Prehistoric Kingdom Reaches Into the Ancient Past and Raises the Dead

Prehistoric Kingdom Reaches Into the Ancient Past and Raises the Dead
If its older than the literal mountains its walking on... it shouldn't be here anymore!

Prehistoric animal life is something that fascinates many people, old and young alike. The idea of giant dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, and a vast host of other animal life that existed in the prehistoric era, is something that has plenty of people wishing for their return… 

Bird-like dinosaurs that eat plants... or do they? Image by 'Prehistoric Kingdom'.

And probably a similar number of people sighing with relief that they won’t wake up in time to be a T-rex breakfast! 

Prehistoric Kingdom’ reaches back into ages gone by and brings back a variety of prehistoric life through the power of genetics and modern biotechnology, placing them in the capable hands of players to manage, grow, and maintain.

For anybody wanting to play with the power to create and destroy on a vast scale, ‘Prehistoric Kingdom’ offers the ideal opportunity. The game allows players to exercise their powers of creativity over both nature and modern construction. 

Vicious carnivorous dinosaurs with rows of sharp teeth. Image by 'Prehistoric Kingdom'. 

Players are able to create and destroy mountains, carve rivers through the terrain they have formed, and decide on locations for forests, grasslands, and other habitats in the environments that they create.

Players must build parks to hold the prehistoric animals that have been brought to life through biotechnology, and that can host all the fascinated guests that wish to see the animal life. 

They are also in charge of running the parks sustainably, expanding over time, and also researching and developing new species of prehistoric life to add to the park.

‘Prehistoric Kingdom’ is developed by ‘Blue Meridian’ and is on Steam.

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