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D&D Best Sorcerer Builds
Channeling magic through their innate power, the Sorcerer stands... Read More
D&D Best Ranger Builds
Tracking wild beasts through the feral wilderness, the Ranger hides... Read More
D&D Best Archer Builds
Whether they’re stealthily firing arrows from the shadows or loosing... Read More
D&D Best Warlock Items, Armor, and Weapons
The warlock, my personal favorite class in the world of Dungeons and... Read More
D&D Best Barbarian Items, Armor and Weapons
Barbarian, the word itself conjures to mind an immense presence on a... Read More
Top 15 D&D Horror Campaign Ideas for DMs
Every now and again even the best Dungeon Masters need a bit of... Read More
Dungeons and Dragons Creatures for a Horror Campaign
If you are planning to run a campaign designed to absolutely creep... Read More
D&D Best Rogue Builds
Dungeons & Dragons allows gamers to live out their wildest... Read More
Best Warlock Spells For Every Level
If you’ve ever wanted to get magical powers without the hassle of... Read More
D&D Uncommon Magic Items
1. Bag of Holding The ultimate portable storage solution, the Bag... Read More
1. DM Screen Price: $15-600 Read More
1. Critical Role Critical Role... Read More
This guide is like your sorcerer's personal treasure map in the world... Read More
Explodie magic bois
Selecting the optimal spells for your Sorcerer can prove challenging... Read More
What Are The Best D&D Editions to Play
Building a successful campaign for an epic set of heroes is what... Read More
Best D&D Multiclasses that are Fun to Play
Classes are a key part of Dungeons and Dragons. But sometimes just... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Blanchwood Prowler by Justine Cruz
On your quests, you’ll face dangerous and powerful monsters. The more... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Staff of the Wild Magus by Daniel Ljunggren
As you journey across the land, defeating monsters and saving the... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Xenagos, God of Revels by Jason Chan
Scenarios and the overarching plot are the backbones of a cohesive... Read More
Magic the Gathering: Timely Interference by Joshua Raphael
D&D is built around combat. Whether you’re fighting armies of... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Invasion of Tarkir by Darren Tan
Your journey awaits! You’ve done it–you have a group of friends... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Urza, Planeswalker by Ryan Pancoast
The worlds of Dungeons and Dragons are full of heroes, villains,... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Light ‘Em Up by Tony Foti
So many classes, so little time! Multiclassing allows you to combine... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Keeper of the Cadence by Alex Branwyn
With fourteen total classes (twelve of them found in the general... Read More
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