Heroes of the Storm Nexomania 2018: How It Works

Diablo and Garrosh Nexomania poster
A free-for-all with cool costumes? What more could you want!

Summer is about kicking back and having fun, or in the case of Nexomania 2018, kicking butt and having fun!

What is Nexomania?

Nexomania is the Heroes of the Storm 2018 Summer Event paying homage to the lively sport of Lucha Libre. Nexomania brings a colorful batch of skins, announcers, mounts and more to the Nexus, along with a seasonal quest pertaining to an impending face-off between “La Parca” Lunara and “La Pantera” Sonya. 

Nexomania Event Dates

Nexomania runs from 22 May through 11 June. During that time all Loot Chests (with the exception of Hero-specific Chests) will be Nexomania Loot Chests. Items from the Summer 2017 Sun’s Out Guns Out event will also drop in Nexomania Loot Chests. Nexomania drops a full month earlier than the 2017 Summer Event, begging the question- what could the Developers be making room for?

How Does it Work?

Any players logging into Heroes of the Storm from 22 May-11 June will automatically join the Nexomania Event. After logging in players can choose a side in the showdown between La Parca Lunara and La Pantera Sonya. The choice is permanent with each side receiving their own set of rewards for completing challenges. No matter which side you take, you have to complete all challenges to unlock the coveted El Guapo announcer. The quest challenges include rewards for playing games, winning games, and achieving takedowns in games you won, so brush up on your combos and get ready to crush your opponents!

Nexomania Rewards

Nexomania launches with skins and mounts ranging from fearsome to adorable, featuring new Legendary Skins for Lunara, Sonya and Garrosh- whose chair “axe” is a fantastic touch- and Epic Skins for Diablo, E.T.C. and Kharazim. The Legendary Mounts are a sight to behold, with Luchihuahua already stealing the show, and Pignata delightfully bursting into confetti upon dismounting. Check out the full roster of Nexomania rewards here.

Lunara and Diablo Reworks Released Alongside Nexomania

The balance reworks for Lunara and Diablo will release alongside Nexomania, and are sure to bring them in on all the action. Lunara’s rework trades some base power for increased power on a number of her talents. Notably, many of her new talents will reward her for spreading her poison among multiple targets.

Diablo’s rework introduces new ways to collect souls, and increased self-sustain. Changes to a number of his abilities (notably Fire Stomp) pave the way for more powerful combos and stronger finishing potential. Watch for the Lord of Terror to make waves during Nexomania, pinning his opponents to the wall. 

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