New African and Asian Countries announced for Civilization VI

Firaxis has announced new DLC nations will be available for Civilization VI, including free content for owners of the deluxe game

Civilization 6 Keeps Bringing On the DLCs

Civilization IV, known commonly as “Civ 6”, is the latest evolution in strategy and national management games. The turn-based game is known for the broad variety of civilizations that are available for play, from Great Britain to the Incan Empire. Lately, 2K and Firaxis have announced new content in the form of free upgrades to the digital deluxe version of the game.

In the coming months, three new leaders from Africa and Southeast Asia will appear in two scenario packs.  Information has been revealed very slowly, but fans are excited for the new ways they can play their game.

Each leader and strategy brings a new way to play into the game, and many players develop favorites based on their style. Japan might favor warlike conquerors, while India emphasizes a nation of peace. Players anticipate the next changes that these scenarios and leaders might bring.

 Civilization IV features state-of-the-art graphics, an overhauled construction system, and some of the best strategy and action featured in the last decade of games.

Who are the new leaders?

While Firaxis has only offered limited information regarding the specifics of the nations, fans have speculated and compiled a list of likely characters. From Africa, Civilization IV already has the character Mvemba a Nzinga who led the Kongolese people. His benefits focus on population growth and religious development, so it’s likely other characters will be unique.

Likely candidates include Shaka Zulu, the warmongering leader of the Zulu people who has appeared in Civilization games in the past. His gameplay was well-known for being some of the most aggressive in the game, and fans liked the strategy of his nation. On the other end of the spectrum, Nelson Mandela of South Africa seems like an obvious choice. His anti-apartheid and peaceful protest inspired Gandhi himself, so his inclusion would fit in with the rest of the world.

In Southeast Asia, no characters have been revealed in the base game or any previous DLC. The Chinese, Japanese, and Indian nations represent the rest of Asia for now. Fans suspect the appearance of leaders such as Lee Kuan Yew from Singapore, who embraced multiracialism to bring his country to a level of first world wealth. Other leaders might come from countries not well represented in Civilization games of the past such as Laos, Brunei, or Vietnam.

The bright future of Civilization and DLC

Some fans are not too happy about the trickle of characters that have appeared in the game, however. They argue that paying for many small DLC increases the cost of the game beyond what it is worth to have all the characters (and to play online with DLC players). The last iteration of the series brought a few DLC packs, but instead went with a full overhaul approach, changing and balancing the game with the Gods & Kings and the Brave New World expansion set.

While news has not been release, players await a significant expansion that might bring a slew of characters alongside gameplay changes. There was a two year gap between the release of Civilization V and its first major expansion, after all. Regardless, Civilization IV will remain popular with the release of these new nations.

Would you want to buy the African and Southeast Asian scenario and civilization packs? I own the Digital Deluxe edition, so I will receive them for free, but I’m hopeful that there will be an update soon to add lots more nations to play. Read more about strategy and Civilization games here on GamersDecide:

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