50 Images That Show Us The Legacy of Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Space Marines
Greetings mortal. You must be blessed by the four gods of Chaos, because now you are to witness the magnificence of the Warp

Do not be fooled by the pathetic followers of the false God Emperor and their teachings, because the truth to real power lies beyond the Eye of Terror.

1) After the death of Horus, the former Sons of Horus retreat to the Eye of Terror and renamed themselves as the Black Legion, to show their disappointment with their former commander


2) Raptors are close combat troops. They are very egotistical and operate in cults. The Night Lords often use them as special troops


3) Khorne’s berserkers were former World Eaters whom became so obsessed with butchery and battle that is all they care now. They despise their former brothers in arms, the Adeptus Astartes, and call them weaklings and cowards because they don’t face their enemies in hand to hand combat


4) Even before the Horus Heresy, the Night Lords were seen by their fellow comrade in arms as wicked and brutal and too fond of violence and torture


5) The Alpha Legion is the most mysterious of the traitor legions. They don`t worship any of the Chaos gods, but they fight against the Imperium. What are their real purpose? Nobody knows


6) The Astral Claws were a loyal Space Marine Chapter but their Chapter Master, Huron, rebelled against the Emperor. Now, they call themselves the Red Corsairs


7) Once, the Word Bearers were fanatical followers of the Imperial Cult. But when the Emperor chastised them for their fanatical views, they chose to serve something more “worthy”


8) The Death Guard pleads their allegiance to Papa Nurgle, the Chaos God of Corruption, Disease and Pestilence


9) Noise Marines are followers of the Dark God Slaanesh. Their senses have been enhanced so they only enjoy pleasure with the most extreme sensations, like sounds so strong that they can use as weapons


10) The Iron Warriors, like the Iron Hands were great artificers. But the Iron Warriors also became as cold and inhuman as the machines they created

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