Citizen Sleeper Tells a Tale of Oppression and a Fight For Freedom

Citizen Sleeper Tells a Tale of Oppression and a Fight For Freedom
Take the war on capitalism off-planet if you please...

‘Citizen Sleeper’ is the story of the collapse of interplanetary capitalism. Yep, that’s right. Even though that may well be what gets humanity out into space, capitalism will still be lots of people’s least favorite stepchild of the global economy. 

Customizing skills and abilities. Image by 'Citizen Sleeper.'

Or perhaps I should say, a universal economy?

The story begins with you waking up as a sleeper on “Erlin’s Eye.” Or rather, as a human consciousness that has been uploaded into a robot. Although this suggests that you’ll be able to live forever, there is a slight snag. The company that built your body wants it back.

“Erlin’s Eye” is an abandoned space station that is located near the edge of a space system that is falling apart. Chaos rules and nothing is maintained properly, with gradual degradation clearly visible all around you.

You need to make friends in “Erlin’s Eye,” and ensure that you build strong alliances and do people, or robots, enough favors to make it worthwhile for you to be present in “Erlin’s Eye.”

Discover the secrets of the universe and the sleepers. Image by 'Citizen Sleeper.' 

Explore the galaxies, uncovering advanced technological secrets, while battling to survive and fighting to stay free of the grasp of your body’s creators.

Fight alongside your friends for freedom from oppressive capitalism that has turned into a futuristic slave trade with no consideration for the rights and freedoms of the consciousnesses that have been given new, artificial bodies.

Life is ruled by cycles. With each cycle, you will need to roll dice. Each dice will have actions assigned to it. With each action, you will impact your life, and the lives of others around you on “Erlin’s Eye.”

Eternal life might sound lucrative, but watch out, it might just become an endless nightmare if you don’t play it right!

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