Mortal Online 2 Adds a Cruel Twist to MMORPG's With Danger Lurking Everywhere

Mortal Online 2 Adds a Cruel Twist to MMORPG's With Danger Lurking Everywhere
Human mortality becomes all too apparent in Mortal Online 2.

Apocalypse survival games and MMORPGs are both highly popular genres across the world. ‘Mortal Online 2’ brings these two genres together in a single game with the stakes higher than ever before, where a single mistake can cost players everything they’ve earned and built.

Team up with powerful allies to increase chances of survival and success. Image by 'Mortal Online 2'.

‘Mortal Online 2’ is set in a massive open-world sandbox world called Nave, more specifically, on a continent called Myrland. The game features a variety of different biomes for players to explore, ranging from forests and swamps to deserts and mountains.

‘Mortal Online 2’ features over 600 different skills that players can learn and earn by playing the game to create a phenomenally wide range of uniquely-skilled characters that specialize in various functions and abilities. 

The game also features a highly complex crafting system that allows players to craft and build buildings, weapons, tools, clothes, and other equipment. Another unique feature of ‘Mortal Online 2’ is that there are no character or weapon levels. The strength and durability of weapons and gear depend solely on how they were built.

Fight for survival and hunt for food. Image by 'Mortal Online 2'.

Combat in ‘Mortal Online 2’ is skill-based and action-based, without any auto-attacks, etc that are commonly found in MMORPG games. Combat requires skill, both mechanical and good game sense.

‘Mortal Online 2’ allows extensive character customization, allowing players to potentially even recreate themselves in-game!

‘Mortal Online 2’ features a monthly subscription system that players need to pay to play. The game is developed by ‘Star Vault AB’ and is available on Steam.

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