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Many shy away from the idea of playing the mid-lane as they fear... Read More
You may tick all the boxes necessary for a team fight, but without... Read More
Dota 2 Best Jungle Heroes
The mystical and enormous jungle on the Dota map holds many secrets.... Read More
Dota 2 Best Ranged Hero
Ranged heroes are known to have the edge over melee heroes as they... Read More
Dota 2 Best Beginner Heroes
Beginners are often overwhelmed due to the expansive world of Dota,... Read More
How To Turn Off New Player Mode
New player mode was introduced in the mid 2021 and is as the name... Read More
How To Toggle Autocast
Autocast abilities are special active abilities that can be toggled... Read More
How To Tip A Player
Tipping nowadays is considered a toxic culture in dota 2... Read More
How To Teleport To Base
Town Portal Scrolls are arguably the most important... Read More
How To Predict Win
Predicting your win before the game has even started is a power move... Read More
How To Lock Camera
Camera is the most important aspect of the game. If you can't focus... Read More
How To Level Up Fast
The leveling process in Dota 2 can be a bit intimidating, especially... Read More
How To Level Up Autograph
Talent Autographs are Purchasable in-game cards, in the same way as... Read More
How To Infuse Items
Cosmetic items in dota 2 can be infused with certain... Read More
How To Increase Rank
Dota 2 has this amazing and unique method of ranking... Read More
How To Increase Mouse Sensitivity
As Dota 2 is mostly played with a mouse, your mouse... Read More
How To Increase Conduct Summary
Conduct summary is an indication of a player’s habits and his... Read More
How To Improve Behavior Score
Behavior score is connected to your conduct summary, it... Read More
How To Equip Teleport Effect
There are numerous effects in dota 2 such as fountain effect, bottle... Read More
 How to Equip Seasonal Terrain
In Dota 2, terrain items modify the graphical landscape of the map,... Read More
How to enable console
Console is a window displayed in the game after it is... Read More
How to earn shards
Shards not to be confused with the aghanim's shard are Dota Plus... Read More
How to demo hero
Whether you are a new player or a veteran, this option... Read More
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