The Last Stand: Aftermath Turns Survival Horror Into a Bone-Chilling Rogue-lite Adventure

The Last Stand: Aftermath Turns Survival Horror Into a Bone-Chilling Rogue-lite Adventure
Being the last can be hard...

The Last Stand: Aftermath’ takes a rogue-lite approach to survival horror games in a bone-chilling saga set in the aftermath of the collapse of civilization as players fight to survive in a harsh environment filled with hungry zombies intent on chewing up their characters.

Sneak past zombies if you can. Fight them if you must. Image by 'The Last Stand: Aftermath'.

Players start off as the survivor of their choice, going on risky missions to collect materials and zombie mutations to build new gear, and weapons, and to strengthen their characters with abilities from zombie mutations.

When players venture outside the safe zones in search of new weapons and gear, they must avoid hordes of crazy zombies that want nothing more than to rip their characters’ insides out. Some of the zombies have advanced mutations that have given them unique powers and abilities, allowing them to do crazy damage and pull off insane stunts.

Go out to scavenge for resources and supplies. Image by 'The Last Stand: Aftermath'.

Death is an inevitability that players cannot avoid. Besides the obvious risk of getting torn apart by an army of rabid zombies, there is the additional worry factor that regardless of which survivor players pick, they start off as already having been infected, meaning that if they survive the zombies long enough, the virus will kill them anyway.

When player characters die, players start again as a different survivors, with the opportunity to unlock abilities and equipment based on progress made while playing as the previous survivor. 

‘The Last Stand: Aftermath’ is developed by ‘Con Artist Games’, known for the development of the ‘The Last Stand’ series. The game is available on Steam.

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