Sorcerer King Enters Final Beta Stage

A new take on 4X games? I wonder what they did here

Stardock’s New 4X Strategy Game Releases in July

Stardock Entertainment, the brains behind massively successful 4X strategy (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) game franchises like Galactic Civilization and Sins of The Solar Empire, have announced the release date of their new 4X strategy title, Sorcerer King on July 16, 2015.

The game has been on Early Access on Steam since, August 2014, and has received mostly positive reviews there even with numerous bugs and unpolished features persistent at that time.

A New Brand of 4X

What is quite surprising about this title is that Steam Curators have described the game as, "This is easily Stardock's most polished fantasy game. The unique way it combines 4X with an RPG makes it truly special already, even in Early Access..." With a 4X portfolio as rich as Stardock’s, you would think the above statement to be mere exaggeration owing to the excitement of the launch of this game.

But such accolades may not have been bestowed on this game merely on a whim. Steam goes on to describe this game as the head of a tiny kingdom which survived the total conquest of the Sorcerer King. It is your job to send out scout parties to explore the world for scattered resistance groups, and bring them under one banner against the common enemy.

This certainly promises a new take on the 4X strategy genre, where players basically pick up the pieces against the victor of what would otherwise be an already-conquered map in any other 4X game. With the added RPG flavor, this may prove to be a really interesting game.

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