'Pyre' offers Mixture of Sports and Fantasy from Creators of 'Bastion'

Supergiant Games returns with their 3rd game

Supergiant Games, makers of 2011’s action RPG, Bastion, have returned to infuse sports in a fantasy world. The player is tasked with fighting and playing their way across a strange, purgatory-like plane of existence to win their freedom. Much like Bastion, the high fantasy setting is packed with lore.

The in-game ‘sport’ of pyre is a 3 vs. 3 multiplayer experience in which each team is trying to destroy the opposing team’s pyre.

As Wired’s Julie Muncy points out, “It combines the mundanity of a ball-based sport with…transforming arenas, flying competitors, consuming flames. Its cross between Ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball, and a magician's duel is easily the highlight of the game.”

Containing a new score by regular composer and collaborator, Darren Korb, Pyre has received praise for its soundtrack and art style, much like its predecessors.

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