No Man’s Sky Is Under Investigation for False Advertising

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The ASA Is Looking Into the Indie Studio Hello Games for Making Empty Promises

The ASA Is Looking Into the Indie Studio Hello Games for Making Empty Promises

No Man’s Sky is rapidly declining due to being under the microscope of the ASA and users who are giving negative feedback on the game. The reason why is because they suspect false advertising was utilized to boost sales at release. People aren’t buying the game as much as they did initially because of this disappointment.

In 2014, Sony showed off a trailer of what could be expected in the upcoming years for this game. There are also videos featured on Steam that could be promoting game features that may not actually be available. These two issues are building up high expectations that eventually led to a sour taste of disappointment in gamers’ mouths.

How Does Sony’s President Feel About Claims of False Advertising?

When asked about the potential of false advertisement, Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Entertainment, practically makes the same accusations as dissatisfied players and reluctant reviewers. In so many words, he claims the creator of No Man’s Sky promised too much and delivered too little.

He isn’t entirely disappointed considering the game brought in substantial revenue upon release. He was elated with the sales it seems that he didn’t feel as if his brand name were tainted.

Physical attributes Shown in Trailers Are Not Found in Gameplay

Initial previews of gameplay showed off an exciting new universe to explore but then delivered a version less than anticipated. The game was released with differing features, combat, and sizes.

Screenshots were taken of buildings and creatures that did not match up to the initial announcements. The buildings weren’t portrayed the same way and creatures were most definitely not to scale. Even certain behaviors were being discovered in a skewed light. Ships and creatures were behaving differently than shown.  

Instead of expectations, players found themselves completing the same missions repeatedly. As they realized they weren’t encountering what they anticipated with Sony’s trailer, players discontinued and complained about their betrayals.

No Man’s Sky has a brilliant concept and intriguing gameplay. The initial sales and revenues were superb. The only problem and missing piece to the puzzle were the overpromised features and bugs. Although most of the bugs have been fixed, the false advertising still leaves something to be desired. Hopefully Hello Games can figure a way to rectify this and possibly add new features to relight the spark.

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