2D Arcade Game Samurai Riot to be Released on Steam in September

2D arcade beat'em style game Samurai Riot features a co-op mode

Teamwork at the arcade

French indie producer Wako Factory will launch its first game, Samurai Riot, on Steam this September. The 2D arcade beat’em up style game will allow players to cooperate and follow multiple storylines as they bring peace to a warring land. Along the way, tough moral decisions will be made, friendships forged or broken and fighting techniques enhanced through entry into various schools.

The action indie adventure features intuitive controls suitable for any controller or arcade stick, though Steam advises using an XBox 360 controller. Players will be able to choose between two ancient warriors, Sukane or Tsurumaru. When playing in co-op mode, there are opportunities for special moves, though the game can be played solo as well. The co-op mode, however, is what makes this game different from others in its genre.

Samurai Riot features a co-op mode that rewards good teamwork embed a gameplay video instead. 

Together, players can coordinate their attacks, filling up the co-op gauge to unleash the Co-op Special Attack, the deadliest attack in the game. Victories won’t come easy though, as the players will face increasingly more vicious opponents. For speedrun fanatics, the game also features a time ranking system and chrono stop in dialogue scenes.

Those with a little more patience can enjoy the fighting schools that gameplay helps you unlock. These schools help characters develop special abilities and exclusive color patterns. The Frog School, for example, gives you extra jump while the Phoenix School gives you extra life at the beginning of every level. The game’s music and SFX are sure to be bonuses to everyone, no matter how you play the game. Multi-branching will allows fans to learn the whole story through later games. 

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