Razer May Create a Phone for Gamers

A Razer phone for gamers may just be in the making.

Razer, a popular game tech company mostly known by their three headed snake logo, is reportedly on its way to make a phone for gamers.

Early 2017, Razer acquired the phone company Nextbit, who had a failing phone called Nextbit Robin. This phone had a unique phone design, being entirely cloud-based, but relied too heavily on this feature as a sale point.  

With the acquisition of a phone company, the idea of Razer expanding its lines into phones isn't entirely implausible. In fact, in many ways it makes sense.

Introducing phone-like technology into Razer's other popular devices, in particular computers, may give them an edge in the gaming market. For instance, introducing a computer where the keys are selective and interchangeable on a smooth touchscreen could be the next generation of gaming computers, and a fold-out multiscreen phone could be in high demand, assuming it's well made.

Razer phones could revolutionize gaming, and there is a lot of speculation concerning when they will release it. Some say they may release in 2017, while it's equally plausible that they won't formally recognize their efforts towards making a Razer phone until 2018. Only time will tell.

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