Necromunda: Underhive Wars Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers, Story, News

Necromunda: Underhive Wars Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers, Story, News
Escher gang members devising a plan to dominate the Goliath's.

Rogue Factor, the development studio working on Necromunda: Underhive Wars, is busy creating the video game version of the tabletop, turn-based RPG, Necromunda.  The game is meant to combine turn-based combat and real-time action. XCOM is a popular example of this style.

The game takes place in a war torn, toxic sub-city environment called the Underhive. Which exists under and within a massive city on the planet Necromunda. All the gameplay exists within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, a cruel dystopian future.

Mordheim: City of the Damned, a game made by the same group, also in the 40,000 universe, has a review rating of “7/10” on Steam. Could this mean future success? The GM of Rogue Factor, Yves Bordeleau, was quoted in an announcement on Jan ’17. He said the success of Mordheim paved the way for their “next step”, Necromunda: Underhive Wars.

With topics in their forum, at Focus Home Interactive, including phrases like “OMG! I have been waiting for this to be a PC game for about 20 years!”, its obvious many fans are eager to start playing on PC and console. Those lucky enough to see the game in person at the E3, shared similar enthusiasm.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars Story

Necromunda is based on a tabletop game originally created by Games Workshop. Mordheim: City of the Damned, also originated as a tabletop game made by them, and exists inside the WarHammer 40,000 universe.  

The Underhive is an ash ridden landscape existing under Hive City, on Necromunda. Hive City “citizens” are broken up into Houses. The rich live at the very top of city, which is shaped like a mountain above the waste. The other Houses live deeper down in the toxic underground cities core.

The Underhive is responsible for mass manufacturing to supply war efforts, throughout the Warhammer 40K. In return they are given “reprocessed food” and supplies to make more tech… for the wars going on.

To survive in the Hive, gangs must fight. Deteriorating gear requires it. Weapons will completely stop working. Sometimes the only way to get a new one, is to take it. Without a rebreather, gang members will be forced to breath metallic flavored air. The environment itself forces the team to fight, get stronger, and level up.  Attacks range from long distance sniping to close range melee. Use them to defend your ground, and to get gear.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars Release Date

Coming in 2019, that is as specific as it gets—that’s coming from the official website of Necromunda:  Underhive Wars.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars Gameplay

Closeup of Goliath's with red armor and faces painted.

Goliath close-up. Face and armor show their detail as gang-members square off.

Community Manager, Astrid Rosemarin, assures new gamers won’t have to “play 70 hours” to get started. This is a common complaint from Mordheim players. A strategic view has been added to make skirmishes progress quickly.

Select a house. Only two houses are presently confirmed, Goliaths and Eschers. Goliaths are a rough gang that prides themselves on physical power. The Eschers, with only female warriors available for play, are boastful and despise the foolish Goliaths. Each house has various attributes.

Confirmed Houses:

  • Goliath: Prefer to be up close and personal. Honor strength above all else.
  • Escher: Rely on speed and well-aimed precision shots.

Select classes. Classes decide what weapons, skills and abilities the members of your gang can access. Keep in mind, the skills of each gang member can be lost. If they die, they don’t come back.

List of classes:

  • Deadeye: Snipers
  • Brawler: Melee, blunt force
  • Heavy: Heavy hitter, powerful weapons
  • Saboteur: Setting traps

Select weapons. Weapons range widely from long to short range and purpose.

Short list of weapons:

  • Laser gun pronounced: “las gun”
  • Shock whip
  • Stiletto knife
  • Chem-thrower

Optional customization. It’s claimed to be very customizable… Astrid Rosemarin says, “as if they were tabletop miniatures”. Great to hear for fans, preferring control over details—right down to the scars on their faces.

Maps. The only firsthand reports of maps come from visitors to E3 along with the recently released screenshots. At E3, the level played on the map was referred to as an abandoned train station. Circulating screenshots appear to be of an abandoned factory. Outlining two of the possible final levels.

Skirmish. Match or battle. Pulled from E3 observations, both players will start the match at the same time instead of turn-based. This was encouraged in feedback from Mordheim and was stated by Yves Bordeleau to be a focus improved on with the Necromunda game.

Once two live players meet, turn-based function starts. Players are given one choice of three action options per turn or phase:

  • Offense
  • Tactical
  • Move

This process continues until you or your opponent loses all action points…or, they “bite it”. Remember, any of this could change.

Vertical movement is something that sets the Necromunda tabletop game apart from other, say many fans. That element was not lost on creators of the video game. There are moveable bridges to be incorporated into attacks, ziplines, and grappling hooks. Looking up will be as important as looking left and right.

Engine. UE4. Producer Guillaume Voghel expressed his excitement in an interview. To summarize,  UE4 is great for big environments. Referring to the vertical aspect of gameplay.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars Trailer


The Escher leader expresses her disdain for the House of Goliath while slowly moving into position to engage. The movements look very fluid and smooth. The textures of the old factory establish the effects of industry and invention, spread out over millenia.

The Goliaths are sporting very bulky, spiked, red armor. They are wielding a large amount of close range weapons. While the Eschers, in yellow gear, are mainly carrying  long-range rifles, in hopes of a precision strike against their Goliath foes.

The terrain is dingy, and industrial. Harsh and unwelcoming. Some of the shots look foggy. The haze is probably a combination of metal shavings and dust, stagnant in the air. Your fully customized characters will stand out against the bleak of the surrounding Underhive.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars Developer

Video game development began in January of 2017. Necromunda has a unique development cycle since it originated as a tabletop game. The tabletop game has been a fixture for GWS since 1995.

The video game is being developed by Rogue Factor, a studio established in 2013. This same team already has Mordheim, and Necromunda is next on their list. They pride themselves on staying true to the original tabletop games that digital games are adapted from.

Tabletop based Game Developer: Games Workshop, founded in 1975, began with backgammon, and D&D imports. Eventually it turned into what it was today from a tiny mail order company. They are the creators of many titles including The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars News

Goliath house squaring off against the Escher House

House of Goliath, displaying their wide array of arsenal in an abandoned factory

The latest news occurred at the E3, with the release of the trailer and screenshots as the evidence. With so many tabletop fans and gamers already playing in the 40,000 universe, the sooner the better. Most people would rather have a finished product, but all look forward to the releases of more gameplay…  and all the houses.

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