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Awaiting deployment. A candidate race for the next Elder Scrolls game.
Awaiting deployment. A candidate race for the next Elder Scrolls game.

Living up to expectations

Many were pleased to see the numerous improvements Skyrim introduced from its predecessors; the weapons, leveling system, skills selection, and astounding graphics are some of the most praised aspects. With new standards set, fans are expecting nothing short of a 9/10 on the next Elder Scrolls game. Yes, there’s still room for improvement and fans expect to see them in the upcoming Elder Scroll 6 game.


Versus an Orc. Animations are okay, but not good enough to be on par with other RPGs of this era.

Combat in the past Elder Scrolls games feels generic and lackluster which several gamers pointed out as the weakest spot the franchise.

Remember when you were hammering a poor fellow with a two-handed axe made of solid dragon bone? Did he stumble to the ground when it hit? Nope. How about attacking a dragon with a melee weapon? Did you feel your hit connected or it was all just air slicing? You know the answer to that.

It’s like you’re playing Fruit Ninja with axe and swords. There’s really no weight behind those swings when they connect. The wild swinging animation made by clicking both mouse buttons is nothing sort of an illusion to make the attack look heavy.

Decapitated. It would be nice to see physical effects of hits where they landed.

We want to feel the impact more when hitting opponents in combat. Bethesda has polished the combat system on each major release so let’s hope they introduce an improved combat mechanics for Elder Scrolls 6.


Buster sword. Thanks to mods, a plethora of weapon skins are available to expand the limited vanilla choices.

The latest installment presented us a Viking theme, wielding axes and shield as we wander around the region facing all sorts of foes. We all know the whole franchise adopts a medieval setting, with a gladiator-like combat and weaponry, but we all want to see more of the game’s potential.

Where are the spears? Throwing weapons, anyone? Let’s hope Bethesda adds more variety in weaponry and combat preferences for players to enjoy.


Dragon approaching. Though thrilling because of Dragon fights, the main storyline is rather stereotypical and shallow.

A sequel to Skyrim? Hopefully not (Read Bethesda VP says “No” to Skyrim 2 to know more). TES fundamentalists and a number of fans say the last installment ventured far from the roots of the Elder Scrolls saga, and how it kinda sidetracked from the central plot of the whole franchise. Many are asking for a deeper and more immersive storyline, unveiling more of Tamriel’s political history and how all events are intertwined.

You might have encountered elf refugees in Skyrim, especially in the city of Windhelm. Their exodus was caused by the destruction of their homeland as told in Morrowind. If you also noticed, the Empire’s power has been greatly reduced in Skyrim due to the emperor’s assassination which happened in Oblivion.

As we can see, events are interconnected and their effects can be felt in the sequels.

The siege of Solitude. I still think the Stormcloak/Imperial quest has more meaning and impact to the world of Skyrim over the main quest.

How will the events in Skyrim affect the environment and people of Tamriel? Critics are saying Skyrim’s story is too self-contained and it will have difficulties melding its storyline with how Morrowind and Oblivion started things. We’re yet to see how Bethesda will play their cards on this one.

Fans expect to see more clear-cut connection between installments, tackling more of the people’s struggle against inequality and cutthroat Imperial control. Best if there’s an even bigger picture and twist behind all of it.

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