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10 different ways to conquer the world from the comfort of your own home.

4) Galactic Civilizations III

GalCiv III is set in a universe where competing alien empires have conquered known space, with the human race exiled on Earth under a protective shield. It is up to the player to lead the people of Earth to their rebirth into a new interstellar power.

Another modern installment in a beloved 4x strategy franchise, 2015's Galactic Civilizations III had a proud reputation to uphold. It succeeds yet again to replicate the franchise's balancing of intricate, immersive strategy gameplay with an active plot, something that many strategy games don't bother with. 

Create a civilization out of stars.

That's what the story mode is about, anyway. Really, GalCiv III is just as good as a sandbox, like most other games in the genre, where you can explore and conquer to your heart's content. The title was also notable in that it adopted some gameplay elements similar to many other modern 4x games, especially Civ 5, such as hex-based tile movement and multiplayer modes. A solid update and a well-produced experience, we gladly give it a 4/5.

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