Easy Red 2 Adds Strategic Decision-Making to the Running and Gunning of WW2 FPS Games

Easy Red 2 Adds Strategic Decision-Making to the Running and Gunning of WW2 FPS Games
Anything but easy...

Many World War 2 FPS games focus on creating realistic combat experiences with a focus on gunplay, shooting, graphics, etc. ‘Easy Red 2’ takes a different approach by bringing in strategic decision-making and realistic weapons and equipment management.

Island warfare in the Pacific. Image by 'Easy Red 2'.

‘Easy Red 2’ focuses on creating a realistic, historically accurate combat simulation for a variety of battles and battlefields during World War 2, and utilizes massive open-world maps that are fully destructible for a more immersive, realistic experience.

In ‘Easy Red 2’ gameplay is squad-based. Players are able to select a unique role within their squad. They can choose to be the squad leader, giving orders and making tactical decisions. Alternatively, players can play another role in their squads, such as the medic or radio operator. 

Based on their unique role, player sub-objectives will differ. A radio operator might be required to radio key information to artillery units to take out enemy defenses. A medic on the other hand will need to tend to the wounded and save the lives of injured soldiers.

Violent combat in the countryside. Image by 'Easy Red 2'.

‘Easy Red 2’ offers a single-player campaign mode following the stories of iconic World War 2 battles in historic locations. Players are also able to play with their friends in online co-op mode. Alternatively, if players want to take on other players, they can play the game’s multiplayer mode.

In a unique twist, ‘Easy Red 2’ also has a map and battle editor that players can use to create custom maps and unique missions that are limited only by their creativity and imagination.

‘Easy Red 2’ is developed by Marco Amadei and is available on Steam.

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