[Top 25] Warhammer 40k Best Units

Warhammer 40k Best Units
Squad of terminators swarm the battlefield

The Forty-First Millennium is flooded with talent and units that get the job done. There are a few that stand out, whether you want to play the game or just have a fascination with the lore.

There are countless heroes, warriors, and units in the war-torn 41st millennium. Warriors will always find a place within an army in a unit that’s perfect for them. Maybe you’re looking at which army you want to play, or which units would do well in the army you currently play.

These top 25 Warhammer 40k units are the best.

25) Stealth Battlesuit (support)

These hunks of metal are actually pretty good at getting around without being noticed. Tau use Battlesuits to complete stealth operations

Tau rely on different kinds of Battlesuits to help battle for the “greater good”. Stealth Battlesuits play an important role in the Tau’s war. They can operate independently to carry out stealth missions and give you a good position.

What the Stealth Battlesuit Is Best at

  • Much tougher and cheaper than in previous editions
  • Hard to hit in melee and firefights
  • Can escape a fight with ease

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Support
  • Stealth scenarios

24) Apothecary (support)

Apothecaries are the life blood of the Space Marines. They retrieve the gene-seed of fallen comrades to preserve the technology and power of humankind

An apothecary fights as fiercely as any Space Marine. They have the extraordinary skills to help their fallen brethren through medicine. Units go above and beyond to protect this important commodity.

What Apothecaries are Best at

  • Heals wounds
  • Raises the dead

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Keeping your men alive

23) Nobz (close combat)

Nobz are the obnoxious snobs of the future Ork society. They aren’t anything like the snobs we think of. These rich brats yearn to jump into battle and fight their enemy

Nobz flash their riches and taunt smaller Orks. Their larger size and fierce anger give them an edge on the battlefield. These beasts command units and charge at foes with intense rage and bloodthirst.

What Nobz are Best at

  • Hit on low rolls with immense strength
  • decent armor saves, by Ork standards
  • Power weapons make them fearsome

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Close combat
  • boosting morale

22) Necron Immortals (excellent basic troop)

Immortals. They live up to the name

Necrons ruled the galaxy with an iron fist and an elite unit of Immortals. Terrifying Immortals storm the battlefield with little regard for anything other than eliminating their foe. They don’t feel fear, remorse, or even physical blows.

What Immortals are Best at

  • Cheap
  • Hard to kill
  • Gauss weapon

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Being durable
  • shooting

21) Wolf Guard

Wolfguard leader charges into battle

Wolf Guard slash their way into battle, ready to crack skulls. Equipped with the most elite melee weapons they yearn to get close enough to an enemy to spill their guts. Each warrior is gifted with ancient weapons.

What the Wolf Guard are Best at

  • Wide array of melee weapon options
  • Chain saws are free upgrade
  • Versatile and cost-effective

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • What this unit Wrecks hard in
  • Close combat

20) Tau Fire Warriors (long-range)

The Tau are dignified and well trained

The Tau’s military thrives off the lifeblood that is the Fire Warrior. They train extensively and wield high tech weapons. They fight for their empire, and the “greater good”

What Fire Warriors are Best at

  • Fearsome firepower
  • Excellent support

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Incredible range
  • reliability

19) Meganobz (close combat, meat shields)

Meganobz are the mega-snobs of the ork society. Just like the nobz these guys are obnoxious. The difference is: these guys afford the best armor

Meganobz control most of the wealth within an Ork society. They purchase the most expensive armor to make themselves invulnerable. These Orks want nothing more than to stand longer in a battle and spill as much blood as possible.

What Meganobz are Best at

  • The best of Ork armor
  • Kombi weapon can fire both weapons at the same time
  • Double kill saws adds an attack and makes them effective tank killers

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Close combat
  • Destroying units with minimal armor

18) The Flamers of Tzeentch (close quarters)

These guys are mysterious beings who float across the landscape harmlessly enough. Once they are upon you its over and you will face horrors unthought of

The Pyro daemons are lesser demons of Tzeentch. These daemons use a magical fire. The fire consumes everything in its path causing transmutations. It can turn your flesh to ice, then wood, then ashes, causing great pain and torment.

What the Flamers of Tzeentch Best at

  • Deep strike
  • All two wounds
  • No armor saves against their attack

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Inflicting maximum damage to enemy units nearby
  • Not dying

17) Dark Angels Scout Squad (balanced)

Scouts work independently with confidence and conviction

Scouts sneak behind enemy lines to get intel, take out a target, or even just to get a better position. They put themselves in a dangerous position to give the advancing lines a better chance.

What the Scout Squad is Best at

  • Effective in slowing a fast advancing swarm army
  • Good close combat, and long-range options
  • New option of taking land speeder storm

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Balanced with a lot of options
  • Stealth unit

16) Heldrake (anti-vehicle)

There are few beasts seen on the battle fields but Heldrakes are ones that strike fear in their foes the second they show up

A Heldrake flies above the battlefield, casting a shadow like an eclipse. They were spawned in the deepest bowels of the warp. The Heldrake thrives on diving down on top of aircraft and unsuspecting victims

What the Heldrake is Best at

  • Gets a lot of attacks
  • Hits enemies very easily with devastating effects

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Close combat
  • Killing other flyers

15) Imperial Guard Vendetta (heavy support)

The Imperial Guard must rely on machinery to make up for their lack of augmentation and otherworldly armor. The Vendetta is a useful tool that Guardsmen can use to get the job done

The Vendetta is a heavily armored, vertical take-off and landing aircraft. This beast jets across the battlefield to deliver troops and supplies. Once it has completed its mission it hovers in place to provide support.

What the Vendetta is Best at

  • Transporting troops
  • Heavily armored
  • Flyer

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Taking out tanks and armored vehicles
  • Support for ground units

14) Terminators (walking tanks)

If you designed a tank that you could pilot and walks, congratulations you’re a terminator. These beasts are sent into the most dangerous missions known to man

Terminators lumber through the battlefield, bullets glancing off them, laying down fire and waiting to get their hands on an enemy soldier. They combine centuries of training and experience with the best armor and weapons known to man. Terminators take on the most dangerous and important missions.

What Terminators are Best at

  • Armor saves
  • Providing support
  • Leading an assault

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Near invincible
  • Wielding powerful game-changing weapons

13) Ork Lootas (heavy support)

Lootas love stealing… even from each other

Ork Lootas steal anything from anyone. Other Ork groups don’t like them because of their “sharing” habits. Lootas provide a valuable service for Orks by getting them parts and weapons.

What Ork Lootas are Best at

  • Wielding heavy weapons
  • A unit of Lootas can get off about 45 shots in the right circumstance

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Destroying armored vehicles
  • Destroying ground troops

12) Tau Pathfinders (best for recon and holding objectives)

Pathfinders are a better trained unit of the Tau

Pathfinders dedicate their lives to perfection. They stand out amongst other elite units for their sniper abilities and getting things done. Pathfinders earned reverence and a reputation across the galaxy.

What Pathfinders are Best at

  • Best scout squad in the game
  • Excellent snipers with best armor-piercing stats available
  • Sniper fire and move

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Taking out targets
  • Holding objectives

11) Chaos Space Marines (melee)

Traitors of the Imperium were rewarded with twisted powers from the Warp

Chaos Space Marines betrayed the imperium and sold their souls to the chaos gods. The warp has empowered these elite warriors. They will not stop until they destroy the Emperor and the Imperium.

What Chaos Space marines are best at

  • Flexible and customizable
  • Awesome upgrade options
  • Fearsome assault capabilities

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Close combat

10) Blood Angels Assault Marines (close combat)

Blood angels suffer from the loss of their Primarch

Blood Angels are driven by rage from the death of their Primarch. He was cut down by Horus the Betrayer, and they still feel the pain he did. They itch to get in close to their enemy to watch them bleed

What Blood Angel assault marines are best at

  • Lots of options to customize
  • Jump pack troops

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Close combat
  • Charging across the table to punch a hole in their enemy

9) The Sternguard (long-range combat)

Veterans always make the most elite units. Sternguard are not an exception. These battle-hardened warriors continue to fight for the Imperium with better weapons

Sternguard blast their opponents with heavy ranged weapons. They don’t like getting bogged down in a close quarter fight and bring the guns to avoid it. These fierce veterans inspire fear in their enemies.

What the Sterngaurd is Best at

  • As good as the flamers of Tzeentch but more versatile
  • Combi flamers great for stopping charges
  • Rapid-fire

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Specialized ammo
  • Holding on the frontline

8) Space Wolf Long Fang (heavy support)

Long Fangs are another elite unit of veterans who have been entrusted with the Imperiums best weapons. These guys would rather gun down their enemies than fight them with axes

The Imperium trusts the Long Fangs with their best and most precious equipment. These veterans lay down firepower so fierce units struggle to advance on them. They shoot and blast their way to victory

What the Long Fangs are Best at

  • Can shoot at 2 different targets
  • Solid close combat
  • Great heavy weapon options

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Deep strike and assaults
  • Destroying monstrous creatures and super heavies

7) Canoptek Wraiths (melee)

The Necrons are an ancient race with advances unavailable to the juvinille humans. Canoptek Wraiths can move through solid matter to fix Necron computers and hardware

It seems unfair to add monstrous creatures to this list but this Necron beast deserves some attention. Canopteks protect the operating systems of Tomb worlds. They phase through solid material allowing them to move freely and fix systems.

What Canoptek Wraiths are Best at

  • Great invulnerable save to protect them from the fiercest of weapons
  • Multiple devastating melee attacks

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Enemy melee with powerful armor-piercing weapons
  • Moving through walls and getting to enemies

6) Warp Spider

Warp Spiders use small teleporters to teleport short distances to get the drop on their enemy

Warp Spiders take their name and style from spider-like creatures that live in the circuits of their technology. They use a warp teleporter to travel short distances. Warp Spiders like to get behind enemy lines and devastate their opponents.

What the Warp Spiders are Best at

  • Effectively faster than Jetbikes
  • They get two strong shots with armor-piercing abilities
  • Flicker jump makes it harder for enemies to hit them

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Drowning the enemy in save rolls
  • Mobility

5) Blood Angel Death Company (close combat)

The Death Company has no qualms with Death and charge happily into it

The Death Company still suffers from the loss of their Primarch. They deck themselves out in black and preform suicide missions. Death Company fights fiercely to avenge the loss of their Primarch

What the Death Company is Best at

  • Reasonably priced unit
  • Excellent close combat

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Getting the most melee swings in
  • Durability

4) Dire Avengers (balanced unit)

Dire Avengers are an elite unit that master every type of surviving and warfare

Dire Avengers dedicate their lives to mastering every skill needed to survive. Eldar turn to them when they need experts to handle a complicated task. This unit tears through its foes with no mercy.

What the Dire Avengers are Best at

  • Increased range
  • Stopping charges
  • Perfect for harassing a slower melee unit

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Providing support
  • Being the assault team

3) Leman Russ Squadron (heavy support)

Leman Russ tanks are the duct tape of Imperium armory. Leman Russ tanks are used for everything… even as ammunition. They make a great item to drop on a squad of foes

The Imperium designed the Leman Russ to handle any scenario. This versatile unit deploys anywhere that needs armor and firepower. The tank was named after the space wolves Primarch.

What the Leman Russ squadrons are Best at

  • Powerful attacks with devastating armor-piercing qualities
  • Characters don’t get saves from these
  • Large blasts

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Versatility
  • Firepower

2) Chosen (elite, elites)

Chosen are in the royal ranks of the Chaos army

The Chosen have the responsibility of taking on the most dangerous tasks. Chaos legions hold them in high esteem due to their long veteran status. They wield the best and most fearsome weapons

What the Chosen are Best at

  • Flamers that do a lot of damage
  • Best armor in the game
  • Can take an additional melee weapon without losing bolter

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Close combat
  • Invincibility

1) Grey Knight Paladin squad (melee)

Paladins are THE elite. Unparalleled in faith, conviction, and fighting skills. Paladins have no rivals

The Paladin is the boldest, most elite warrior among the grey knights. To raise to the rank of Paladin a Grey Knight must endure the most harrowing quests. They hold the reputation for being the purest of mind and the strongest of fighters. They are incorruptible.

What Paladins are Best at

  • They are flush with wounds, attacks, and heavy weapons
  • Devastating powers to cripple your enemy
  • Leader hits on low rolls in melee

What this unit wrecks hard in

  • Close combat
  • Surviving

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