IT 2017 Horror Film: Will The New Pennywise Be Scarier Than Its Predecessor?

Scarier may it seem?
IT 2017 Horror Film: Will The New Pennywise Be Scarier Than Its Predecessor?

Pennywise (1990)

Pennywise from 1990 horror film "IT"

Many of you may link your fear of clowns to the original “It” you watched as a child. Iconic as it was, it sure gave me the impression that all clowns were demonic when i was a kid and maybe now as well.

Morphing himself into dead carcasses, decapitated heads in refrigerators, and just running around as the creepy clown, Pennywise sure made his way into being the scariest thing ever witnessed for many of us.

If watching a clown with razor sharp teeth who knows everything you are afraid of and making it a reality in front of your very eyes isn’t scary, perhaps you’re not from this universe either? 

Pennywise (2017)

IT - Official Teaser Trailer

The new upcoming “It” is more than likely to be just as scary, or even scarier than its predecessor. Speculations of changing the image of Pennywise is true.

Still owning up to his scary entity, Pennywise will again mark his reign of terror for this generation's kids (and maybe some adults).

It has been confirmed that the plot will not really change as much as the costumes so fear not kids, the new Pennywise will still know what you are most scared of, and if you don’t hate clowns yet, after watching this movie you may just be another passenger on the ‘I hate clowns’ boat.

Bill Skarsgard will be playing the new Pennywise.

Who is scarier? Old Pennywise or New Pennywise?

Based on actors, the newer Pennywise should be scarier and here’s why.

Bill Skarsgård known from Netflix’s original series, Hemlock Grove as Roman Godfrey has said “it's important that we do something fresh and original for this one. It is such an extreme character. Inhumane”. Given this comment, we cannot bare to think what is the possible outcome for such a character.

Giving off an insidious tone, it is safe to assume it will surely be mortifying. “It’s beyond psychological horror, because he’s not even human. He’s not even a clown. I’m just playing one of the beings “It” creates.” This forthcoming malicious Pennywise is not to be underestimated as it may seem Skarsgård has its own very demonic version of the entity that is “It”.  

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