10 Things Women Like About Gamer Guys

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For any type of guy, there are perks and downfalls, especially when it comes to their relationships with women. People see gamers as lazy, jobless, messy individuals who live with their parents and have no social life. This is simply not entirely true. Though not all gamer guys are the same, there are a few traits that seem fairly consistent amongst them all. Traits that we, as women, fall in love with, and that keep us with a few close friends, and often that special someone.

1) They are Full of Adventure

Tidus and Yuna are one of the most beloved couple in video game history.

This one is a given. Gamers love adventure! You can be sure when dating a gamer that your relationship will be full of it. They aren’t afraid to do something different if it pleases you. But really, they enjoy it all too. They would love to live out some of their video game escapades in real life, and there’s nothing that could make it better than doing it when the woman they love! Think go-karts, paintball, and long drives! If you’re not for going out, then they’d actually prefer some adventures at home too. Netflix and take-out! Or perhaps a backyard laser tag battle.

2) They are Creative

The game of Minecraft is full of creativity.

Women like creativity. Creativity is romantic, and keeps things interesting. Women who don’t game can’t think like a gamer, so it’s exciting to hear the things they say or the ideas they come up with. Some of the most romantic phrases ever said were on video games, or at least nerdy movies that they all watch. Besides, date ideas are nothing compared to building entire kingdoms from scratch!

3) They are Low-Maintenance

All anyone needs is food, right?

Gamers are one of the easiest people to buy gifts for, and to please in general. A bag of their favorite chips and soda while they are playing is all it takes to make their day. Want to make their life? Cosplay with them! Women love how easy it is to be with a gamer. Just exist and love them. Want to make their life? Take an interest in their game and participate when they want you to. Easy. Done.

For hardcore gamers, all it really takes is food, a kiss, an “I love you” and you can be on your way. But if it’s attention you want, then let them know and they will devote themselves to it.

4) They Treat Dating Like a Mission

“Why yes, I can reach the top of the fridge.”

Gamers treat everything like a quest, and dating is no exception. “Paid genuine compliment.” achievement unlocked! You have gained friendship points, only three more quests to next checkpoint. “Bought flowers and chocolate!” achievement unlocked!  “Made dinner…or bought a pizza…” achievement unlocked. “Said I love you.” achievement unlocked. Checkpoint reached. You have now reached boyfriend status. Note that ceasing all quests will result in your dismissal and decline in relationship status. In this case you the difficulty of following quests will increase significantly. Otherwise you must find a new target and start over.

5) They are Good With Their Hands

It takes a lot of skill to achieve such accuracy.

Okay, so yeah, gamers have amazing eye-hand coordination. They’ve spent their whole life with a controller in their hands, using professional precision. They may not know it, but this has given them adeptness for home repairs, carpentry and special little details. Such as putting a tiny necklace on you, or swiping an eyelash from your eyelid. Not to mention, they just might give the best massages. Women will take advantage of this advantage of this, and men don’t care.

6) They are Patient

Waiting, waiting, waiting…part of a gamer’s life.

Gaming takes tons of patience! Anyone can tell you that. Farming and grinding to level up, waiting on loading screens, failing time and time again to finish a puzzle in time or continuously dying to the same enemy. This means that they have the ability to listen to you for as long as you like, and deal with women’s moods, changes, arguments, and whatever else. If you take an hour to get ready, hey, that’s an hour to play, or stare at the wall and think about playing.

7) They are Not Clingy

Haru is a little clingy, but gamer guys aren’t.   

Most women like a little bit of freedom. With gamers, you can be sure that they are more than happy when you want a night out with the girls. They will even pretend to miss you as they finally get a chance to finish the video game they bought last winter. They also don’t get jealous easily. Maybe because they don’t notice other guys or maybe they just don’t care. Or maybe they understand friendship and their loyalty keeps them secure. After all, they would never have a reason to cheat on you…

8) They are Fun

Nothing more thrilling than ziplining, no strings attached.

The main purpose of video games is to have fun. So you can be sure that gamers know how to have a good time. So maybe you will have to initiate anything that isn’t sitting at home. But any woman who has experience with gamers knows that they are some of the most enjoyable people to go out with. But staying at home is their forte. They can make sitting around doing nothing your new favorite thing to do.

Not only are they fun, but most gamers have the best sense of humor. It’s possible you will sit around with a smile on your face. Video games seem to grant a rather odd, unexpected, and clever sense of humor that we just can’t shake.

9) They are Tech-Savvy

Can I hack a computer? Pft…”

Obviously, gamers sometimes have problems with their consoles, computers, or other devices. Rather than take it to a shop, they make it their mission to fix it themselves. With all that practice, a woman’s phone is an easy fix for a gamer. This can save you thousands on repairs and new devices. A tech-savvy guy is quite an asset. Use it, and appreciate it!

10) They are Loyal

Snow is one of the most loyal boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands.

Don’t quote me on this, but the reason gamers are so loyal may be the fact that they won’t leave the house. But, hey, it’s something. When they do go out, they aren’t looking for women. Conventions don’t always have the best options, and when they do they are unavailable or not looking. To be real though, gamers are often the sweetest and naturally loyal guys out there, in their hearts and mind. Rest assured their crushes are innocent and completely fictional.

Bottom line is, women who have close relationships with gamers, love it. There are shortcomings too, such as making gaming a priority and never wanting to go out. But as I said, there are many things we love about them too. We love how sweet and thoughtful they can be. How they hardly care about anything. You never have to fret, as long as you don’t interpret or mess with their game. Then, it’s pretty much over…

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