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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The Best Army Games

There are quite a few games that put you into the role of the soldiers, fighting against armies as you battle. From the fantasy worlds of Warhammer to the more gritty and real Battlefield or Call of Duty, there are quite a few variations to this type of game. Here are some of the best army games you can play.

13) Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III (2017) [Upcoming]

Dawn of War III trailer

Nearly a decade after Dawn of War 2, a new entry to the franchise has been announced. Dawn of War 3 will feature a campaign that takes place between the Space Marines, the Orks, and the Eldars after a powerful weapon is found on the planet of Acheron.

The story would have you follow each of these races as they seek out this weapon to destroy the other two races. The gameplay is the biggest mystery when it comes to the game. The first game focused on large scale combat, commanding armies at a time in massive battles. The second game featured a more focused look at the combat, introducing hero units to the fray.

The closest gleamed from interviews is that this game will feature combat similar to the first game, but with more powerful units reminiscent of the second. These new units are known as elites and are meant to be one-man armies when up against the ordinary troops. In short, it seems the gameplay is being hammered out to include the best of both previous installments, though it is still too far off to tell for certain.

The game is slated for a 2017 release and, thus, cannot make it any higher on the list for that reason.

One of the machines of war, mowing down its enemies

12) Battlefield 1 (2016) [Upcoming]

Battlefield 1 trailer

The latest installment in the Battlefield franchise, you will travel back to World War I in the classic FPS styled gameplay with fully destructible environments. The game will take you through a variety of locations, such as Arabia and the Italian Alps.

The campaign will offer more choice than the previous installments, allowing for a larger storyline from various different perspectives. An assortment of vehicles from WW1 will be available, enabling you to participate in aerial dogfights as well as the typical trench warfare or naval engagements. The destructibility will become a big part of the game, allowing a Royal Navy warship to level the entirety of the map if it so chose. The multiplayer will offer a massive amount of battling as well, supporting 64 players altogether.

This has, however, not been released yet, resulting in its lower spot on the list. Despite that, there are high hopes for this one.

Traversing the chaotic battlefields of WWI

11) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (2016) [Upcoming]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered trailer

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been renowned for being one of the best in the franchise. With the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, it was also announced that this would receive a remake as well. It was met with much anticipation, bringing one of the best in the series to modern graphics. This will allow the player to return to the story, following a band of soldiers across several countries as they chase down the Russian terrorist, Makarov.

The biggest draw, though, is a return to the old-fashioned World War setting, one that many fans have missed more and more with each new game.

This one is sure to be a hit. Unfortunately, the release has not happened yet, so I cannot put it any higher on the list.

A Juggernaut facing the combined firepower of two soldiers

10) Insurgency (2014)

Insurgency trailer

This one does not have a campaign to speak of, but there is a multiplayer community for the game. There are several maps for multiplayer or cooperative matches can be played. With up to 32 players in a game, the mechanics focus on a more realistic feel to the weapons, doing away with cross-hairs and offering a free-aim system. Along with that, each group in the multiplayer matches are based around squad combat. You can choose your role in the squad and it helps to support the rest of your team as you battle against your opponents or just the AI.

Closing in on the objective

9) Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (2014)

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 trailer

This entry lacks a campaign mode, but it is still a valid addition to the list. What it lacks in a proper storyline, Assault Squad 2 can make up in varied play styles and combat situations. You can play as a sniper, picking off the enemies from afar, or a marine, right on the front lines. You can even play as a tank pilot, blasting your way across the battlefield.

The most interesting aspect of the gameplay is the fact that, despite controlling an entire squad, you can take individualized control of every unit. This allows for better strategies to be implemented, letting one unit, or a smaller group of units, break off from the main force. It offers a lot of variability to the strategies you can employ.

Crossing the ruined battlefield against enemy fire

8) Company of Heroes 2 (2013)

Company of Heroes 2 trailer

During the German invasion of the Soviet Union, a grueling conflict arose every step of the way. The game centers around that, offering a campaign where you defend the Motherland from the Nazi invaders. You take on the role of a Soviet commander, trying to stop the Nazi advance and then push them out of your country altogether.

If you aren't into that though, there is a multiplayer mode. You have the choice of playing as the Red Army, defending the Soviet Union from attack, or the Wehrmacht Ostheer, the German forces that were assigned with the invasion of Russia. With the expansion, more factions are included in this, such as the United States military and the British army.

The amount of strategy that goes into these matches is fantastic as players march in one of the most violent conflicts in history.

Bravely storming the battlefield towards enemy lines

7) ARMA 3 (2013)

ARMA 3 trailer

This installment has a vast world to explore, opening you up to playing on the Mediterranean islands Altis and Stratis. These islands allows you to traverse a variety of terrain, from expansive cities to dense forests and rolling hills. The single-player campaign allows you to fill the boots of Ben Kerry through three chapters: Survive, Adapt, Win.

Controlling Kerry, you must complete the objectives for each chapters, starting with simply surviving the war at hand before finally moving on to victory. The multiplayer community is also active, allowing players to pit their skills against each other in Defend and Seize scenarios. The most interesting aspect, though, is the community building that this game includes. Through a scenario editor, you can create your own unofficial game modes to offer a fun new twist to the usual gameplay.

Preparing for a dog fight with your wingman

6) Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (2011)

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad trailer

Red Orchestra 2 focuses on a single battle during World War II - The Battle of Stalingrad. It was one of the fiercest battles to take place as the Russians defended desperately to keep Stalingrad out of the Nazis' hands. This game focuses on the events surrounding this single battle as the two forces clash in the final stand of the Russians, allowing you to play as either the Soviets or the Nazis.

As far as gameplay goes, you are able to make strategic decisions in these battles, but the majority of combat is spent in the first person. The most interesting aspect comes from its online play. Players who stand out among their peers during these battles can become Heroes. The Hero progression allows for rarer weapons to be found as well as in-game side effects, such as inspiring the nearby troops during a match.

Lining up the perfect shot

5) Panzer Corps (2011)

Panzer Corps trailer

This one puts you in the role of a German commander in charge of the Axis armies. These armies can be upgraded over time to earn better weaponry as you participate in 26 campaigns. There are over 800 units to choose from, offering quite a bit of selection when it comes to choosing who to upgrade and which units will make up the core of your forces.

There is also a multiplayer in which you can battle against other players in cross-platform matches of historical battles or balanced scenarios.

The forces charge forward into enemy territory

4) Napoleon: Total War (2010)

Napoleon: Total War trailer

Fans of the franchise will know what to expect, but this one puts you in the role of the French conqueror, Napoleon during his age of conquest or one of his major rivals, working actively to stop Napoleon. The campaign follows three separate sections: Italy, Egypt, and Mastery of Europe. These will take you through the rise to power of Napoleon, starting with his early commands and reaching out to the conqueror we know from the history books.

The gameplay takes the role of similar entries from the Total War games. You can hire your army and send them marching across Europe to claim them as your own or take to diplomacy and attempt to pull ahead of your rivals in that manner.

Two forces clash against each other

3) Hearts of Iron IV (2016)

Heart of Iron IV trailer

In Hearts of Iron IV, you take charge of the armies during World War II by taking the role of one of the great leaders, from Winston Churchill to Joseph Stalin. You lead your armies against the opposing forces, whether they be Allies or Axis. The gameplay follows a Risk-like style, sending your armies across to neighboring territories to attack. Despite the focus on armies, though, that isn't the only way to get your way with the other countries. You can utilize many different forms of strategy, from diplomacy to espionage.

One of the most interesting aspects in the game, though, is that there are a number of factors that will affect your armies outside of the opposing forces. For instance, weather plays a large role, as it had during the actual war. Armies have more trouble moving through a snow storm than they would through a clear spring day. It adds a new dimension to the strategy you must undertake to achieve your goals.

Preparing the lines against the enemy forces

2) Medieval II: Total War (2006)

Medieval II: Total War trailer

Another Total War title makes the slot. Medieval II spans across the entirety of Europe and parts of the Middle East and Africa. This takes you through battles between monarchies, such as Britain and France, all the way to the possibilities of crusades, invading the heathen lands for your religion. This is a representation of warfare during the medieval times rather than only having a few separated campaign modes.

Two armies crashing into each other

1) Europa Universalis IV (2013)

Europa Universalis IV trailer

The first on the list allows you to take command of your nation with unparalleled amounts of freedom. You can rule your nation through ages of conquest and diplomacy, turning it into a powerful nation. This allows you to fully alter history as you can choose from countless nations and build it into the superpower of the world. Prominent figures will appear throughout the game, having an effect on how the game flows, but you will have the major control over how things happen.

One of the interesting factors for the game is the monarchy system. The members of your monarchy often determine the amount of influence you will have as a ruler and this system brings that idea to life. With numerous way to make your nation into a lasting one, this has a large amount of replayability, even without a formal campaign mode.

Battling for the city of Constantinople


With so many great games to choose from, there's no shortage of army games. From leading your army to serving the commander, there are many different ways to play, and several more games you can choose from. However, these were a few of the best to start with.

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