[Top 10] Best Warhammer Fantasy RPG Books

Best Warhammer Fantasy RPG Books
Jump into the dark world of Warhammer

If you have never known where to start in terms of Warhammer lore, worry no. Jump into the dark and grim of Warhammer fantasy with these carefully selected books that bring the best in this universe to light.

10. Knights of Bretonnia

Knights of Bretonnia

What is this book about?

Dive right into the epic adventures of young bretonnian noble – Calard. Accompany him on his path to knighthood. Survive countless battles with terrifying enemies such as primitive greenskins, warriors of Chaos, flying wyverns and monstrous vampires. All this to achieve the holiest title – the title of the Grail Knight.

Our opinion

Knights of Bretonnia is great for everybody new to the world of Warhammer. Typical fantasy elements such as goblins and vampires make it easier to jump into and later get to know the nuances of this world. Action is fast and the plot is interesting. I could not put it down because of 2 great themes – adventure and growing up.

Why Knights of Bretonnia is Great:

  • immerse yourself in the magical land of Bretonnia,
  • beautiful descriptions of chivalrous life,
  • all 4 novels in one book,
  • a great introduction to the fantasy world of Warhammer.

9. Drachenfels


What is this book about?

Many years on the border of the Empire, powerful necromancer and enchanter Drachenfels was defeated. After his death, his castle became an empty shell of what it used to be. Now, artist Detlef Sierck is looking for an opportunity for a play – at the site of the necromancer's death. But the dead do not rest easy…

Our opinion

Despite almost being almost 40 years old the book is still great to read. Rich, interesting characters, classic fantasy elements, comedy and dark mystery – what's not to love. Oh, and it has vampires, a perfect novel.

Why Drachenfels is Great:

  • one of the few horror novels written in the Warhammer universe,
  • jump into a gothic horror straight from the 80s,
  • great for people new to the world of Warhammer,
  • nicely crafted vampire motives.

8. The Daemon's Curse (Malus Darkblade Book 1) 

Malus Darkblade Book 1

What is this book about?

In the west, in the mysterious land of Naggaroth, an ambitious dark elf warrior – Malus Darkblade – learns the location of a powerful relic and decides he wants it for himself. Malus leads an expedition into the dangerous Chaos Wastes in search of it but finds a powerful daemon that possesses him. Torn between himself and the daemon he must battle to save his soul.

Our opinion

Saga about Malus Darkblade belongs to one of the most well-known series in the Warhammer world. Epic adventure and well-crafted plot make it hard to stop binge-reading. Series about the most ambitious, treacherous and downright sneaky dark elf is a must-read.

Why The Daemon's Curse is Great:

  • experience the beginning of the epic saga,
  • meet one of the most famous Warhammer lords,
  • finally get to know dark elves,
  • an engaging story about a fight against ungodly power.

7. Skarsnik


What is this book about?

The name of the goblin chieftain Skarsnik is known and feared throughout the Old World. When a greenskin horde stands at the borders of the Empire, the greatest generals of the Empire seek help from a most unlikely source – the disgraced, mad poet Jeremiah Bickenstadt. He spent a great amount of time with the feared Warlord and can try to explain what drives and motivates Skarsnik.

Our opinion

Skarsnik is famous for two things. Firstly it is the only book about greenskins, which makes it an instant buy for anybody interested in this race. Secondly, it is famous for its outstanding treatment of a villain. The title character is vile, through and through. Throughout the story, we are reminded that he is our enemy. Still, you can't help but root for the little guy.

Why Skarsnik is Great:

  • great attention to details,
  • get to know more about the infamous greenskins,
  • story from zero to hero,
  • excellent humour.

6. Skavenslayer (A Gotrek & Felix novel)


What is this book about?

Gotrek and Felix are desperate for money. They find a job as sewerjacks in the city of  Nuln – the most important forge of the Empire. Little do they know that the villainous chaos rats – Skaven – lurk in the darkness, planning to tear down the mighty city.

Our opinion

Gotrek and Felix is the most known Warhammer series famous for it's legendary duo. Packed with thrilling action and devious rat-schemes. If you're into high fantasy and spilling guts, this series will sate your bloodlust.

Why Skavenslayer is Great:

  • get to know a mighty duo of Gotrek and Felix,
  • introduces the threat of Skavens and sinister Grey Seer Thanquol,
  • excellent presentation of Skaven lore,
  • full of action and adventure.

5. Witch Hunter: The Mathias Thulmann Trilogy

Witch Hunter: Mathias Thulmann

What is this book about?

In the Old World, witch hunters are feared above all others. Merciless men set on a quest to hunt out evil throughout towns and villages. They believe that the ends justify the means and won't stop from anything to destroy heretics and servants of Chaos. One of them is Mathias Thulmann whose name is feared across the Empire.

Our opinion

The novel has many strengths. The story flows very smoothly and has a decent plot but it's greatest strength is in the character details. Witch Hunter reflects well on the different perspectives and views of the main antagonists and protagonists. Motives are explained well and allow the reader to get into the minds of the characters.

Why Witch Hunter is Great:

  • meet witch hunters, ruthless zealots,
  • experience fight with Chaos throughout the Empire,
  • exciting dark action fantasy,
  • full trilogy in one book.

4. Tyrion & Teclis

Tyrion & Teclis

What is this book about?

Tyrion and Teclis are among the most legendary high elves to roam the Warhammer world. Destined for greatness from birth, the twin brothers are as different as darkness and light. While Tyrion is a calculating tactician and unrivalled swordsman Teclis is the most powerful natural sorcerer of the age. Accompany them in their greatest adventures, from jungles of Lustria to saving their homeland from the Witch King

Our opinion

This book is an excellent example how to write an interesting story full of memorable moments. From Tyrion and Teclis fighting side by side with a greater daemon to battling the Witch King himself. You for sure will love the Super Ulthuan Bros. One is Aenarion Reborn who would become one of the greatest Asur warriors and commanders while the other becomes perhaps one of the greatest mages in the whole world.

Why Tyrion & Teclis is Great:

  • explore lore and nature of high elves,
  • accompany legendary twins in their quest to save their homeland from dark elves,
  • see the growth of the most powerful brothers in Warhammer,
  • an engaging story will make it hard to stop reading.

3. Daemonslayer (A Gotrek & Felix novel)


What is this book about?

After battling the servants of the rat-god in Nuln, Gotrek and Felix are now ready to join an expedition heading north in search of the long-lost dwarf hall of Karag Dum. They travel to the hideous Realms of Chaos in an experimental dwarf airship. Gotrek and Felix are sworn to succeed or die in the attempt. But on their way, a daemonic power is awoken to fulfil its ancient, deadly promise.

Our opinion

Full of chaos warriors and beastmen, this book offers the usual dose of dangerous situations for our heroes. Felix has another romance and Gotrek comes closer than ever to finally achieving his doom. While most of the story focuses on Felix and his adventure to become a hero himself, Gotrek plays an important role as the focus of ancient prophesies that he knows nothing about. The climax of this one is pretty intense, with some of the heaviest battles to be found in the series.

Why Daemonslayer  is Great:

  • get to know the next adventure of famous heroes,
  • witness an end of a daemon lord,
  • sets you up for the whole series of books,
  • arguably the best in the whole series.

2. The Rise of Nagash

The Rise of Nagash

What is this book about?

Legendary Nagash was the first human ever to discover necromancy. He took dark secrets from elves and gods and used them for his evil plans to become the supreme lord of the undead. When the priest-kings of Nehekhara stood united against him, he broke their armies and destroyed their cities. He raised the largest army of the dead the world has ever known and became an immortal dark god.

Our opinion

The best Warhammer book where the villain is the protagonist. Shows wonderfully his lack of human emotions, but you can't stop rooting for him. The author really keeps your attention while he narrates these wide-scale battles where it's more about the generals' state of mind, decisions, and tactics rather than just a meat-grinding slog for the sake of bloodshed.

Why The Rise of Nagash is Great:

  • meet one of the mortals that has become equal to the gods,
  • explore the culture of ancient Nehekara,
  • three novels full of horrors of war and gruesome battles,
  • find about the creation of vampires and many more.

1. Brunner the Bounty Hunter

Brunner the Bounty Hunter

What is this book about?

On the outskirt of the Empire, the deadly bounty hunter Brunner is tracking down his next target. Numerous goblins, bandits and vampires have fallen from his blade. But problems start to occur when a rival hunter tries to claim his bounty.

Our opinion

The best Warhammer series to date. Set of 13 short stories allow us to experience various contracts and meet a variety of fleshed-out characters. The excellent writing style takes you right on the muddy roads of the Old World, making it easy to forget about anything else.

Why Brunner the Bounty Hunter is Great:

  • realistic anti-hero protagonist,
  • experience grim, muddy world of Warhammer,
  • the thrilling trilogy that you can't put down,
  • wonderful writing style and interesting story make it an unforgettable experience.

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