[Top 5] Warhammer 40k Best Artillery That Are Powerful

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Big guns never tire!

Can't get those units off that backline objective? In 9th Edition Warhammer 40k, sometimes glorious bombardment could be the answer to most of your foe's units. Explore some of the best artillery in 9th Edition Warhammer 40k in this list.

5. Exorcist

Sisters of Battle Exorcist razing heretics

Starting off this list is the Exorcist, the big guns of the nuns with guns which is frankly an organ. Level your enemies with the Exorcist missile launcher for tanks or the Exorcist conflagration rockets for infantry. The Exorcist has decent enough weaponry for its points cost, with its conflagration rockets even ignoring the save modifier for being in cover when attacking infantry. The Exorcist can even perform Acts of Faith, a rule that gives the Exorcist auto-hits or more hits with its weapons. On top of that, when some of your guns hit, you could increase their damage output with high rolls of Miracle Dice. However, it's important to note that if you want to target enemy units that are not within your Exorcist's line of sight you would have to spend a costly 2 CP as per the devastating Refrain Strategem.

Exorcist Strengths

  • Has Shield of Faith rule, giving it a 6++ Invulnerable Save and ability to Deny the Witch on a 6+ roll
  • Has access to Holy Smokescreen Strategem, which modifies enemy hit rolls by -1

What the Exorcist Excels In…

  • Anti-Infantry. The Exorcist conflagration rockets can score a lot of hits while having Blast.

Details: https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Exorcist


4. Plagueburst Crawler

Plagueburst Crawler with a squad of Plague Marines

Next on this list is one of Nurgle’s favorite toys, the Plagueburst Crawler. These were highly disgusting to play with in 8th Edition and early 9th edition due to their high toughness, thanks to Nurgle buffs. They got a nerf on the April Balance Dataslate with changes to indirect fire and an indirect nerf when they added Armour of Contempt. 

The Crawler is exceptional and could still be seen in one or two competitive Death Guard lists. You could still take Entropy Cannons instead of Plaguespitters and use them more as anti-tank units. Make Papa Nurgle proud by bombarding sick and vile diseases upon his foes with the Plagueburst Crawler.

Plagueburst Crawler Strengths

  • Daemonic, giving it a 5++ Invulnerable Save
  • Has access to Disgusting Force Strategem, which increases Damage and could inflict Mortal Wounds

What the Plagueburst Crawler Excels In…

  • Staying Alive. This tank is very sturdy due to rules such as Disgustingly Resilient and Armour of Contempt.

Details: https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Plagueburst_Crawler

3. Basilisk

A battery of basilisks raining hellfire upon the Guard’s foes

Third on our list is the earth-shattering vehicle of the mighty Astra Militarum, the Basilisk. Sporting a 240” range Earthshaker cannon, not a single vehicle or model is safe from its bombardment. Requiring no line of sight, the Basilisk, with its overkill of a range for its weapon, needs only to be out of the enemy’s line of sight to be safe as all Astra Militarum vehicles ignore the rules of Indirect Fire. For just 125 points, the Basilisk is worth it; adding one or two to your Guard list will give you proper firepower support.

Basilisk Strengths

  • Ignores Indirect Fire rule as it is an Astra Militarum vehicle
  • 3 Basilisks can take up only one Heavy Support slot due to the Vehicle Squadron rule
  • Cost-effective unit for what  it can do

What the Basilisk Excels In...

  • Countering Light Vehicles. The Basilisk’s Earthshaker cannon could load overwhelming firepower on Light vehicles with its Strength 9 AP -3 Damage D3 shots. 

Details: https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Basilisk

2. Night Spinner

Eldar Nightspinner geared with Doomweavers

Exceptional for blasting Marine-like units sheltering on backline objectives, the Eldar’s Night Spinner is an auto-take in most competitive lists. The Night Spinner’s Doomweaver has the indirect fire rule and having no line of sight while firing will give it a -1 to hit modifier. However, the Night Spinner has access to various Wargear options, including the Crystal Targeting Matrix, which ignores all modifiers to hit rolls, including the one given by the Indirect Fire rule. If you don’t find it worth investing in said upgrades, you can still give it a role of holding mid and backline objectives, discharging off enemy units who dare contest them. The Night Spinner can hold its own against shooting thanks to Eldar strategems, notably Lightning Fast Reactions and Fire and Fade. 

Night Spinner Strengths

  • Has access to a lot of Wargear options that could be used for either survivability, mobility, or shooting efficiency
  • Has access to Eldar strategems that could make it last longer
  • Cost-efficient for what it does

What the Night Spinner Excels In…

  • Anti-Elite Infantry. The Night Spinner’s Doomweaver is great against units with Marine-like Stats with its Strength 7 AP -2 Damage 2 Guns. Each shot could kill a single marine model.

Details: https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Night_Spinner

1. Manticore

An Astra Militarum Manticore decked with four Storm Eagle Rockets

Finishing off our list would be the Astra Militarum’s Manticore. The epitome of Imperial firepower, the Manticore is quite possibly the best artillery unit the Imperial Guard has. Unlike most vehicles, the Manticore has a limit of four Storm eagle rockets which could be shot once. Four ammo is definitely enough as they will be dead by the time they run out, or their foes are desecrated, and the game is decided. 

Just like the Basilisk, the Manticore ignores the negative benefits of the Indirect Fire rule. With a range of 120” on its main gun and no direct line of sight necessary for shooting, safely put your Manticore on your board edge, preferably behind a line of sight blocking terrain, and you’re settled. Cozy and safe, the Manticore can shell massive amounts of damage with a free emergency smoke screen to boot when it feels threatened by shooting. 

Manticore Strengths

  • Ignores Indirect Fire rule as it is an Astra Militarum vehicle
  • Has access to LOAD-FIRE-RELOAD strategem
  • Cost-effective unit for what  it can do

What Manticore Excels In…

  • Anti-Elite Infantry. The Storm eagle rockets are perfect against units with Space Marine-like stats with its D3 Damage and -2 AP Blast weaponry. 

Details: https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Manticore


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