should be in Space Marine hands. It falls to you to clear out the space hulks of enemies so that the treasure can be successfully excavated and transported to a more appropriate location. Don’t expect this to be an easy mission, because one of the deadliest Space Marine chapters is tasked with it. You also be going up against the worst enemies to the Emperor, and each of them will employ different tactics against you. The gene-stealers will work as a group in an attempt to bury your small squad under their massive numbers. The Chaos Marines will employ weapons similar to yours, so they perhaps will be the easiest to out-think. Battles will be fought in all sorts of environments, from cramped hallways to wide-open spaces to three-dimensional battlefields where height can be crucial to victory. Be aware of your surroundings because an overlooked area could be holding an enemy who has the opportunity to kill someone in your squad.

What’s going for this game?

Wide open spaces, hordes of foes coming out of every crevice; players look to be in for a good time.

What seems great about this game is that fans of the Space Marine faction will get a game that really seems to have them step into the boots of these science-fiction warriors. Being a space marine means that you find yourself at odds with all different types of foes, each dangerous and cunning enough to be considered a threat to the Emperor. Putting you in charge of a group tasked with dealing with these foes will be as immersive as a game could be. Unlike the turn-based game in this series, Space Hulk: Deathwing allows you to explore the space hulks in a less confined, more time spent on exploring the ship and less on deciding the next several seconds of action in the game. Players will get to take in the environment that the game designers worked for quite a while now to pay homage to the long-running series. The first-person perspective is bound to make you jump once or twice if your enemy appears from a side rather than the front. I imagine a lot of different types of ships will end up in the Warp, which will lead to the variety of the internal structures that will double as battlefields.

And the complaints?

While nothing new actually can be thrown into a game, designers must try to make it interesting.

Which leads into one of my two main concerns. Despite all the game promises, it has dealt with a number of delays and thus has lost a bit of attraction to getting this title. In the forums online, it is clear that fans are getting impatient with the progress of the game. One of their main concerns is the lack of updates posted to the page, which translate into not much work getting done. What’s more, End Times: Vermintide has a lot of similar fire-person shooter gameplay to Deathwing. What separates the two is the eras in Warhammer that the game occupies. There are also games that allow players to be Space Marines and fight enemies of the Emperor in existence, which means Deathwing will have to have something special to make itself stand out as a unique game from those as well. Fans of the 40K universe should still be excited for this game because it will take them back to their favorite era while the more medieval-esque period is evident in games like Vermintide and the new Total War: Warhammer. The announcement of the third Dawn of War installment should also bring some 40k hype, and perhaps Deathwing can satisfy that futuristic appetite until the real-time strategy game is released.

Deathwing has a lot of expectations to satisfy now. Fans who have been waiting on this game for multiple years now expect something justify all the time that it has taken. Fans of the 40k universe are looking forward to a game that can satisfy their space-fighting desires while also bringing them the gameplay and lore that they have come to enjoy. There will also be the first-person shooters and fans of few-versus-many games that Deathwing will have to appeal to, the true judges of whether this game will be successful or not. From all that we know and that which has been shown, the game does have some good potential to it and may have success once it’s released. Perhaps, since this game will be played as if the player is on the team, the developers could play on what sense they can, like sight and sound. Aboard a ghost ship lost in space, there is a lot of potential in having creaking and echoes occurring while the Space Marines have a look around. It’s a race against time though, for another could ruin them for good. Games that have come before it have suffered in popularity because of constant delays, and Deathwing will already find itself walking the tightrope when’s released.


Do good for your Space Marine brothers, and the Emperor. (Credit given to the Deathwing site)

Whether or not this game is released at the end of the year, fans of 40k, especially those of Space Hulk, should really plan on playing this game when it gets released. This seems to be a very claustrophobic, gun-em-down game that can get any gamer’s heart beat going. Stepping away from the turn-based style of its predecessor, Deathwing will allow you the ability to explore these vessels at your own pace, and challenge you with a variety of foes, each with their tactics and weaponry you must work to overcome and outwit. Putting you in charge of one of the most vicious Space Marine chapters and allowing you to customize the squad to your heart’s content, it’s no secret that the firefights will be intense and memorable. Whether the memorability can stand out from the Warhammer games that have been recently released or not remains to be seen, but fingers crossed the game does not disappoint. Glory to the Emperor!

No word yet on pricing, but a safe bet is that it will be around $50-60 like many new games.

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